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  1. I'd like to use this image: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Date-a-Live-435290963 Additions: slight/feint fire or glow to the image (going with my bloodline theme solar soul) SS Katori This will be a silver support avatar so it hate to meet these specifications, 150x150px and size 100kb Payment after I receive a link and a user name! Okage de takusan! :3
  2. The New Life Order Active 11 100 Details
  3. Experience: 187312 Exp needed: 62688 It's in the log book And I got the free bloodline but never checked the logbook, just removed and got my A rank.
  4. So I (hiddenpalm) cannot progress past rank 1 genin, I purchased a item for a rank A bloodline and used it after I removed the rank c random that I received. Now my progress from the mission can't be completed :'( can anyone help I'd hate to have to restart my character.
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