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  1. Username:Senpai Location: Jutsu page. Click on any jutsu Priority: rock bottom low Text Error: Chakra cost is spelled Chacra cost This is posted on 2 posts above. Please don't double report errors.
  2. Ohh thats why. I forgot to reactivate my bonuses... Thank you. Please close thread
  3. This is the second time I've been effected by village respect. Don't know the reason behind it. It hasnt been a consistent thing.
  4. Too lazy to explain in super detail... but the screenshots should be enough. https://gyazo.com/05315db7ea1af6b2df3637fc69b1357b First one shows that I have passed the marker for reduced 2.5 hospital timer. https://gyazo.com/6433c58f07bac4e091cd47bd8402877e Second screenshot shows that I still have the regular 15 minute timer.
  5. Hate to be "that guy" but if it weren't based on the stats on paper, old players would definitely get salty. And there are alot of things to be already salty about.
  6. Can't add much to this right now but the usage for CFH after enemy calls someone in is still pretty wonky. Example: Evianon and I were in battle (~5500 SF vs 6500 SF) 4th Round he calls in Sten BUT THAT'S WHEN IT GETS WEIRD it should be a ~9500 SF vs 6500 SF but my SF drops to 3k and then the next round after attacking them, it goes back to 6k. Not sure if this is the correct way its supposed to play out or there is something wrong about it. *I know my calculations might be off but general concept is there
  7. Suggestion Outline: Update Villager Page What would change: Add Strength Factor into the villager page. How it would change: It happened in the Top Ten page, makes some sense to have it in the Villager page as well. How it benefits us: CFH partners are easier to find within your village. (Who you can/ can't call) Why it matters: With Experience being less of a factor in Call For Help, Seems Problems/concerns involved (if applicable): Clutter. Clutter everywhere Anything else relevant to your specific suggestion (if applicable): If there is a way to view everyone's SF besides from scouting, please let me know!
  8. Senpai

    SF Calculations

    This question really goes out to the people coding the SF function: How far is SF rounded to in the battle formula? The nearest hundredth? The nearest thousandth? This question came up while I was doing some calculations because I know for a fact that calculating SF regularly is based on the thousandths decimal place (i have a calculator made to calculate SF. Dont ask why. I have a life outside anime.) Im asking this question because there really is no way to test it out and have it not effect the gameplay. This is because if you pass the "mark" for CFH to be allowed, there is no going back. Sooooooo basically, at this point I'm Asking: When SF/Enemy SF = .87933333, Will it round up or down?
  9. Senpai

