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  1. Hi I’ve been trying to lvl up just for some old time sakes of the game. And noticed you. The rank of AS during the quest to defeat/use and equipped item in battle against an AI. For some odd reason doesn’t seem to apply to this monsterous AI, and the attack buttonâ€Go†vanished from within sight shortly after tampering with any other optional keys of any sort. Not sure if this has been brought to your attention during the past. Was just informing Incase it hasn’t been mentioned. It’s been awhile since I’ve reported anything so excuse me if this isn’t covered benethe the correction topics situation/or at hand
  2. I’ll be selling and giving away free reps in a two weeks period
  3. Hi, it’s been awhile not sure if either of you are still interested in purchasing rep points still. But, I could sell you both reps.
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