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  1. *Facepalm* Not sure how I didn't think of that, sorry. Guess its just been a long night, thought for sure I hit ramen shop. Thanks.
  2. IGN: Mors Priority:High Effects:Lost all pools, and gained ryo I did not have. How it happened: I died with full pools, and then waited the 15minutes, signed out of hospital, and went to the ramen shop immediately after. I had 3200 ryo, Chakra: 20967.50 / 20967.50 Stamina: 20967.50 / 20967.50 After I ate I had: Health: 166.87 / 29040.00 HP bar Chakra: 2.5 / 20967.50 Chakra bar Stamina: 2.5 / 20967.50 As well as MONEY 47379 Ryo I have never had this happen before. Currently in Shroud, once I get full pools again I will see if I can recreate.
  3. Myself and a couple other people have seen rarely a gathering node spawn in villages, I was not sure if this was intentional or not as most of us did not notice them in OB, so thought I would bring it up.
  4. Confirmed fixed, I am not getting any errors in the tavern now after being in the tavern and refreshing for an hour.
  5. I as well have been getting issues with the tavern, however mine is a different error, I thought it would be ok to post here rather than making a new thread. When I enter or occasionally refresh the tavern I get this error.
  6. mors

    Avy request

    Looking for an avy maker for a 150x150 100kb avy. I don't have a render, but would like for it to be of zelman clock. words: Mors YN effects: Fiery background, if you could make the words turn to ash and pop back up as a flame Offering blue fed, pm me in game with your photobucket plz edit:http://fc04.deviantart.net/fs70/i/2011/086/7/7/asura__s_fire_by_ookami_seishin-d3cl0ex.png Something along the lines of this is what I am looking for
  7. * Username (In-game):Mors * Alternate account Reius * Rank: Genin/SJ * Years playing TNR: Since middle school, so about 8 years * Activity on TNR (hours per day): Not much lately, an hour or so, but with the new core I will be a lot more active. * Activity on TNF (hours per day): I tend to be more of a lurker unless it is something worth replying to * Short statement (3 sentences or less) about why you want to be a beta tester: I love the idea behind TNR, I played core1 and would LOVE to be able to see the changes in core 3 and test it out. * Any additional notes about your qualifications or experiences that are not covered by the rest of the application: I have beta tested many games, from WoW, starcraft, and many other f2p games as well, I love getting the glimpse of whats to come, as well as making it better for everyone else. I want to be able to test it out, and contribute to making it better, whether by finding bugs or finding something that people can make better for everyone Thank you.
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