    CFH numbers

    instead of trying to tamper with the already difficult cfh formula, Why not just add more simple stuff to the game? I'm pretty sure all offenses have one jutsu that has a chance to stun, seal bloodline effects and deals no damage. Why not just add on to that jutsu a cannot cfh for "x" amount of rounds? I'm not the coder for this game. I took AP computer science and i have a C- in it so i have no idea how hard it would be to make this change
  10. Finally found those patch notes. K you can close this now Pana. On a side note though, Pana should add the patch notes in the TNR News section under a folder called patchnotes with the date of the update,
  11. Since I can't find the update patch notes, I don't remember why quotes were removed. Can someone remind me why they were? They were a pretty nice function compared to some of the others such as list and code. (dont know how to use those)
  12. Everyone on TNR right now https://youtu.be/Fo2xk_1SsoE?t=9m58s
  13. To those of you asking if I retired or not. Yes i have returned for a bit. Don't know how long this spur is going last. Sorry if i sound annoyed. Its because someone keeps on nagging me about it... You know who you are ಠ_ಠAny whom: Yes I am back for now. Will I notice people? lol i dunno im kind of weak and shit xD edit: if i do leave again, i will tell someone first and yea
  14. Yo. Don't really know how to do this so I'll do it in Q&A form (WARNING: INCOMING SAPPY SHIT STORM) As much of a surprise is to you guys, it's a surprise to me. After this post, I will be packing my bags in from this lifestyle and go on my way to find a new one. The reason? Honestly speaking... I can't give one... I can't say that having a job has made it harder for me to get on, or preparing for exams has put alot of stress on me. If i had to make up the reason on the spot... it would probably be because it would be much harder for me to leave when I really need to. Making this abrupt leave will probably leave many people in shock rather than letting them prepare for a deadline date. Do you think all your work on TNR will be wasted? Absolutely Fucking Not I remember watching my older sibling play this game when I was in 5th grade or some shit like that. Maybe it was core 1 or 2 but this shit looked dope. Stroll pass 3-4 years, I find myself learning that Core 2 is coming to an end and core 3 was just around the corner. Core 3 comes along and it has been a blast. Every aspect from bloodlines to shitty bugs have really made this game an important part of my life. I will always remember waking up in the middle of the night to get those 2 missions that would get me my 8/8 missions per day. I will always remember how I got onto the top 10 leaderboards for pvp. And finally, I will always remember the people who have made all this possible for a person in highschool. (Yup. Surprise of the Century. Old man senpai is actually the youngest of em all) Does that mean your account will be deleted? Lmao no. Do I look like Yaseen? I just changed my password using a random password generator. Just copy and pasted it onto the password changer. Gave my trusted friend the password and deleted my possession of it. If I really need to come back, I will use forgot password to regain my status. (Or just pester the fuck out of Pana by blasting everything I can in his direction) So without TNR, what do you plan to do? Most likely do something with the word "bake". Picture it how you please. Also I got a school shit to run because El Presidente status. Are you a weeabo? Sadly no. Im an otaku. (OH GOD HERE IT COMES: SUPER SAPPY SHIT NOW) Is there anyone who you want to notice before you leave? Lol yes. And Ill do it by village because there are alot of people to organize through. Konoki: I'd like to thank: Akum- We kage'd pretty hard together when you-know-who dun goofed. EsDeath- Scary silent lady who always killed me Legendary- *Obligatory Avy Maker thanks goes here* Llawliet-"train hard!" Shine: I'd like to thank: Nellis - We know your real name PROJECT: N3LL15 Kuyascorp- Guy i probably spelt the name wrong but annoying to catch Ismira: Lolli Silence: I'd like to thank: Nexi - Don't really know how this one happened. But im glad it did. Can't thank you enough for everything you have done for me. You may not notice it. but i did Prince - "Guy with same BL who attacks me occasionally and kills me #1" Thanks for always helping me out with bloodline stuff. Naix - Thanks for alerting me when people were attacking. You should definitely rep the deadpool avy more. Glad I was able to ally with you even when we got butt-stuffed. Killua - Sorry for bailing out on the plan. But thanks alot for covering when I needed it. Evianon- Welcome back to core 3 (even thought that was like 4 months ago). Hope silence cfh can get to Samui lvl OP'ness CupCakeCult- Thanks for healing me back in Shroud. Keep on healing noobs! Purringle- "Diplo Noob#1" You're pretty cool guy. I like you. TakuyaDrini: Lord of the Bundle of Sticks. Thanks for making this journey a memorable one Sten & Nep- "Diplo Noob #2 & #3" Grats on being monsters to newbies. Keep it up. Authiel- "Go Away Senpai" Sorry(not sorry) for attacking you xP Ronkiro- "Small Sprout #1/ Diplo Noob #4" Hope you're your still running that newspaper (if you ever did... i forgot lol) Mitty/Kavewolf-Wish I talked to you two more.... Samui: Id like to thank: Titus- "One-Liner PM Guy" Thanks for dealing with my shit. Sorry that i wont be competing against you any more. Cassanova- Thanks for being a total bro. Hope you use my tatertot recipe well. Gengar- You have way too much shit. Wish you the best here. Thanks for everything. River- Sorry about not telling you this before hand Dx but thanks for being awesome. Keep the PS Jounin alive! Zaje- "CFH scrub #1" THE STUN GODS HAVE BESTOWED THEIR JUDGEMENT. Evoli- "CFH scrub#2" Mythical pokemons are out. You should get yours TukNuk- "CFH scrub#3" Keep on delivering content or shit like that Nagarochi- "CFH scrub#4" Welcome back ^_^ Sorry that you never got to cfh on me Sheele- "DiploNoob#4" You think I forgot you? Guess again xP SarahMcgee- ^same goes to you. Leave noobs alone. Chyralistar and alt- "Leave me alone dude #1" / "CFH scrub #5" Thanks for making raiding memorable xD Mfjbay- "Ill quit if updates don't come out" xD Thanks for also teaching me the Bloodline Akali- "Healing Person #1" One of the most Reliable healers. Keep on doing you. Soek- "Mr. Right-in-the-feels" You should really stop greasing me about ranking Dx. Sorry about not meeting your standards (just like my dad) -.- ReploidZero- "The OG StunGod"- You stun wayyyy to much xD. Congrats on being the only water tai to beat everyone ^_^ And not but not least, Shroud: Shikayaru- I cannot thank you enough. You are the reason why I have succeeded in this core. Thanks for everything you have done for me. I could always rely on you and kapp for advice. Sorry I couldn't surpass you. Sigi & Mes- You probably wont read this but you were the first of many teachers. Sorry for not continuing on your legacy as much as I intended. Kappjo- Kapptain! The impregnable wall. Thanks for helping me out alongside shik. I could always count on you and him and i wish you the best of luck. Noah- Welcome back dude Sorry i wont be there for a while. But if i come back, we have alot of cfh ground to cover Koro- Thanks for everything you have done in helping me in Shroud. Grats on Kage and i wish you the best of luck. Sorry that i wont be seeing the late game Soap- My Legacy Holder. Congrats on getting this far by yourself. Im hella proud that you were the one to surpass my expectations. Hope you can teach the next group of noobs. Sorry that i cant answer your cfh anymore.... Phayde- "GanjaMan" Thanks for making me hate DOTA like no other xD. Sorry that I gotta leave you with the pot house all by yourself ThunderCat/ Calc2- Somehow despite all the shit you gave me, you are defintely one to remember. Sorry that i gotta go but dam son you dank. Darken/ FA- Legendary old gramps. Thanks for making the first TNR wikia that brought me back into this game when i was a wee little lad. I ship that shit. FallenSaint- "Silent Person #2" Grats on being number 1 of shroud. Hope you continue being a beast. Vesyr- Im not a white weeaboo. Im an asian otaku Zaki- We didnt talk much but you were strong xD Yanch- "Laggy cfh" Thanks for making your fails the funniest shit ive seen in a while. Others: Pana- Thanks for not putting me in "garbage status" WolfPack- thanks for dealing with the tears of many whiners including myself Alba- Sorry for bringing up Trash Talk threads. (But it honestly was a good idea) Terr- Thanks for this wonderful game youve made that has been a real big part of my life. Any last words? Tnr has been a great journey for me. It has had its fair share of ups and downs, successes and failures, and some bomb ass people. Everyone here has made an impact on me and I cant thank you guys enough! Final Question: Will You Return? Probably will but when? I dunno. But either way, i should be able to cfh if everything goes accordingly. (Pana pls) Aaaaaannnnnnd with that, all i can say is: Farewell TNR! Senpai will notice you..... Another time!~ ^_^
  15. This is my guess on it: Monday: x2 PVP Tuesday: x2 Jutsu level (not sure if this supposed to go for two days or not...) Wednesday: x2 Training Thursday: 1/2 price items Friday: x2 Village Funds(?) Saturday: 1/2 price hospital Sunday: x2 mission Gains
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