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  1. Oh look, Aeterno is still here.
  2. Ume's jutsu didn't do what it was supposed to. Its chakra gathered and surged with the ice turned water... only to instead of form into a whirling vortex of water to create destruction... it turned into a sphere and got absorbed by the chakra storm. She watched with a silent look of disappointment as her jutsu flew up into the chakra storm that was so far over head. What kind of jutsu was this storm supposed to be anyway? It was a raging storm that seemed to eat up chakra. She wished she could say that it resembled the storm that hit Hyouga however that was not a possibility because the chakra storm that had rendered Hyouga unable for a time did not resemble this storm. In fact, it had just seemed like a peculiarly intense snow storm - to the point where snow even came down the mountains upon the village. The frustrating thing about this chakra storm was that she had just used an A rank jutsu and enhanced its water pressure using an S rank technique... and yet the technique had still been absorbed. It would have been terrifingly simply for the woman to defend herself from such a jutsu. But there were a few things to consider. Ume had no weapons. Her weapon was her jutsu. She was terrible at hand to hand combat as well. She threw her hands up in frustration, her title of water goddess seemed to belong to this storm. She faced the oncoming senbon rain and welcomed the sharp needles into her flesh - because fuck it; She was a sociopath, what logic did she ever follow? Then Ume would lay down and have the best sleep she ever would have in her life.
  3. I was just considering adding that technique to the chakra storm... I mean its already raining needles.
  4. Huh? Assuming what? Edit: I'm just looking for clarity. T_T
  5. I didn't even try to feed it. You just had it absorb my jutsu.
  6. I'm going on an adventure.
  7. I don't like that event. I know where it is coming from. Edit: I don't desire to hurt your feelings, just expressing that I don't think it was a good idea.
  8. We waited nearly a month for an NPC post - kinda why I was awol. If you need to contact me do so at my skype. MokaSoup. Edit: Also... I hope there is some tangible being behind this whole weather crap.
  9. I'd suggest changing A rank and S rank missions to be Player character based, and scrap all ideas about post counts and limits. Such misisons would require interaction between villages; "Steal information from another village" "Defeat enemy RPCs" "Capture Missing ninja" It would make high level missiosn more meaningful, and less of random useless to the site missions.
  10. Missy

    Naruto 658

    I figured it was due to wood release also, so I didn't consider that The absorption of amaterasu had anything to do with him not having eyes; but riddle me this. If the uchiha's power is from their chakra and not their eyes, then why is it that others can recieve an uchiha eye and use the jutsu associated with the eyes? Consider the following: its an asspull.
  11. Ume, not having come under any type of attack at all, and being at the edge of the city, and upon the wall - thus not coming under attack by the lightning vortex that was zapping people running away, safely hopped off of the wall and onto the icy sheet that had come to cover the ground. She sighed in annoyance as she considered that her great work was thwarted so easily. It had drained, but quite a bit of the water turned to ice and froze the buildings and the street. Maybe she should have been an ice ninja? That would have worked out pretty good. She noted that there was an intruder in her mind, and she pushed it out. No thoughts but her own belonged in her skull. And with that said, she sat down calmly on the wall, satisfied to watch the occurences going on, without really being bothered by anyone. She observed the beauty of a screaming fire attack burning its way through the sky and towards the vortex of lightning. wind beat lightning, but Fire beats wind. It would be curious what a combination jutsu of that sort would do. Ume really didn't care. She lept calmly off the wall, her keen shinobi eyes searching for any nearby enemies. Ume would duck behind some houses and activate a jutsu; Meisaigakure no Jutsu [Hiding Camouflage Technique]. Her form would become non-existant. Her scent would not be able to be found, and as usual - an expert shinobi as her self would be difficult to be heard. From here she would move as she pleased. She made sure that she stayed aware of the shinobi running about, and that she avoid accidently running into all of them. She made her way to the center of the village - making sure she watched her step so that the trip was safe and that she didn't accidently trip or harm herself. From the center of the village she would form another series of lightning fast hand seals. Suiton: Daibakufu no Jutsu [Water Release: Great Waterfall Technique]. The ice would melt into water beneath her feet - and the remaining water would join in to the call of htis powerful jutsu. The water formed into a circular barrier and then... It exploded. Ume synchronized the jutsu with her Suiton: Shinsei Mizu, thus giving the water an extra added amount of destructive power, as its pressure became even greater. The torrent that exploded from the center of the town had power to uproot trees on its own, but now with the this added power - who knew what it was really capable of. Regardless... if Ume succeeded in her plan, which she would surely be able to as she would not be able to be detected by sight or smell - without sensory type jutsu or doujutsu, then the remains of this village wouldn't look very impressive. [3 B] [5 A] [3 S]
  12. Missy

    Naruto 658

    Did anyone else notice that Madara just used Susano o without sharingan? Cause you know... he kind of lost his eyes when he lost the edo?
  13. Missy

    Naruto 655

    Keeel him Kakashi. How many people has Obito killed? How much suffering has he caused? Why does he get to live? There isn't a mystical way of peace that can solve the worlds problems. If It'll make you feel better - put a seal on him to bind his power and then give him a fair trial. You know the sentence will be death.
  14. I hope Kyubichan is okay. A huge typhoon hit The Philipines.
  15. Redemption requires action. True redemption anyway. I miss the days of akatsuki before Obito revealed how retarded he was by declaring war on the 5 shinobi nations and telling them the details of his plan.
  16. Well, they were in the dream world, so his powers probably didn't apply ther.e
  17. d'awww... we should have just used the other thread still.
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