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  1. IGN: fallensaint Buyer/Seller: Buyer Amount seeking to sell or buy: 48 rep Rate at which you'll trade ryo for: Let me know the price
  2. Username: fallensaint/corruptsaint Location:Captcha Page Priority:Medium/High Bug's Effects: Captacha page is not showing the captcha. I do not have adblock on or any similar program. The problem persists on Chrome and Firefox. I am not sure if this is site wide or just me. How the bug happened/how to reproduce: Just try to log in. Edit: Already reported, was beaten to the punch.
  3. I can't see a justification for a ninja Peter Cottontail using egg shuriken lol
  4. Only one profession at a time and I believe if you switch from one to another you lose the experience from the previous one.
  5. As a clan leader I periodically go through and remove inactive accounts so getting rid of the kick user feature would be a bit over kill of a reaction to someone abusing it.
  6. That hasn't worked for me.
  7. Thus far the only way on is with a brute force technique of continuing to try to log on until it lets you.
  8. It says that my alt is signed in on the Users Online list though I am not signed in on it or even been able to sign in on it since this all started.
  9. I am experiencing the same problem on both my main and alt accounts. Edit: The problem has seemed to fix itself Edit2: Only fixed on my main, my alt is still unable to sign in.
  10. It is redirecting me to various other sites instead of the intended one. I'm using chrome.
  11. 'Nothing ruins your day like a flaming zombie' can be added to the list of auto-completing missions. After defeating the required AI on the way back I opened the profile page.
  12. Im with Korotoi on this. Even if person A did 20 missions today that would only put them a day and a half ahead of person B who only did 8. So person A might hit endgame a day and a half ahead of person B assuming everything else is equal.
  13. I see two issues with buying ryo with rep points 1. Being able to buy ryo with rep points will make rep sellers who are in it for the ryo sell less or stop completely since they will now have a way to get the ryo they want without having to find a buyer. This could actually lead to a lot less money spent on the game. 2. I dont think th game needs an influx of ryo considering once your login streak gets high enough you will be pulling in several hundred thousand a day with no effort require besides logging in. If it was just to use pop points I think if the right balance was found it might be a viable idea.
  14. If you use a jutsu rotation heavy with residual damage effects you can make up for a lost turn to a stun. Though most of the residual damage jutsu are on the lower end of damage output (for weapons users) which would decrease the amount of residual damage actually done compared to a jutsu that has a high damage output and residual damage. Also residual damage always takes effect where stun is a small chance. Not sure if it really makes up for the lack of stun jutsu for weapon users but it is kind of a counter balance.
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