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  1. Jedew

    Tailed beast

    If you had the chance, which tailed beast would you like to have it inside you? I would definitely want 9tailed beast.
  2. My favourite bleach character is Ichigo and he happens to be main character of anime too. come now you guys don't be shy to tell yours. or you guys don't watch it?
  3. Hidden Will to Fight old but good to hear from time to time
  4. I got a warm welcome so this forum sure is not dead yet.
  5. So yea we can see government has gone crazy?
  6. Hahaha thanks for warm welcome everyone
  7. As no one has ever posted in this section. I thought i would be the first one to do it. So which is your favorite one piece character, for me it is zoro and yours.
  8. Maybe next movie that comes out will not be as predictable as this one.
  9. The manga is about to get over. So finally they start making anime there won't be any fillers or too many fillers in it.
  10. Newly recruited Ninja ready for mission
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