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  1. At the very least it does look like there is stuff to harvest now. I'll start another thread if it doesn't come back~
  2. Username:Amaruk Location:/?id=30 I guess technically Priority:Medium Bug's Effects: Doesn't seem like Herbalist Resource Nodes are Spawning/Respawning How the bug happened/how to reproduce: I became a Herbalist the previous day and was able to harvest a couple of resource nodes for seeds. After I got the ones I could find I haven't been able to find any new ones after searching throughout the charted territory and out to -4 in all directions of the uncharted territory. Not sure if people are simply finding them before I do or if none are spawning. Perhaps if people are just constantly finding them before I do the spawn rate needs to be kicked up again considering there is currently very few people looking for them atm.
  3. Username:Amaruk Location: /?id=86&page=hospital Priority:Medium Bug's Effects: Number of items needed to be supplied to a hospital seems to be much lower then what is expected. How the bug happened/how to reproduce: Was curious so I bought the 20 Rep Profession back and received what I believe was 23 Bringback powder. Sent it to the hospital and Shroud received a notification that the hospital auto recover bonus was now in effect. This seems somewhat off as I thought you needed a number of items equal to the number of villagers for the effect to take place, so 23 is significantly lower then our total population.
  4. Amaruk

    Avy Request

    Looking for someone to make me a 200x200 100kb avy. I don't have a specific render/pic I want but I'd like Hei from Darker than Black preferably with his mask on. Just whatever you think would make a good Avy works for me. I'd like it to just have my name: Amaruk As far as effects go I'd like some kind of electric looking effect if that's possible. Maybe for the name. PM me in game (same name) so I can see some work of yours/discuss payment Thanks in advance for anyone who looks here!
  5. Yes it did. If you go to the website you can sign up/login with your transferred character. Been up for a while now. Don't know why they never officially said anything on facebook/twitter. I just kept checking.
  6. Eh, People probably used multiple email/fb/twitter but to be fair there's currently 440 users online.
  7. I don't know about them but it's completed now for me.
  8. Amaruk

    Core 3 Q&A

    @misc and kavier Elements are also going to be a lot more important apparently. I believe it was said everyone gets 1 element at chuunin level and another at jounin (aside from bloodlines who can mix the two and make a third). I can't remember if it was said you can only train jutsus of your element or if your element makes the jutsu more powerful/etc. Probably missing some stuff but that's what I remember.
  9. • Username (In-game): Amaruk • Alternate account (if you have one): None • Rank: Genin • Years playing TNR: Not sure the # but on and off since Core 1 • Activity on TNR (hours per day): None right now. Mostly just waiting for Core 3. If I get selected for the beta (or during the open beta) or when it releases I'm likely to pick it back up for a few hours a day • Activity on TNF (hours per day): About an hour right now. Check for news updates and what not • Short statement (3 sentences or less) about why you want to be a beta tester: I want to be a beta tester because I've played this game a long time and I'm interested in seeing how it progresses. I've made a lot of friends here (none of whom play anymore) so I'm hoping to contribute to the game and maybe help shape it into something that will bring people back in addition to new people (although I understand it's mostly shaped already I'll just make small suggestions/bug finds/whatever) • Any additional notes about your qualifications or experiences that are not covered by the rest of the application [OPTIONAL]: I'm a programmer and I enjoy breaking things or finding things you guys might not have expected. Like during the last event we had to battle multiple Ninjas. They all kicked my ass since I was a lowly Genin. One of them however used Volcanic Tempest Jutsus ONLY and since I had that Bloodline as well, it wouldn't cause any damage to me. I couldn't hurt him and he couldn't hurt me. We were locked in a titanic struggle of epic proportions. I ended up killing myself.
  10. Amaruk

    Core 3 Q&A

    I may be wrong here but I seem to remember that it was stated (and a quick glance at the Core 3 Status Tracker confirms this) that there will be a closed testing period for a small group of people and an open testing period. That open testing period should be enough time for you to gain some knowledge.
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