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  1. Ok I lowered my exploding tags to 5. Thank you, everyone, for your help!
  2. 1. Artemis already said I could join and I sent him a message on friday to say so here but I guess he hasn't been online yet. 2. Deleted the category. 3. I took out the stealth part. 4. I'm going to leave that slot empty for now but thanks for the suggestion. 5. I 'spoiler'ed it. No fries but I'll take a stamp if you can give it ^^ Thank you!
  3. I just took 10m for wire. And the stealth thing for her specialty is supposed to be part of weapon skill. The part where you're good at concealing your weapons. Oh and I changed Reserves to Pool.
  4. ok so I looked through the jutsu guides but I can't decide which one I want for my second slot. Can I leave it for later? I also just have one more question. How much wire can an Academy Student have?
  5. No it's ok. I can see why it was confusing ^^ Now I put my back into the appearance to make it more like the way you did Itami's. For her clothes anyway... I think I can expand the rest if you want me to. I also removed the rest of the optional categories. I'm just confused on the jutsu thing now. What you have there says Academy Students get 2 jutsu but you gave me 3?
  6. oooook I think I confused you. I meant ronin from a social standpoint, and not the Ronin clan like in your sig. I changed the spelling for you. And ok I added those jutsu too. I thought I had to get those in the rp. I'll now see if I can put more in the appearance.
  7. What do you mean 'consent to have the Ronin accept that action'? Which action? And from who? And sorry about the dark story. I wanted to write something interesting and most of that stuff came to me in a dream so I used it. I don't think it copies any canon. She's also not on her own because she joined the rest of the Saizetsu clan. Could you help me with the appearance? I don't know what else to put in. Oh and is 10 shuriken ok? I changed it to that. And what do you mean by my student basic techniques and slots?
  8. Oh thank you ^^ Now I think I fixed the things you said. Artemis already told me I could be in the clan but I sent him another message to ask him to swing by. Does that mean my backgrounf is ok? Someone told me it might not get accepted but they didn't tell me why yet.
  9. Name: Saizetsu, Wystar Age: 11 Gender: Female Height: 150cm; 4'11 Weight: 47kg; 103lbs Appearance: Hair: Long, silver. Skin: Pale. Body: Petite. Eyes: Left eye green, Right eye wearing a black eyepatch. Clothes: Wystar wears a pale green shirt with long sleeves and forest green piping. She keeps it tucked neatly into pants of the same color, but which are made from a thicker material, and shows signs of wear, as well as patches at the knees. Her pants tuck into a pair of brown combat boots that lace from the ankle up. Around her waist is a solid green leather belt with a metal buckle consisting of a red field with a white rectangle at its center. On her hands are two-tone green gloves, a pale color like the rest of her clothing at her fingers, and a more solid green over the rest of her hand. Finally there is her dull gray overcoat with plenty of inside hooks and pockets to store weapons and other items. Rank: Academy Student Village: Konoki Clan/Organization: Saizetsu Language: Konoi (Fluent); Common (Accented) Main/Favored Weapon: Knives and projectiles Side Arms: Corvo (knife) [1] Shuriken [10] Throwing knives [10] Kunai [5] Explosive tags [5] Wire [10m] Element: Raiton Specializations: - Wystar us able to wield small blades with great proficiency and cunning. When fighting with knives, kunai, daggers, etc. her movements become very fluid in close-combat. - Strengths: - Accuracy - Reflexes -Chakra Control Shortcomings: - - Weaknesses: -Chakra Pool -Short peripheral vision/Missing right eye. -Poor Hearing/Sound is slightly distorted passing through EM field (clan weakness) Jutsu: Bunshin no Jutsu [Clone Technique] Henge no Jutsu [Transformation Technique] Kawarimi no Jutsu [body Switch Technique] Sougu: Tsuudan [Tool Manipulation: Piercing Bullet] Background: From the beginning, Wystar's life never belonged to her. Drowning in debt, her rounin father sold her and her mother to the -you don't need to know- clan when she was still very young. At this time, there was a small clan war, and Wystar, her mother, and many others were kept in captivity until they could be used as weapons or shields. One dark day, Wystar and her mother were sent into enemy territory with exploding tags pinned to their clothes. Before the explosives could be set off, the feud was interrupted by a third party. Demons attacked both sides indiscriminately, creating a situation where it was every man for themselves. Wystar escaped, and later found her mother after they'd been split up. Her mother had been possessed, however, and tried to devour her daughter, but it was also in that moment the little girl learned how to kill, using a discarded kunai. Later that year, Wystar was able to locate her father, but deadbeat dad was unwilling to care for a child by himself. He sent her off to seek out the Saizetsu, the family he had not seen since before Wystar was born out of shame for who he had become. Though her journey was a success, Wystar came to the conclusion that she had nothing to offer the clan, so she decided to enlist in the academy where she could further develop the innate abilities of her bloodline. /background Sample Post: Previous RPC Profile: None
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