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  1. Vuouymons

    Anime: Wanted

    It isn't 16-17 but Calymore is a good one.
  2. Hmm..... Well I already have a 87 Conquest I don't know what year, but definitely a Viper. Not only are they crazy fast, and great track cars my grandmother owned one so I've always wanted one since then. Koenigsegg 1:1 and my all time dream car since I have been a kid is a 69 Camaro.
  3. Hey, I think I tried this game about 4 years ago, and something had happened. For some reason I didn't stick with it, the layout I feel like was definitely a lot different last time I played, but it could just be time has me confused. I'm basically brand spanking new regardless of my little playtime before. Always loved Naruto growing up, going on 24 now this year and I still think the story is killer and enjoy RPing, and playing a game similar to the show. Hopefully I'll meet some cool people while I'm playing. If anyone is interested in Cars, Motorsports, Working on their own Car/Truck or just anything Racing related on 2 or 4 wheels can always send me a PM and get a good conversation going. I run a automotive shop with my old man, so I love to talk about my passion.
  4. Vuouymons


    So I've made it to Genin and am training my defence, but I didn't get a random bloodline and I'm not sure what to get for offence, I'm not sure what to base it on really.
  5. Vuouymons


    Ive been searching through guides and the forums and came to the same conclusion
  6. Vuouymons


    Hello, I've just started the game and in the beginner guide it says to raise defense and not offence, I took it as raise all of my defenses equally, is that correct or incorrect? Based on how I should be building my character. Should I only be raising one or two defenses or all of them like I have been?
  7. Hello everyone, I just started today not too long ago, I've been playing games like this off and on for years now and have been looking for one I'd really enjoy, and I do seem to enjoy this one. The fact that I've watched all of Naruto and found a game like it is pretty awesome, I hope to have fun at meet some people who can help me out for now I've just been sticking to the Manuel and Getting Started haha. My IGN is Ginger, and yes. I am a Ginger. I'm 19 and just like to play games, RP, learning how to code, and making money
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