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  1. She wants to fight. I don't... I can't... how am I supposed to keep up with a chuunin? And what if I just get left looking like a fool. No... no, I couldn't. I don't want to seem weak in front of Shin. Bah... Li's mind was a spin as he heard the offer. The chuunin wanted to fight. To test his skill, and Li knew where that would end. He had no offensive attacks, no skill with true battle. Li was a chump when it came to fighting head to head. He would never keep up with his peers. He was below average at nearly every thing. His only strength was herbs, and that was hardly an offensive skill. What was he supposed to do, throw flowers at his attacker? Li recognized, somewhere in the depths of his mind, that he needed to fight. To become stronger, and hone his skills. Sure, he may never equal his peers. He may never be the king of shinobi. But to proceed... he had to train. This challenge, though... it was more than just that. Training was one thing, but Li was unconfident, and he had finally met someone he was fond of. It would have been even worse if Jon had still been there, but thankfully he had left. Could Li turn down such an offer and retain his dignity? He didn't think so. But he knew how he would look if he fought. He knew well and good he would not willingly fight unless the circumstances were dire, and his friends were on the line. He had few enough as it was. His one defining drive was a desire to defend them, even if he knew it was pointless. But this? This was certainly not that situation. "I... would prefer not." Li's voice betrayed his fear. He did not want to face so powerful an opponent in battle, not here. And he did not wish to embarrass himself. He was afraid for his pride, and that was the emotion his voice betrayed most of all. Was it shallow? Of course. But Li is just a child, and children do not think rationally a great deal of the time. Pride still meant something to Li, and he was trying to salvage it, and he was failing.
  2. Li was adept at many things, but the swift action with the smoke bomb caught him unawares. Jon had tossed it under the table, and Umi had stomped it just right to prevent it from working, then tossed it up into her hand. By the time Li had processed all that had happened, Umi was already responding to his questions. This was a skilled chuunin he was sitting before, and Li was all the more happy that she was a chuunin teacher, rather than someone out to kill him. It was in this moment that Li realized all over again just how far he had to go in his training. Umi's choice of field of study left Li a little surprised. She was quite skilled for someone focusing on archaeology, and she just didn't seem the type to sit in a dusty ruin with gloves on, brushing away dust from an ancient jar or bone. Li had a newfound respect for the woman in this regard - she was skilled, but she also held interests aside from simply killing and mastering her jutsu. After she had described her classes, she went on to ask Li about his time at the academy. Li wasn't quite sure how to respond. He certainly couldn't respond sincerely. "It has been... just fine, thank you. Classes are fun and interesting, and I feel like I belong here." Shin was still sitting across from him, and Li decided to follow her lead and keep his thoughts as private as possible. The truth wasn't quite so bright and shiny, but this was where Li had come in his life, and he had done so by choice. There was no looking back, and there could be no doubts about his abilities. Li would simply have to press onwards. But Li had another question to change the subject, and divert the focus back to this chuunin teacher who had deigned to sit with the students at the lunch table. "I don't suppose you'll be teaching another class soon, would you?"
  3. Li had finished his story, and had gotten a surprising response from both people. Jon seemed genuinely to have enjoyed the tale, and Shin seemed to think it odd and perhaps was unhappy with how Li told it. Regardless, Li found himself in a different situation, for no sooner had both people responded than a new person entered the group. She was taller than those present by a good bit, and seemed to be one of the chuunin teachers at the school. That put Li on edge. Why had she joined them? The answer, it turned out, was quite simple - she knew Shin. Which was fine with Li. Another Sati shinobi, and now the ranks were even, with two Sati and two Konoki at the table. Li wondered for a moment if this new woman, Umi, would be able to understand Konoki. Every higher rank shinobi needed to be fluent in more than one language. Still, Li was happy to meet her, and decided to say as much in response. If she had heard any of his tale, she didn't seem to care or take note of it. At the very least, not yet. "Pleased to meet you, Umi-san. So you are Shin's cousin... might I ask what you teach here at the academy?" Li was just curious. He figured taking a class under her might not be a bad idea if she was a relative of Shin's. That would also mean she was a relative to the Kage of Sato, which meant getting to know her might be beneficial. So of course, Li would try his best to be polite and subordinate to her whenever he had an interaction with her. Of course, Jon didn't seem like the polite, subordinate type... which made Li a little worried.
