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  1. Post reserved for names 1. Cixx 2. Acre 3. SDN 4. Val 5. Skysensei 6. Prometheus 7. Naix 8. Angula2 9. Yaboku 10. Panduh 11. Purringles 12. Loke 13. Ozai 14. Noah 15. Drunkninja 16. Deken 17. Samael 18. Hermes 19. Tsuyoshi 20. Roogen 21. Khione 22. Kusanagi 23. UchihaSasukekun 24. Nocturne 25. RenegadeSound 26. Aelin 27. Gaaraofthesand 28. Newg 29. Vulcanicmist 30. Koro 31. Omura 32. Manami 33. Arphee 34. Nepgear 35. Kaito 36. Blink 37. Liko 38. HatakeIbukai 39. Deebeezie 40. Cain 41. Fujikawa 42. Ghosthaven 43. Isate 44. Kblood4 45. Huddob
  2. Spring Weekend Bash This is offered to all ranks. Get them kills, ninjas! Kills will determine your placement. Get 200 kills you get into the top tier. between 200 and 100, Mid Tier. etc.etc. Top Tier = 200 kills - 15mil, 20 pops and gold fed for a week Mid tier = 100 kills - 10mil, 10 pop Lower tier = 50 kills - 5 mil, 5 pop Saturday Bonus PvP 100% Bonus Jutsu exp 125% Sunday Bonus PvP 125% 75% off hosp costs This will begin on Saturday at 00:01 AM and end on Sunday at 11:59:59 PM (Game Time) ((Run-time may vary depending on the amount of people that sign up)) April 21, 2018 - April 22, 2018 Submit your name in the thread if you wish to participate or DM(Akum, Aelin, Omura, Teni on Discord), PM on Facebook or PM in game. Signups will end on Friday10:00 PM Game Time.
  3. My question in all this is: How did Acre gain that much diplo if he doesn't raid and there is a cap on the amount that can be increased via bingo book. Upon checking his diplo page, all his diplo is really high as if he were raiding like akum.
  4. My feedback on the whole is, yes the cost of re-rolling is very high and that helps deter a lot of users from switching bloodlines on a whim but i feel it's a bit too risky on how the system is currently set up. Don't get me wrong the idea is pretty cool and helps promote the game's in-game currency but it could be adjusted a bit. Three things I would like to talk about is: the amount currency that's going into the re-rolls,' may it be ryo or real life money, the amount of time that's invested into the "grind" which will be required for the change and the community itself. The currency~ I am sure everyone who plays the game can agree, ryo will always be used either for training or for personal desires such as helping others progress in the game like students, subscription for federal support or in this case a bloodline change. With that being said, ryo isn't given to us, besides the daily ryo gains, it's earned through time and determination to log in and spam errands or earn through means of raiding as some villagers had taken it upon themselves to pay raiders for kills. The real life money is a bit similar but that's holds a whole lot more weight than the in-game currency. The cost of a roll is pretty high and could possibly range from $38 to a cool $1,216. That's just way too high for any type of bloodline. With a normal A rank, the cost is maxing out at 300 dollars with a full rotation of the bloodlines. This is based on the worst luck ever but the numbers are real. I don't want to bring in people's income into this but with numbers like and with some people very dedicated to the game, the amount is just too insane for a bloodline. The "grinding"~ Everyone knows that the game will take a good amount of your time in order to become a strong ninja. Users play from home, work or wherever. Even mobile is a thing which makes this possible but it's a W.I.P. but that's another subject for another day. The fact of the matter is, users go out their way to make sure they don't over-pool. Some do it to keep a steady edge over their rival or just what to cap as soon as possible. I was one of those users and there are still some around doing the same. If it's a not training with pools, it's errand spams and again, this requires users to log in to ensure they don't over-pool as they probably want to maximize profit in a 24 hour span. Even some raid to increase their regen via pvp regen and this also requires users to be active in the game by raiding. Now this is just the some of the things that a user does with pools which could be considered as grinding. Another thing that a user would have to do is, jutsu leveling. Now this requires both ryo and pools depending on the levels of the jutsu itself. Then after a certain point, one must spam on Ais to hard-cap a jutsu or a lot of uses in pvp battles but regardless of the method, this takes a whole lot of time to do so and a lot of commitment to log in and do the same thing over and over. Day in and day out. Weeks and weeks of constant usage. With all of that said, banking on a re-roll could possibly mean they would have to do it all over again. Some of the user that are deciding to take a leap of faith have accepted this and probably going to redo it again so long as they have a decent chance to roll the bloodline they want. Now as for people willing to shell out the money for the bloodline...lets just say money doesn't grow on trees. There really is no way to compare how you make money in real life to what you do in a game. The bottom line is, users have come to terms with their choices and are willing to put in work for the bloodline they want but the cost of all this is just way too high. The Community~ Now... this is probably the most important subject about this post. To be honest, without the community this game wouldn't survive. It's truly a wonder that this game has been around for over a decade and it still has a user-base. I myself have seen some, pardon my french but...,damn, I've seen and been through some shit involving this game. Though, I'm still just a youngster compared to the older people who played since c1 days. Anyways, my point is this game has an extremely loyal user-base. Yes, some do tend to get a little heated or get carried away but that comes with the package. There will always be a few bad eggs here and there but times are changing. The game, after years and years of just idling, is finally changing. Some users don't like change and flip their lids when it happens but this doesn't slow down the progress of the game. With that being said, it's time we take a moment and actually listen to why they are in a disagreement with the change or listen to their concerns. I'm not just speaking as part of staff but as a text based RPG ninja of 4-5 years. I can see why some are a bit annoyed by the way the re-roll is set up. This doesn't mean the re-roll should be extremely easy for anyone but we maybe we can meet in the middle. Not only will this help easy their concerns/issues, this is could possibly be a way of saying: "Okay guys, we heard you and maybe we can meet half way to an agreement". It's a long shot but it's something that's possible. It's not a promise everyone is going to agree with it but hey it's a work in progress. Anyways the point of this is, if TNR wants their users to work and get along as a community, then it also needs to listen and check out what the community has to say because without them and their loyalty, the game wouldn't be around. So to wrap it all up, maybe the price can stay the same but remove the chances of rolling the same bloodline with the same offense or maybe add a feature where a user can pay a one time fee to change their offense of their bloodline to the one they want. I don't know people may have a different idea.
  5. Tide Crashers also has the the same issue
  6. Username: Akum Location: Loaction of the EM AI Priority: Low Bug's Effects: Receive an error upon reaching location and the outcome of battle is completely wrong. How the bug happened/how to reproduce: Begin EM: Howling Den and travel to 19.7. May have to move in and out of the location due to the error. For results of combat use a wind type jutsu
  7. Username: Akum Location: In combat Priority: Low Bug's Effects: No items will appear in combat page even tho inventory is full of them. Also you're able to submit nothing and continue the round How the bug happened/how to reproduce: Stockpile inventory with items and proceed to battle. Items > Select an item > Select target > Submit action
  8. Username: Akum Location: Battle with AI Priority: Low Bug's Effects: Durability is lost after every battle with an AI. It's a small amount How the bug happened/how to reproduce:
  9. Username: Akum Location: Inventory Priority: Low Bug's Effects: Uses kunais out of combat. Really causes no harm. How the bug happened/how to reproduce: https://gyazo.com/e967dba6ebfa9dc1acd4d500ee2282d6
  10. Oh yeah. I get hit with that message from time to time i transfer items from home to inventory, even tho i have plenty of space.
  11. Akum

