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  1. Username: Suigetsu Stuck in Konoki... Dont wanna be stuck in konononoki lol EDIT: Still stuck.. Wont let me heal or use the hospital
  2. Not only do they expire when you move but they also expire when someone else moves... it means you are not clicking their link fast enough
  3. Warning: get_class() expects parameter 1 to be object, boolean given in /mnt/stor6-wc2-dfw1/478421/920265/www.theninja-core3.com/web/content/global_libs/Site/database.class.php on line 228 .. So i closed out TNR but still had the same browser opened doing other things then clicked on my profile bookmark.. this popped up at the top of the page using the light layout
  4. Still not restoring on the Iphone for me
  5. When a village is at war with another this could be abused... Like yesterday Samui was mass raiding Shroud. A shroud player would only have to wake up and sleep.. and in an hour's time all the ubers in Samui would be kicked from the village from attempting to click a player. Currently the only people who can attack someone from their own 'village' is the syndicate and they are always at war with everyone, including themselves. With no draw back from attacking a syndicate person the syndicate would be the only one to benefit from this. With every villager experiencing negative effects
  6. The drawback from losing Loyalty and getting kicked from a village will never allow this to happen.
  7. Suggestion Outline: Changing the current 10% EM based system to a 5% based system, while adding in a new perk, increased exp gain from Jutsu uses. ***Note*** Keeping the current perks in place. What would change: The current system would remain the same while adding a new perk in increments of 5%, Increased jutsu exp gained at the 5%, 15%, 25%, 35%, 45%, 55%, 65%, 75%, 85%, 95% EM markers. How it would change: The perk would be small 1-3% increase for example: With a 1% increase at the 5% marker........ a 5% decrease at the 55% marker...... the max decrease being 10% at the 95% marker. With a 2% increase at the 5% marker........a 10% decrease at the 55% marker...... the max decrease being 20% at the 95% marker. With a 3% increase at the 5% marker........a 15% decrease at the 55% marker...... the max decrease being 30% at the 95% marker. How it benefits us: It decreases the amount of time it takes to soft cap (with no ryo) and hard cap a jutsu based on how much one raids. Running the numbers (based on jutsu usage calculator) With the 65% perk at 1% decrease or 7% total on a normal jutsu , strictly pvp from LvL 1- 200. Normal uses with the current system is 4060. With the new system and new perk. it would subtract 284 uses. With the 65% perk at 2% decrease or 14% total on a normal jutsu , strictly pvp from LvL 1- 200. Normal uses with the current system is 4060. With the new system and new perk. it would subtract 568 uses. With the 65% perk at 3% decrease or 21% total on a normal jutsu , strictly pvp from LvL 1- 200. Normal uses with the current system is 4060. With the new system and new perk. it would subtract 852 uses. Why it matters: With the current system it takes a Chuunin, 38 days to get an EM perk, Jounin, 33 days and EJ, 51 days (aware that EJ EMs are being reworked) Which gives a very very grinding feel with very little benefit in the terms of Perks. This would allow a perk to be gained, just over 2 weeks time for. Chuunin and jounin. As well as right under a months time for EJ. It gives immediate results for new players who are just starting and low on ryo, and gives old timers who have yet to finish the hard cap grind a little relief. This gives a sense of accomplishment for a semi tedious grind and a worthwhile perk that is only affected by how much someone raids. Problems/concerns involved (if applicable): This could upset players who have worked hard to hard cap some jutsus. Coding possibly. Since this would only affect your elemental jutsus it would need to be coded in a way that primary EM does not increase exp gained for the secondary element jutsus Anything else relevant to your specific suggestion (if applicable): This whole suggestion is just to revisit the EM perks. They should in no way affect stats directly, EMs give Stat gains for completing them as they stand for now.
  8. Since my last post was deleted also which is bullshit i will say this. .. I told Alba about this bug. I specifically talked to one mod as well about it. When i asked pana if he heard about it he said, " no but im sure i will soon". Once married, your spoue can sell your house out from under you.. once that is done you can go buy a new house immediately after which allows you to double up on house regen. .. So again it is complete bullshit when people need to know when admins/mods are not communicating between themselves.
  9. Im assuming this was to prevent the Hospital bug
  10. Not exactly an error message.. Contacting App Store We're now going to send your request to the app store OK Except if never does. I never get my password verification. If i try and buy it again it says. This In-App Purchase has already been bought. It will be restored for free. OK Except it never does.
  11. Terr my purchases are on the Apple store not google. Still will not restore.
  12. So Im going to ignore all the topics of pvp/pve for genins. .. That being said Sensei and Student. My favorite post here was Azrael's. I should state that I am a perma-chuunin. As a Genin who wanted to learn the game, I received a Jounin Sensei. Who was a great sensei, BUT he had no idea anything about the Chuunin rank. I found myself going to ask Lucy, Azrael, Kenshin, SarahMcgee every possible thing i could. Even people with the same BL as me could not help me out because I was planning on holding at chuunin. This is a much much needed feature for Chuunin to be able to Sensei students even if it is only one.
  13. On this same note. I bought all of the bonus packs prior to the reset on the Apple App Store. Since the release of v.1.1.5 I can not restore the packs. .. It pops up with... Contacting App Store We're now going to send your request to the app store ok ... But it never does anything. Have left it there for over an hour
  14. Increased Training Gains: All training gains have been increased by 200% This is what I am questioning. Increased by 200% should look like this. with a max chuunin pool training in Genjutsu Offense. 30000 Training session, gives 3000 increase to offense. Normally. 3000(Normal) + increased by 200% 3000+3000(100%) + 3000( 100%) = 3000 + 6000 (200%) = 9000 a training session. Currently it is only giving 6000 a session with maxed pools. Which is only a 100% increase. .. That being said the same formula is currently being used for Occupation gains and loyalty bonuses but the math is adding up. 140 Standard occupation gains increased by 200% The current Occupations at level 20 give you a 20 gain to all general stats. With The Village Loyalty it gives you to a max of 200% increase. 20(normal) + 20(100%) +20(100%) = 60 increase to all General stats, with the 140 day loyalty bonus. .. So just curious if this is a Typo or that no one has reported it in error yet.
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