  4. Li was barely able to hide his enjoyment. Legends entranced him every bit as much as the flowers they were about. He gave them no true merit or faith, but he enjoyed the concepts held within the legends and valued them as life lessons. The same held true for the legend of Higanbana, the flower from the devil's garden. And now, he got to share the story with his peers, over some mediocre cafeteria food. "Long ago, there was a soldier, alone in the world, with no one there beside him. One day, he saw a beautiful lady passing through the gate he was set to guard. He thought to himself that he wanted to meet her, and when he did, the two became quick lovers. But it was not to be. She was promised to a powerful man from another country. And the soldier had nothing to offer her family that could compete with such a powerful family's favor. He was approached that evening by a man cloaked and hooded, who offered him a single flower. This flower was unlike any he had ever seen. The man promised that, if presented with this flower, the woman would keep the man near her at all times. The soldier perked up at the prospect, and asked what the price was for such a flower. The man simply promised to collect the favor later, and left the flower on the soldier's nightstand. The very next day, the soldier went to take the flower to the woman he loved. But as he reached for the flower, he found it had withered overnight. Forlorn and desperate, he took the flower with him to the woman's house. Every step he grew weaker from grief and sadness, but as he walked, the flower seemed to come back to life. He felt hope spring anew from his soul, but his body grew ever weaker. As he reached the house, he could no longer move easily. He tried to knock, but found he could barely hold himself up. It was then that the robed man reappeared, and placed a hand on the soldier's shoulder. The time had come for the favor to be repaid. In an instant, the soldier felt himself fading away, his body being sacrificed to feed the flower. He and the flower had become one and the same. The robed man gave the flower to the beautiful woman, who was elated to hear that it came from her beloved soldier. But the two could never be, for no one ever found the soldier, and the woman ended up with the detestable husband from that other family. The soldier, now trapped within the red spider lily, could do nothing but watch from his beloved's side as she spent out her days in sadness. The flower never died while she lived. When she passed away, the lily was buried beside her. And from that one lily, countless others grew around the grave site. From this one lily, the red spider lily cam einto the world That is why, to this day, many plant this lily around their graves, to remember their loved ones and mourn their inability to be with them or help them." Li finally stopped, and took a moment. It was not the happiest story, but most of the legends surrounding this flower weren't. And there were many variations on the same legend. This had simply been one of them. "So... what did you think of the story?"
  5. Jon's answer surprised Li, to say the least. Jon looked like someone that belonged in the ranks of ninja, not in a construction yard. Yet as he looked now, Li could see signs of a hard life, filled with manual labor and rough work. Jon's hands had callouses where he had carried wood and held a hammer. The boy was likely very strong and capable. Li wondered just what type of fighting Jon would take after. "Well now you build a new legacy, rather than a new house." It was all the more Li could think to say in response to Jon's answer. He wanted to hear more about Jon, but at the same time he was still very interested in hearing more of Shin's past as well. Her answer was much more reserved, stopping simply at her desire to serve the realm. Li didn't doubt for a single moment that there was much more to that story than she was telling, but her feelings were her own. Li wasn't about to pry into the personal reasoning of a girl he had just met. When she asked about the red spider lily, Li's face shifted. Before he seemed interested. Now it seemed as though a light went on in his eyes, a flicker of recognition that grew into a flame. Li knew the flower; flowers were his favorite specialty. Plants in general interested him, but if Li could be an expert on one type of plant above all others, it was the flowers. The flower shop he worked in back in Konoki even sold red spider lilies. "I know that flower. It has a lot of different names, though, and just as many legends surrounding it. Red spider lily, because of its red spider-leg leaves, and hurricane lily, because it looks as though those leaves were scattered by the wind. It has some other, darker names. Higanbana, or hellflower. The flower of the dead, as well." Li knew, somewhere in the back of his mind, that he was going too far with his explanation. He didn't care. He liked flowers, a fact that had earned him no small amount of jeering at the academy. But it was this fascination that had gotten him admitted in the first place, and his knowledge had only grown since he began his studies here. This was his passion, and odd though it may be, it was what ignited his soul. "If you'd like, I could tell you one of the stories..."
