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  1. OOC: We can go ahead and mark this mission as a failure, as I'm going to be a bit busy for a day or two more, and Ivory doesn't need it. I can rank up as long as my next mission is a success, so that's cool. How does everyone feel about this?
  2. So, I've been crazy busy the past few days, and a day or two more. I figure when I get back, I'll try and speed run my last two missions. Apologies.
  3. The Rebreather/Gasmask defeats 1 C, 1 B, and possibly 1 A (Though it doesn't state that the poison needs to be inhaled for the A, it could be some weird chakra thingy.) Now, it doesn't really defeat those as make the person immune to it as long as they have it on before the poison attack (which would take a full post to do properly.) The rebreather only lasts so long, at best two minutes from what I remember seeing(That's if it's calm relaxed breaths. I don't see this in battle). The gasmask is bulkey, and screws with your field of vision. So it saves them from being hindered by a poison, by hindering them in another manner. Of course when it comes to S-Rank, the gas masks shouldn't have any effect, but nothing is supposed to be able to block a S-Rank completely. Also, what about Flame Resistant clothing. I see an awful lot of that going around, and it doesn't seem to be in a jutsu slot. Are we going to start requiring that? Aside from that rant, I don't think the jutsu should be easily black by gas masks. They are magical poisons. I also don't think gasmasks should cost a jutsu slot unless it's like, D-Rank(At best) and blocks up to say B-Rank customs poisons for ____ posts before becoming unusable.
  4. Honestly, I don't really agree. Airborne poisons are both the most effective way to spread a poison, and the easiest one to be countered (For the same reason.) If you're going to rely completely on Airborne poison, your also going to be screwed by a strong wind. Should the wind have a rank? Point being, I don't see a problem with the Rebreather or air filter. It's not eliminating Dokuton offensive attacks unless they are solely air based, and the user has put on a rebreather before the battle started. If both the former and latter are fact, well the dokuton user didn't think very far ahead and it's no one's fault but his own.
  5. Well, I don't believe there is an active Bakuto. The clan has been buried in the archive for awhile.
  6. My genin secondary is a genjutsu specialist from Sato, and I was hoping to use the Bakuto Clan. However, said clan was submitted by the user Inuyasha, who is now banned. Will this be possible?
  7. Name: Bakuto, Katashi Age: 13 Gender: Male Height:5'6 Weight:120 Appearance: Level/Rank: Genin Village: Sato Clan:The Bakuto Clan, Made by User Inuyasha (Banned) Language: Satii (Fluent), Common (Fluent, Satii Accent) Main/Favored Weapon: Kunai Side Arms: Element: Raiton Fighting Type: Genjutsu Fighting Style: Hit and Run + Teamwork Physical Strengths: Good Hand Seal Speed +2 Very Good Chakra Control +3 Above Average Speed +1 Very Good Agility +3 Physical Weaknesses: Bad Strength -2 Below Average Chakra Pool -1 Very Bad Stamina -3 Very Bad ________ -3 Mental Strengths: Very Good at Genjutsu +3 Observant +1 Encyclopedic Knowledge +1 Can Count Cards (fake) Mental Weaknesses: Very Bad Memory -3 Lazy -1 Prideful -1 Likes pie a bit too much (fake) Jutsus: [D]Hachi Sasare [bee Sting] [D]Kasumi Jusha no Jutsu [Mist Servant Technique] [D]Paranoia Wan Shotto [Paranoia One Shot] [C]Raigiri [Lightning Cut] [C]Magen: Kokuni Arazu no Jutsu [Demonic Illusion: False Surrounding Technique] Magen: Niju Kokoni Arazu no Jutsu [Demonic Illusion: Double False Surrounding Technique] Background: Sample Post: Sidenote: I don't know how the clan stuff works, but considering this was made by a member who is now banned... Can I still use it?
  8. I've been considering a Gen Specialist secondary, but it'd have to wait until I rank up (Which, if I finish this mission and do one more I can then apply for.) However, that is a wait you might not want!
  9. I still lack a team, but I also have been considering just straight ranking up
  10. "Damn, she must have noticed us." Satoshi mentioned under his breath. He began to examine the surrounding area from his perch upon the tree limb, while preparing himself for a counter attack from his enemy. "Stay on your guard, Ritsuzen-chan." Satoshi's dark eyes floated over bushes and trees, through a haze of dirt. He jump to a higher limb, using Kinobori to keep himself glued to the limb he landed on. Forming the same handseals as before, Satoshi shouted out the name of his jutsu, "Katon: Housenka no Jutsu [Fire Release: Mythical Fire Flower Technique]." Spitting out four fireballs towards the most obvious locations to hide, in a hope of either startling her or forcing her out of hiding. "Time to turn up the heat." OOC Summary:
  11. Wait what!? *facedesk* >.> Not how I meant that, at all.
  12. I think you miss the point of what I've said. The low self esteem remark was kind of a joke. However, I stated you weren't ugly because you aren't. You aren't a Male Model, but you aren't ugly. It's silly to accept a part of you that isn't true o.o But I say it in the most friendly manner possible, because you are a pretty cool dude.
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