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  2. Shika's Ultimate Ninjabar: http://shikatools.com/ultimateninjabar/ I haven't got the error message for a whole day now. Dunno how or why it stopped.
  3. I use Shika Ultimate bar with Opera o.o
  4. I use light layout. But I get the errors in the default layout as well. So I don't think it's layout specific.
  5. Already tried that. Tried clearing out my cache, reinstalling my flash. Still getting those errors.
  6. Username(s): Azazel, Ryusei Location: Almost everywhere Priority: High Bug's Effects: I'm getting error messages everywhere How the bug happened/how to reproduce: I first got this error message when I encountered an AI. I got the error message when I submitted my attack. And my battle screen never accepted my attack. Then when I refreshed the page, I was suddenly outside battle and the fight was over. And this is for the AI I can finish in a single hit. For those that take multiple hits, the same problem persists. An error appears when I submit my attack. But when I refresh the page the attack had actually been submitted. The next instance is when I try to read/reply to PMs. I get a similar error message whenever I try to do these actions. I even got these errors a couple of timed during navigation using the travel page. Error Codes: In the attachment
  7. Username: Azazel Location: http://www.theninja-rpg.com/?id=86&page=crafting Priority: Med Bug's Effects: I'm not able to unlock new armour crafting recipes. How the bug happened/how to reproduce: I am currently at 271.16 exp, armour craftsman. The craft I last unlocked was Studded Leather Cap, at 260 exp. According to the professions thread, I'm supposed to have unlocked my next craft at 265 exp. But I haven't unlocked anything new even after getting past 270 exp. Error Codes: None
  8. Read and follow the reporting guidelines before posting your bug report. Was your amulet equipped?
  9. I suggested opening only co-leadership to chuunin. You'll still need to be Jounin+ for claiming Kage/clan leader.
  10. That layout I suggested is complicated. I doubt any layout that need active participation from two different parties could be simplistic, especially with so many different variables involved.. But that was just a crude idea, that lists some the things that will be required to make this work. So any sort of an improved suggestion for this part is very much welcome. This is the reason I suggested that we could extend the minimum rank requirement for co-leadership to chuunin.
  11. I agree with you here. This part needs some elaboration. So here's a rough layout of a possible system for this: 1. The challenger issues the challenge 2. Leader gets the notification. he can either accept/reject/ignore the notification. If he ignores it, the timer will run down from 24 hrs to 0 and then counted as a rejection. 3. Supposing the leader accepts, the system will ask for a suitable time. 4. The leader keys in a time (only game time). 5. Once the leader pick a suitable game time, a notification will be sent to the challenger by the system 6. The challenge link will be open for 20 mins from the time the leader chose 7. Let's just say the leader picked 11 am game time. The challenge link will be available from 11 - 11:20 am during which time both the challenger and the leader cannot sleep within the village. An error message will be shown if they try to do so. 8. The battle will be automatically started by the system as soon as both the players are on the village tile during the time limit. Similar to mission AI battles. If the challenger is a no show, it'll be considered as his loss in the challenge. And if the leader doesn't show, the challenge becomes invalid and it'll be counted as a rejection from the leader by the system. Don't base this on the current system. I suggested a change in a earlier post. The position of clan leader cannot be claimed directly. It's the co-leaders that choose the leader. So apart from the challenge, if a new player wants to claim and hold on to clan leadership, he would need the support of the co-leaders. So it'll be necessary that a clan has 4 active co-leaders.
  12. Both clan leaders and co-leaders can be kicked by the system for an extended period of inactivity, say 3 days. But this would only work if the (co)leaders are completely inactive. Supposing they are semi-active, say they log-in for a little time once a day or once in 2 days, we would need a better measure of the player's activity, like the minimum PvP or the activity point system that Pana suggested. This could very well be an issue. Not have the player base necessary to hold the 25 clan positions (5 leaders and 20 co-leaders). So how about we extend co-leadership to Chuunin? That could bring in more activity.
  13. As far as spamming the the challenge goes, we can make it so that there can be only one active challenge for the village/clan leadership. Nuktuk already mentioned that we can provide a 24 hr window within which the current leader has to respond. So the leader will have almost 144 hrs (if he doesn't respond to any of the challenges) to come to a decision before the system decides for him. Yeah. This could be a possible criteria for claiming co-leadership and challenging for the leadership. But do activity points decay like PvP? Just asking 'cause I'm not really sure. And individual user activity only seems accumulate. So that would mean that once you've amassed a certain amount of individual activity over a period of time, you'd be able to claim co-leadership without doing much at all. Being a Kage is a lot of responsibility. When a player chooses to take the village leadership, he/she chooses these additional responsibilities not out of necessity, but out of their own choice. Fending off potential challenges also fall under these responsibilities. That is no excuse for skiving off challenges. As far as catching them awake goes, what's the point of challenging if the current kage can keep on declining it? If a player wants to remain Kage, they should also be strong enough to protect their position. But maybe, as a way to buffer the kage responsibilities, we can increase the number of rejections allowed to, say, 12 for a period of 15 days, after which time, the rejection counter resets. We can also up the penalties in case the challenger loses, to discourage people from spamming challenges.
  14. That's where co-leaders come in. The position of clan leader cannot be claimed directly. It's the co-leaders that choose the leader. So apart from the challenge, if a new player wants to claim and hold on to clan leadership, he would need the support of the co-leaders. It also means that all the leaders of a clan will actively take part in accepting new applicants. So new players, strong or weak, should have a fair chance of getting into a clan. Also both clan leaders and co-leaders can be kicked by the system for an extended period of inactivity, say 3 days.
  15. And I also feel, there should be a similar system for clans. We can make it so, that players cannot claim clan leadership right away. Instead, the co-leader positions can be made claimable. Then the co-leaders will select the clan leader similar to how the clans can do with the kage.
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