  6. Li found the food less than satisfactory. On the way down, Jon and Shin began discussing Sato, and the shinobi there. Shin seemed oddly warm and then later standoffish. Li didn't quite understand why. Jon seemed fairly stable in personality, though. Outgoing and overbearing to a fault, traits that Li found himself both envying and disliking at the same time. I doubt I could take either of these people. The thought struck him out of the blue. He was a ninja. Or rather, a ninja in training. But Li had never had the occasion to fight with anybody. He knew form and he felt like he could take a few hits. But the fact was, Li had only trained in a controlled setting. The likelihood of him beating Jon or Shin was slim. It bothered him, to a degree. "Itadakimasu." The word came out in Konoi naturally, without him meaning to. Both his companions would likely know what it meant, of course, but that was not his concern. He wanted to get to know them both a little better. Jon seemed likeable enough under the exterior of his appearance. And Shin... well, she was enchanting to say the least, if a bit mysterious and unknowable. "So... why are the two of you here at the academy? What makes you want to become ninja? I came because I wanted to perfect my skill at medicine and herbs..." Li didn't want to ramble on. It wasn't in his nature to discuss himself to great length. The awkwardness of using common also impeded his ability to carry on a conversation, but Li was giving it a shot. These were both going to be ninja someday. Jon was from his own village, and Li might even be required to work beside him at some point. And Shin was member of a prestigious family. It seemed logical to get to know the both of them to some small degree. And Li could use some familiar faces in the academy. He had remained largely unknown during his stay, and he was rather tired of it.
  7. As he was introducing himself, the girl gave her name as well. Sumiyori... the name rang familiar in his mind. The nation of Sato popped into his mind. A moment longer, and Li's memory sparked to life, recalling the books he had poured over in years past. Sumiyori was the name of the clan in charge of Sato. This girl was a member of that prestigious clan from the island nation. And then there was Jon. Li hadn't noticed him, not really. His presence had been noted, in the same manner one might notice another pedestrian on the sidewalk. His presence was known, but never acknowledged. It was only when Jon wheeled about on the stairs that Li even took note of something strange about the boy. He seemed like the kind of guy who would normally drive Li in the other direction - dark and sinister and always plotting trouble. He seemed friendly enough when he came up to the two of them, however, and Li wasn't one to be rude without cause. Li could also detect the slur of the Konoi language on Jon's words. He spoke Konoi, and was thus likely from Konoki as well. That got Li to warm up to him immediately, even though his reservations were still there. Jon had spiteful eyes, something that left Li unnerved. "Nice to meet you, Jon. It seems we are... heading that way right now. Are you from Konoki by any chance?" Li would eventually get the hang of Common. For now, he would suffice to sound formal and stiff when he spoke. Looking back and forth between his two new companions, Li realized he had a little party generated out of his accidental bump into another student. If there were such a thing as fate, it worked in strange ways. Ai was already headed to the cafeteria; all Li had to do was follow.
  8. The irritation faded from her deep red eyes. Li's apology created a different kind of atmosphere. She seemed softer now, gentler, and more kind than she had a moment before. With that dramatic shift, what could Li do but accept. He was hungry, and now he had someone to dine with. I guess there are worse ways to make friends at the academy... and worse friends to be made. She had a gentle way of carrying herself. But... A good first impression had been made on Li. But a thought struck him. He had no clue what her name was, and he had never thought to introduce himself either. Li felt foolish, but then he realized she had made the same oversight. So he decided to find out just who it was he was about to be eating breakfast with... and then where she was from, and what she was doing at the academy. "I would... be happy to join you. My name is Li Zhang. What's yours?" A simple sentence like that came easier to Li. Asking someone's name was one of the first things you learned to do in another language, so he was easily able to rattle off the phrase as though the common tongue were his first language. Still, he was anxious to hear her answer. He found he had an easy time keeping his eyes on hers. In fact, the deep red managed to fixate him, and while he didn't think he looked awkward at all, Li found he had a hard time looking away.
