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  1. You can't store chakra in something else. You would have to use chakra to keep it in place, and eventually that little gem would blow up. + Seals are forbidden here. This is a bit like Cursed Seal, without the side effects. You shouldn't be allowed Titanium. Our level of technology is smithying. How would you extract Titanium, and then forge it pure into a blade?
  2. C rank - Descending Hell Technique. If you stay in the fireball, you'd probably feel yourself getting burnt in genjutsu world, but not in reality. B rank (custom) - Rain of Kunais - It's already been accepted, so it's fine for this too. I don't see much wrong with this, but one thing. The 1000 papercut thing. Is the pain in a localised area? say If you did this on me (You wont >.>, but) and you slashed at my neck. Will I only feel pain at the neck, and a small area around the neck? Or can you focus the area of pain with chakra? Not sure if that was clear... Btw : Typo - Honestly, not Honsetly
  3. OoH~ Auto-rank. *eats Neko's RPC* bish. The item list - 50K yen. It's as though you're asking to be mugged. Where do you keep your items? Like the cheque book. ^^ And you got rid of your iPod? Weaknesses: Physical: -Chuunin level aim with projectiles << Thats still good. I don't think there is an actual level for aim. Its more like, good aim, bad aim, perfect aim, shitty aim. -Can’t smell -Can’t taste -sense of touch is half of normal << Just weaker sense of touch? All the sense ones can also be put into strengths though, that you are less likely to be caught in genjutsus involving those senses. -Very weak upper body strength -Low stamina -low flexibility -Low endurance to strong hits << How about just 'Low endurance' -chuunin level skills with taijutsu << That's still pretty good. It wouldn't go under weaknesses. -unable to move for a post after swallowing a soldier pill due to messed up genetics Mental: -Bad at strategies -lacks a taste for the arts << Doesn't seem to be a weakness, unless your character is very open with his view and starts shouting it out, and..y'know. -Hates theists -Very loose sense for morals << Could also be put into strengths, in battle concept anyway, since you wouldn't be like. "Oh, no, thats too degrading, our standards higher than that" And you'd find many more alternative ways of fighting. -lose concentration very quickly when bored -under estimates his capabilities -fears close range combat -Doesn't believe in chivalry -Greatest fear is; running around in a field wearing pink chasing butter flies while singing happy songs about the greatness of honor << >.> I don't think you need that.
  4. Strengths: Physical Does not let pain bother him. (not a high threshold for pain.) (Belongs in Mental Strengths doesn't it?) Mental Can quickly adapt to new situations in battle. Can create and make changes to plans quickly. (Isn't this + one above same) Extremely loyal follower. (That could fall under mental weaknesses too btw) Weaknesses: Physical Takes longer to recover from serious wounds. (Replace for something else)
  5. 1/2 stamp. Yah-di-dah, nothing in need of changing. I'm guessing you are allowed shintenshin, was shinranshin the thing which was forbidden? (mod approval)
  6. no, I think Kanashibari should be a forbidden technique. It means death if you're caught. And ANBU can kill so..
  7. The lying thing is upto you Jin. I'd say keep it, as it was in your original plans for your character. I don't think that matters. If you have jutsu slots saved up, then you can use them for any rank. Otherwise, pure medic nins (aka, me. Unless someone else is doing it too) are screwed. Just put down if you decided to keep it, or scrap it, then I'll let it pass EDIT : Okay, so.. STAMPED (3/2)
  8. Denied. Not until he sorts a few things Strengths: Physical: -High pain tolerance -Excellent hand-to-hand -large chakra capacity -Very quick << just state for your rank. -Good reflexes Weaknesses: Physical: -weak accuracy with throwing weapons << isn't that supposed to be 'bad accuracy' and is this in all ranges? so including close range? -poor chakra control -below average skill at handsigns, often screwing them up -His eyes are sensitive to bright sunlight(I promise I WILL RP this-.-) -Limited flexibility of the spine, due to a build up of scar tissue on his back. They're pretty similar. Since chakra is controlled and directed by handseals. If your skill with handsigns is crappy, your chakra control will also be crap. Of course, I might have taken this the wrong way... -Has a natural ability to see through liars You can have that as a strength, but reword it possibly? Can occasionally deduct lies, Can usually tell by a persons motions if they are telling a lie. As long as you don't overuse this strength to the point you're basically knowing every single time when they lie. You could presume that they might be lying/hiding something, but you wouldn't know what they were thinking. Unsan, can you tell me who said you're not allowed 3 C rank? I have 3 C rank and it was all OK'd W00T! W00t! 1000 posts mwahjahahahaha!
  9. I like that new avy, it represents Baka so effectively. A creep, with a taste for muffins 9/10 ^^
  10. Main/favoured Weapon: Kunai. He has 10 shuriken and 10 kunai in his left leg pouch. He also carries 5 senbon and 5 bells. Leg pouch carries 1 kunai. oO; Weaknesses: physical: - weak arm muscles - doesn't take hits too well (Reword, so its something on the lines of - Has low endurance) - his punches can be easily blocked (Fake weakness, replace) - if angered, he will attack sloppily (You better RP that well, if you don't, you'll have to think of another weakness) - he will not give up until cant give anymore (Mental weakness) mental: - he can be stubborn, to the point of feuds - can sometimes be a little selfish (Reword that - can be a little selfish) - the anger bottled up inside him clouds his judgement - will get angry when provoked - He sometimes does irrational things w.out thinking ((Again, reword, He oftenly does irrational things w.out thinking) or replace)
  11. Even with this, I don't want to see Nagare overpowering every other village because you're making weapons which are stronger. I don't think explosive tags vary in power. Unless it varies in power by how big you write 'baku' with. I think it's alright, but should be observed so it doesn't go out of hand, like where you start making kevlar vests, titanium blades..such and such. How much money does your character have? >_>
  12. You need to get rid of your poison tipped arrows I'm afraid >< You use Doton, not poison. But nice character ^^ Good organisation too. Also, the healing thing probably won't be needed. Since there are medic-nins.
  13. No personality You won't be able to use Poison until Chuunin. Since Poison is a separate element...Here... He cannot detect genjutsu well. He's an AS. I'll accept the 2nd part of it though, since you have 1 or 2 moves which are genjutsu Some of your weaknesses are fake (sorry, can't point them out since I have little time atm omg!) and are pretty poor compared to your strengths You want 10 Str + 10 Wkn (Weakneses..Bah) Aim to develop on the background.
  14. I guess so. I'll edit that. And no, no symbols. We're gonna wear red cloaks, but that isn't mandatory ^^
  15. It is more with the public. Not with like Kage, etc. Reason I put down Nagare as an Ally as well is because half the group come from Nagare, and Rikuhi as ally is because of Itahase clan being there. We don't have any links with either Kages.
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