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  1. Where i can see all submissions?
  2. I like math, this guy gets a like from me! Too bad that what beardman said is true tho...
  3. Every old fossil i used to "socialize" with quit, and never cared enough to talk with new guys. I bet most oldies feel the same.
  4. There are others means to generate revenue, other that selling power. QoL stuff, reduce timers for some things, larger pools, more inventory or jutsu space. Selling boosts, i don't count it as buying power since it provides faster way to getting to end game and doesn't impact endgame performance. Increasing player base or let players have more alts. Cosmetics, random silly stuff.
  5. If you haven't red suggestion guidelines:
  6. Suggestion Outline: Separate chakra and stamina pools, so one would be used in combat and other for training. What would change: Chakra and stamina pools function. How it would change: Would be added a separate chakra/stamina pool for combat use only, which is fully recharged with start of every new combat. How it benefits us: Managing these resources would add another layer of depth to combat system. New jutsu tags could be added to affect jutsu cost*. Combat no longer be who deals the most damage, but also who manages its resources in most optimal manner**. Bloodline effects*** of reduced cost of jutsus will be meaningful, giving longevity in combat. Fun part of this game a.k.a PVP no longer will be tied to progression, so players will no longer have to make decision, do I fight or dedicate all my resources to training. It might improve player base activity. Why it matters: As it is now it serves no meaningful purpose, amount of chakra and stamina players have is astronomical compared to cost of jutsus. It only punishes players who get caught after spending all of their pools. Problems/concerns involved (if applicable): Would be smart: renaming chakra/stamina pools used for training to something else to avoid confusion. Might be difficult to balance new jutsu tags listed below. Hard to implement. Anything else relevant to your specific suggestion (if applicable): * For example, new jutsu tags could be: Reduce, increase or remove jutsu cost, gain or steal chakra/stamina, percentage heal based on percent of chakra/stamina consumed. ** Cap of how many times one jutsu can be used in combat replaced with each consequential use of the same jutsu increases cost by X% *** New bloodline effects could be added such as increased in combat chakra/stamina pool. Possibly a tradeoff, one increased other decreased.
  7. I would be on board making reps tradable, other on that too lazy to read all this mess.
  8. You want this game to be more pay to win than it is now, like Bloodline damage boost ain't enough... I rather pay for convenience e.g. increased pool size or lower missions timers.
  9. If i recall correctly more events are planed.
  10. What you are talking about? Everything is perfectly balanced. Velocity Force and other similar jutsu are new "stances" and we are lucky few who have them! Not everyone got them! Have you seen crits yet? Low rolled crit does less damage then high rolled normal hit, that is pinnacle of buki power!. Don't forget those those BL with absorb, rendering half of your kit futile. Better spend some money get one your self! Wait! wait! Don't forget it has to be A-rank, or it doesn't count since it will never deal as much damage. One more thing! Jutsu with same power does not deal same amount of damage, better choose them wisely. And the best part about this ultimate balance is that battle out put is determined by who attacked first on last round. You can't get more balanced then this. All salt a side, this should be addressed ASAP... mitigating whole round worth of damage shouldn't be possible.
  11. saru

    RPing Events

    I can imagine RP on forums for going to war or something and then do territory battles so that more players participated, would be fun to have at least once in a while a large scale fights. I always thought that few minutes timer before a territory challenge was silly. It is always abused with snipes, when possibles defenders are offline and this could address this issue.. p.s. nerf AoE jutsus to deal 100% split among targets.. current mass pvp are just AoE last man standings, with no meaningful coordination..
  12. saru

    Game reset

    Accessibility - you can play it on any device with Internet, I even can play it on my fridge. Progression - it's very flexible, you can log in when ever and train or wait until your pools are full and it makes no difference. Remembering my training days.... setting up my alarms every 3.5 hours to not loose my gains. "Good" old days... Pre end game: Not loosing gains and/or utilizing better training method to catch up to players who were stronger and beat their ass. That false feeling of accomplishment.... Post end game: It is a number game - you can play the game by not playing it. Min-maxing rotations on my excel sheets, and then actually making it work in game by beating opponents who have upper hand. That was priceless... I came here because I was enjoying Naruto. I also tried games based on other universes e.g. OP, bleach, DBZ, but none of them hooked me. I stayed here, because it offered order: here are 4 offenses and 5 elements and matching them you create your character and with a bonus of making up background with no limits, you can be ninjutsu masta santa claus with ice element fighting taijutsu master sun god chuck norris with light element. And at least by idea any combination of those should have weaknesses and strength toward each other. Imagination was the limit... and those pesky pay-walls of course. And why i'm still here? Now it's only nostalgia.. and those ryo buyers. If you really planing to make a game based on anime my advice for you, do not choose one where its characters are so random as in My Hero Academia. How would you imagine character creation? mush up multiple characters in one. Well that is a no go, quirks are unique. Making unique quirk for every single character is impossible. Playing as one of anime character ain't cool if everyone playing it and looking long term - when anime looses its popularity you will not get new players. I would say go for Overlord, it has multiple races, multiple skill types and try to combine them to make a rock-papers-scissors game like TNR tried..
  13. saru

    Game reset

    If game would be reworked on unity and put on kongregate or steam, i would play it.
  14. saru

    Daily Login mini game

    Any other opinions?
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