    [Med?] Tracking

    Yes that is something happens with the bounty hunter occupation. Not sure if its intentional or not but tracks remain active even after bounty has been raised. There are ways of countering it
  12. This is true. I tested it on my alt and its still the same
  13. Name: Medusa's Coffin Attack type: Genjutsu Chacra cost: 400 Stamina cost: 20
  14. sername: Akum Location: Weapon Description Priority: High Bug's Effects: Certain EJ Weapons can not be used due to missing tags like so https://images-ext-1.discordapp.net/eyJ1cmwiOiJodHRwczovL3B1dS5zaC91TlllNS9kZmJhNTQ4YmE1LnBuZyJ9.x-7y_9H7DcqysVcRPcxJx7-npjE https://images-ext-2.discordapp.net/eyJ1cmwiOiJodHRwczovL3B1dS5zaC91Tllmcy8zODc4YmFlN2NiLnBuZyJ9.NA4KHBmg3rrzFxqcyzg5GKUEvIM https://images-ext-2.discordapp.net/eyJ1cmwiOiJodHRwczovL3B1dS5zaC91Tlljay9mNTUyOTc0YWVhLnBuZyJ9.pSW8WkOSFcCl-i3kemr_mk8RWkY How the bug happened/how to reproduce: select a jutsu that requires the weapon and use in battle
  15. Akum

    [Med]Tracking Error

    No, I was switching targets. Sorrow was having the same issue. I was switching from Mb soccer to Roogen and got hit with that error
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