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  1. Enaji

    Town Hall: War

    on the numbers, i dont really think war needs a skew for killing stronger opponents at all. its war. kill who you can kill, i dont think it needs to become another pick your target scenario. we already get that kind of reward from pvp exp. (with that said, someone with an extreme amount of negative sp should give 0 reguardless to combat possible feeding) also think that offense should be less or equal to defense since it gets the advantage of sitting in the village as an alternate form of damaging sp offense: 1 or 2 point per kill 1 point per minute in village (wouldnt mind seeing this set to 30 seconds. this idea was conceived back when the turn timer was still a minute if i am not mistaken) defense: 1 or 2 points per kill home field advantage id also suggest slashing the total points every village has by like 75%. 20k points with the population we have seems like way to much. noone wants ot fight war for a month. a 3 to 5 day event seems much more healthy.
  2. Enaji

    SP Healing

    maybe you should just take a breather for a day lol
  3. Enaji

    SP Healing

    this will probably end up being a mass test. i wouldnt be surprised if things were reset or cancelled after a 2 week long war. silence will lose eventually but honestly shroud seems to be able to selfsustain and force an infinite war lol
  4. Enaji

    SP Healing

    rofl faithy. hmm ive heard of reports of 5 to 10 points healed, opposed to only one gained per minute or per kill. the big problem here is it doesnt seem like things will ever end till one side just up and bores of defending (obviously samui has all the active players from all the other villages so they will happily defend and raid till their hands fall off), seems to me that a fast energetic war would be more fun,fairer, and better for the game as a whole also....a bigger question, since when is a kill in an enemy village worth less then a kill in your own? what logic does that follow game or otherwise? just seems like a bad idea meant to coddle the players, when all it really does is make everyone bored out of their skulls and mean that the newbies that want nothing to do with the war will get relentlessly killed for longer. hopefully the difference in sp is either vastly exaggerated or glitching....id much prefer that be the reason for all of this. personally im done with the war xD i gave it the good old college try for a day. samui can make everyone their vassals no and we can all hold hands and put flowers in each others hair afterwards. lol
  5. warlord i need to know the exp at which you learn the force pill or i cant place it in the thread anywhere. everything else (except samuis armor, which will be updated soon) is updated. \ update: spoiler tags a little broken atm. everything updated now. ill fix it later tonight or tomorrow. ran out of time for now. updateupdate: spoiler tags fixed. just waiting on a response from warlord Just copying this here~ Missing Information: Please Take a look!
  6. theres enough to update to make it worth taking some time i suppose. ill update this weekend.
  7. Enaji

    3.1 Updates

    oceanic squares exist now but arent labeled as such. they are out were you get all the seaweed items from for herbalist.
  8. Enaji

    Summon Quests

    Quest: rival by nature village: silence from what i can tell when i completed this quest, i did not have to return to wind rush den to turn it in like the requirements say i do. i was able to complete it and get the next quest immediately after killing the 5 basilisks. the quest chain before this one may have had the same issue. Requirements to Complete Complete 5 A-Rank missions. Kill five Fire-Scale Basilisks in the Northern and Southern Desert. Return to the Wind Rush Den when completed. last requirement i did not have to complete. as for text errors: As you hear this, you see a battle scarred tiger walk towards the pile of tails. Observing it, you find hits movements to be hypnotizing. Subtle, silent and all but undetectable. For that matter, where did it come from? You didn't detect anything, let alone an animal of that size. Before you realize it, it disappears into the shadow of the den, hiding it from all senses. hits => its and there is a random break in the last sentence of the paragraph for some reason as you can see. there is also an odd break in the paragraph right after this one. quest: trial by force the flavor text says that i will meet the tiger successor AI at the windless plateau. but actually it is encountered at the wind rush den If you can win this fight, I will speak to you once more. You will meet it at the Windless Plateau."
  9. Enaji

    Daily News - Update

    well as far as i understand it, terr has already stated that we are playing a game that he only considers a hobby, and no matter how bad his practices might get, as long as he does not overstep any legal bounds, dont expect much of anything from this game. (complain if you want here, but dont obsess over it to much personally, just let it out and let it go and understand exactly what the creators motivations and expectations for his own product are) zezusa would be right in that if you spend money on a product you are dissatisfied with that influences bad practices. but also keep in mind terr says his main carrier is his main worry, so perhaps even then things wont matter, though terr saying he doesnt care about the money while wildly over pricing his cash shop could just be him bluffing. just be mindful of your money, if you are trying to fight for change here. i honestly couldnt care less about schedules or updates. if i want something changed i usually just talk directly to staff, make my case, and hope something sticks. often times it does stick even if the staff member in question does not admit its validity at first. as far as i can tell noone on staff is dedicated to tnr first and foremost. they all have other things they rather be doing and i know almost all of them piddle around and ignore problems alot because they just dont feel like dealing with it. something even i do with my professions thread. training someone to take their place would mearly yield another person to busy to be bothered, even if that person swears up and down otherwise, in most cases. i say this because, and i am only guessing here, but from the information i have gathered, staff is scattered all over the world, busy with more important things, lazy at times, and even if they do have a group chat or whatever, there are probably large periods where they ignore each other or just arent available and if just one person is absent the whole of staff is stopped dead in their tracks. i imagine terr himself is the worst culprit, followed probably by wolfy. im sure in most cases there are multiple staff members itching to do something and it just takes one guy who feels lazy that month, or has a vacation, or a college paper due, who gums up the works completely. im not even sure where i am going with this post. just some thoughts inspired by reading what people have said here. also, floozy, i get how you might get a bit frustrated from this post, but if any of the staff needs to stay calm i would say the PR manager is the one xD it falls on your shoulders to not let anyone see you sweat. this post is nothing really. its generic, doesnt say anything of value, doesnt even ask anything of value. something that happens and is soon forgotten. plus AZ is always a top complainer, we know this.
  10. its there. though it is lacking the chili powder pana originally said was in the dish. seems moose in redsauce is to. ill remove that part of the recipe I removed the Chili Powder from my post above. in that case, everything should be up to date that this point. ill look into testing the new reduction amounts soon. now we just need the rest of the info on armorer and weapon smiths final crafts and this thread is complete.
  11. Enaji

    Start Of The Test

    perhaps one month was a bit to ambitious for wolfpack xD considering he apparently had college stuff to do as well. oh well april is still young, late is still better then the never that everyone had pretty much assumed was the case. though it is nice to get my curiosity scratched a bit.
  12. oh the praise. now i have to update it today, after reading that. p.o
  13. dont make me update things. im sick. =[ edit: just spent another few hours updating and lost it again. my moral is low lol
  14. i updated everything but it didnt save, so ill finish up later xD only a few things left now. almost everything is filled in finally =] just need to get some vilalge specific stuff and cook capped.
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