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  1. So, what keeps me from storing my ryo on an outlaw / genin alt? (Apart from not playing the game of course.)
  2. God forbid having to read the battle log
  3. Nah, you have to be EJ level 2 if I remember correctly.
  4. Core3 is China during the Mao era - millions die because the person in charge implements changes nobody asked for.
  5. Nepgear

    Village jump "event"

    What, you want to leave us already? >_>
  6. That would set a dangerous precedent. By the same logic, profession exp and jutsu levels could be reduced too. Just leave the levels alone tbh
  7. This topic came up a bunch of times during the past month (on discord) so I decided to open a thread about it. I'll be talking about the medic/BH level penalty for leaving your village. So, why is this a thing? First of all, it doesn't make sense. It's not like you forget years of experience by moving to somewhere else. I get it, we want to avoid people switching villages like Faithy changes her partners, but I think the other penalties do a good enough job (stat gain occupation nulled, respect cut in half and then some more...) And the ones taking the biggest hit are active medics. This is what bothers me the most to be honest because you only punish people who actually bother with this stuff - while people who ignore occupations lose nothing. There is also the fact that medic levels require resources (pools) while BH is just another tool for raiding. The way BH works right now, levels don't even matter most of the time. You can either track them (they have low bounty) or you can't (somebody raised their bounty to 20k or so). Of course there are cases when someone actually got their bounty so high from killing that a low level BH can't track them anymore while a high level BH can - but most of the time it really comes down to raising or not raising your bounty with an alt. What I wanted to say with this is even among the 2 occupations, the one that requires actual pools to be spent takes the biggest hit. I feel this whole setup is just unfair, for the reasons I've mentioned above. So what do you guys think?
  8. New players are training with 30min mission timers and 200%+ of the regen of what we had in the beginning, and you are worried about this? Aylmao ;o
  9. Suggestion Outline: Right now, when you finish training a special jutsu a notification appears saying "Special jutsu training completed" - or something along those lines, I can't remember exactly. When you click that notification you arrive on a page that says "You have finished training X jutsu to level Y". I'd add a link to this page that would start training the next level of the jutsu. What would change: A new link appears on the training success page that enables you to start training the next level with a single click. It could say "Train another level!" or something like that. How it would change: Same thing as the previous point. How it benefits us: It spares us from the annoyance of going My jutsu -> open dropdown -> train every single time we want to train another level. Why it matters: It just makes life easier, especially on mobile browser.
  10. Primary and secondary generals increase jutsu damage in a 7:3 ratio as far as I know. So most of the damage comes from the primary general listed in the jutsu description, but the secondary increases damage for all of your jutsus. Specials and forbiddens are an exception here, since they have your secondary gen as primary too so they gain all of their damage from that.
  11. Nepgear


    We need a backup generator
  12. Welcome to this godforsaken game ;o
  13. Nepgear


    Pana will write a cute personal message for all of us.
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