  9. He was on the floor in the next instant. Li was not quite sure what had happened at first. He had been walking, and then suddenly he was no longer on both his feet. What became keenly apparent first was the dull throbbing that had crept its way into his butt a few moments after he landed on it. The awareness of what had just happened came after. "Hey! Sorry! I didn't look where I was going, and ran into you. Sorry, sorry! Are you al- oh." Li started prattling off in Konoi, forgetting for a moment that he was in Konoki no longer, and few of his fellow students understood the language. He had been forced to learn the Common tongue before, but his work and his entire childhood had rarely seen its use. Thus the common tongue came slow and uneasy to Li's lips. He had to try, unless this girl he had run into understood Konoi. This girl that he had run into. Li's mind went firstly back to the flower pinned to his chest. She had a kind of ethereal beauty about her, a lightness to her step that betrayed a much more focused childhood. Li had seen many with that way of carrying themselves, students who had known since the start that they were destined to be shinobi. But this girl? She was beautiful. "Ah... I am... sorry for running into you. Are you... are you hurt?" The words came slowly and uneasily out of Li. He really did not like using the common merchant's language, even though he understood its usefulness. The concern and remorse for knocking over such a beautiful flower were still clear in his voice, however. As Li scrambled to his feet, he extended a hand to help the girl up, if she wanted it. Her disdain was clearly written on her face, however, and Li found that despite her beauty that this girl was also quite cold. Still remorseful, Li decided he would try to make amends if she would allow him. And aside from all the pretense... Li might have wanted to get to know the girl with the eerie red eyes.
  10. I'm certainly fine with you joining as well. The more the merrier!
  11. http://www.theninja-rpg.com/forums/showthread.php?62299-Pay-Attention!-Open I started the thread. Sorry if there isn't enough to go on, I just wanted to leave it fairly open ended. Thank you for roleplaying with me!
  12. The academy. Li had been here for a semester and a half now, and was starting to grasp the basics of ninja life. He was far from skilled, of course, but he was beginning. And like all beginners, he was lacking that bleak outlook that haunted the veterans, those that survived tortures and deaths of friends and suffering of loved ones. Li still found himself in that excited, blissful ignorance. The boy was excited to become a ninja. Of course, he was a far cry from the normal ninja. He had no concept of stealth, and fighting in general never really suited him. In fact, Li could not point his finger to any one time where he had truly fought. Sure, he had thrown the occasional punch, but Li was severely lacking in the whole brawling experience. Instead, it was his unusual skill with herbs and plants that brought him to TSU. The Konoi council seemed to think his obsession would be useful at some point, and so they sent him here to see if he could pass the other standards required of a shinobi. Li didn't mind. If he passed, he'd be a shinobi, and he probably wouldn't even have to fight anybody. He would be the village herbalist, responsible for creating cures and balms and supplying the soldiers and frontline fighters with tonics to boost their fighting ability. Fighting never entered Li's mind, not really. Li intended to simply be a wallflower ninja, never standing out, and never getting killed. It was Li's dream to use his shinobi funding to create the ultimate greenhouse where he could research how different plants interacted, and how their various parts could be combined to form cures. Dreams were a luxury that Li never thought he would have to do without. His hands idly toyed with his seeds pouch, and gradually found their way up to the small daisy pinned to his shirt. Most thought it odd for a boy to wear flowers, but Li loved their look and smell, and loved even more the fact that he probably knew more about the flower he was wearing than anybody else around. Bellis Perennis. Of the Asteraceae family. Literally, the name translates to 'beauty everlasting' in the common tongue. Most people think of this flower as a weed to be cut down. Most probably wouldn't know to use it in a ground down form to remove the poison from an insect bite... and if it's petals are added to tea while it is being mixed, they give it a better flavor. Of course, this has nothing compared to... And in his dream-like state, Li paid no attention to where he was going. Somewhere in the back of his mind, Li knew he was headed to some classroom or another, but his attention was focused away from the physical world around him. And as he rounded a corner, he wasn't paying any attention at all...
  13. I'm new. My character is also new. And I have hopefully joined a class, however, it's been close to a week and I haven't heard back about whether or not I will be allowed in. So in the downtime, I would like to roleplay with someone. I don't particularly care what the topic is or the context or any of that. I just want to take my new character for a test drive. Anyone interested?
  14. Could I be in this class? I just joined and got accepted, and I noticed that classes are required for rank up.
  15. Ha. Well that is a bit embarrassing. It should be fixed now. I also added 3 pills to my sidearms, per Hironidin's suggestion.
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