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  1. I don't really know where to post this without looking like a jerk who high jacked someone's thread: Please hold up on any references to the Lune clan. I shall discuss things with Blaze via PM.
  2. "summon's dimension" Time flows differently.
  3. Related to our unfinished mission: Call of Kyu'thulhu Summary: Yukari, Kiyoshi and Tsubasa are in a remote, uncharted island off the coast of Silence. They encountered 'Ancients' which were even larger than Yukari's summon Kyu'thulhu. Proposed Plot: Yukari, Kiyoshi and Tsubasa were taken away by the Ancients... or the Ancients ran away from them and the three followed the terrified beings to godknowswhere. lionsbrew has agreed to this, Evelis will be given the link to this thread. I can't speak for the other two RPCs regarding what happened to them but the following will happen to Yukari: - Nekokaburi, Yukari's doll, will be left behind. It will remain 'alive' through the time skip indicating that the summoner is still alive somewhere. The doll will continue to serve the Ikeda Clan and its descendants since the doll is kept alive by the Clawed Seal, symbol of the Ikeda. The Clawed Seal keeps the doll and the summoner connected. - Yukari will never return as an RPC but she may be used by the staff for events. She can be good or evil or just dense as usual, whichever they prefer.
  4. New. Can just put in the village backgrounds that they were built by people from so-and-so old villages.
  5. If they're double posts, they could have been merged. But if anything odd happens, shoot me a PM and I'll look into it.
  6. Anything specific that you can remember? Like, after whom did you post or the page number, so I can check.
  7. Too much "flavor text". If the Ten Commandments were written like that, it'd look like:
  8. The problem started not just from the recent resets/changes/nerfs. It started when the staff, instead of dealing with some specific people who were being problematic, chose to dish out a bunch of half-baked rules. It was a good idea from their point of view, but then the reaction was that... if there were rules, there would be loopholes. And the same problematic people eventually just made it their hobby to find loopholes. And then the staff would just make new half-baked rules to patch the loopholes. But of course, the hole-ladden iron pot was never completely reforged- just patched up with some spit and gum. The pressure just made new holes in the areas where the iron was weak. All I can say is the one thing I've been saying all those years back and time and time again. Grow some balls and nuke the trolls.
  9. Both of these: I had to create some custom jutsu because there was nothing in the globals for what I wanted, but basically I didn't mind putting such things up in globals if allowed. But it wasn't allowed. We had to wait for jutsu contests that didn't have winners anyway. And a clan limit like that would actually be more RPG-like. Abilities unlock as the guild increases in level; in this case, as the clan increases in number of active participants.
  10. Yes. Any officially designated NPCer can use Yukari or Raiyu as NPC for teaching the younger generation.
  11. Danger is real. Fear is a choice. Also, bacon. Bacon is very real.
  12. I took shelter in a house of bacon. All is well.
  13. Upon its perch which was Nekokaburi's head, Kyu'thulhu almost fell backwards when Yukari's captive spoke. From a third person perspective, the resemblance between the captive and Kyu'thulhu was obvious; however, from the summon's point of view, the big thingy looked not much like her self. Therefore, the R'lheyian speech surprised her! " Uwaa~ I'm not a cat! " Kyu'thulhu replied in the Ancients' language. Her voice was rather cute and childish in their language, but to non-Ancients it sounded like a horrible sound coming from the depths of some ghastly abyss. " And I can't get you out of there, " Kyu'thulhu continued to speak in R'lheyian much to the discomfort of Yukari's other summons (as Yukari herself didn't care much about the horrible language), " But maybe I can tell these four-limbed ones to let you go. " The summon then scuttled up to Yukari, jumped on her face and settled on the top of the woman's head. " Dis thingy speek same speek, " the little Ancient said in R'lheyian-accented Common, " Dis thingy just wants go home please. " Yukari was thoughtful for a moment and seemed to be waiting for Kiyoshi and Tsubasa's opinion. At least it seemed that way... though all she was really thinking about was tuna. They had not seen any tuna in the sea!
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