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  1. Yeah I picked terr in the beginning and was done with it but then someone told me where this bird thing was so I went
  2. Why does it take more chakra than stamina to level it up even though I'm tai
  3. ThunderCat

    RP stuff

    Should just make it so you need to be in a village for a number of days before you can take kage instead of using the respect points
  4. Yeah you said it can be the difference between living and dying. Can can can can. Not that it is. Like I can drink a bottle of liquor but it doesn't mean I did
  5. Maybe it's random and going first doesn't mean the difference between a win and a loss
  6. ThunderCat

    CFH numbers

    no one knows how strong summons are going to be, so you can't really talk about them like they're going to make a huge difference yet
  7. ThunderCat

    Battle history

    it happens sometimes
  8. ThunderCat

    Rules to War

    who knows, they always seem to change
  9. ThunderCat

    CFH numbers

    maybe, maybe not
  10. People are always going to be upset
  11. Disable war, an idea that has been said many times :/
  12. If someone declares war on a village you declared on, makes sense that you should be able to declare on them
  13. People will still buy it even if it doesn't get raised
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