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  1. I was also waiting for Schyth to, I thought it was in that order but i did see now that Taka is before him x) I hope he will post now, or I could beat him up a little, so he will do it xD
  2. As he stood by the open window and feeling the light breeze in his face, he heard the door open so he turned around and saw that pretty girl, that just had enter the room "I need to now that girls name, before the end of this class", he also noticed that the other guy had lifted his head from his hands to look at the newcomer at the room. As the girl got closer to the trip wire, he thought that she didn't had seen it and that she would walk in it, and maybe he should tell her about it. But he didn't expect her to take a kunai from the chalkboard without touching the wire, he watched her as she crouched down to the wire, then she just was there like mesmerized by the wire. Soon there after another girl came through the door and she went to greet the plan "what kind of maniac to they take in, went trough his head. then she rushed towards the other girl that still starred at the wire just like she new her from before, but as she approached she fell and he saw her face hit the wire, the trap was activated and a net fell on to her. He and the other guy started laugh, but he didn't laugh as much as the other guy did, he almost fell of hes chair. After that incident another guy entered the room not making much noise just had a look around then went to do the test. As soon as he was finished another guy came running inside the room and fell on the girls that struggled with the net, but was quick on his feet again, then he walked over to the guy that had been there sense he walked inside the room. He felt that maybe he should go and take a sit at one of the other chairs, so he went t sit behind the guy who was in the room first (or so he thought). just as he sat down the plant turned in to a man, which he never would have guessed from the start "Well he is a teacher after all" he thought to himself.
  3. Anshiya walked really fast (almost running) hope he wast last to the class, cause he nearly overslept, it had been a really late night, though he had been training to be a strong shinobi. When he arrived at the front door of the academy he stooped for a second to catch his breath "what if i'm late will the teacher punish me or will he be pleased for hearing i was training to late night yesterday?". Then he walked inside still hopping, when he had some other teacher were his class should be held he finally found the door, then he opened the door and walked inside. The first thing he saw was the teachers desk (that was empty) then he turned up to were hes other class mates should sit the only one he saw was Alexander, but he had't noticed him yet, as soon he was inside he the classroom he noticed something sparkled a few inches of the floor in front of the desk, but thought it would be just a dumb ass if he had laid the answers on the desk. So he went to a desk and saw the desk and then saw the paper on the desk in front of him, then he turned the paper to check for the questions. As the questions were done he did what was written on the paper and threw the paper on the chalkboard as Alexander had done just some moments ago, then he went over to the window to breath out and hope he had made it trough the test, and the he walked out and thought it was odd that the teacher wasn't there to check so they didn't cheat, as he went to the bathroom. But before he went back he toke some water, and made it back to the classroom to see if anybody else would come to the class.
  4. Anshiya Ketsuryū want to be signed up for class ^^
  5. Thank you, well i will probably ask you so ^_^
  6. I have edited the char, and wonder if it's okay or should i do something else?
  7. Thank you, for the response well i now has change quiet bit in the background, and some small things in the appearance, so i hope it's okay now ^^ Well thank you i hope i it will be fun here ^^
  8. I know the Sample post is a little bit short but, just want to know what everybody thinks.
  9. Name: Anshiya Ketsuryū Age: 10 Gender: Male Height: 4’5” Weight: 79 lbs Appearance: He is very pretty strong even though you can't notice it (he isn't that muscular), he is very slender. but has white hair that goes to his to the tip of he´s ears and a couple of inches above his head. His eyes are green has started going red, so he has some red spots in his eyes. His clothing is a black robe with a green band that goes over his right shoulder that hold his sword, on his waist he has a black leather belt, were his pouch is on his back where he has his glass balls, skurikens, exploding tags, wire and bells. On his thigh he has his kunai holsteron his feet there are black ninja sandals. Rank: Academy Student Village: Sato Language: Sati fluent- Barely noticeable accented Common Main/Favored Weapon: - 1’ stainless steel sword Side Arms: - Glass ball of Fuel x 5 - Kunai x 8 - Shuriken x 10 - Exploding tags x 5 - Wire x 6 m - Bell x 6 Element: Katon (Fire) Specializations: - Chakra pool Strengths: - Stamina - Chakra control Jutsu: Basics -Kawarimi no Jutsu -Henge no Jutsu -Bunshin no Jutsu E/D - Katon: Moesashi [Flame Release: Embers] - Katon: Osoi Hinawa [Fire Release: Slow Fuse] Background: He has grown up in the typical family, with his father, he didn’t had any siblings so he only had him to play with, inasmuch his mother had fallen under a rare sickness, witch there were no cure, when he was 4 years old. His dad was a retired ninja, he retired when he had his son so he didn’t had to die, during a mission, so now he was a lumberjack. So he trained in the arts of ninjutsu and genutsu, because of that training he is pretty good with chakra control, and has a rather large chakra pool. Inasmuch his dad was a worker in the woods and he had helped his dad in the woods his stamina is pretty good aswell. Tough his father was a rather good ninjutsu user and he didn't want to learn about taijutsu he started looking into genjutsu and started practicing it by himself, and he practiced on squirrels and frogs. He knew that he wanted to be a shinobi sense hes had heard that his dad had been one, and he didn't want to be a lumber jack like his father. His father wasn't that happy that he wanted to be a shinobi, but he wasn't that satisfied to be a lumber jack, and his father had noticed that, so he sad that if he still wanted to be a shinobi when became 10 years old, he could go that way of a career. His father felt that he didn't want his only child die, but didn't had the heart to stop him from his dream to walk in his fathers footsteps. Sample Post: As he was wandering out in the forest just wandering and thinking of what he wanted to do the rest of he day he suddenly felt that he was followed by someone but. But he didn't but that much in mind to it, but the felling just became stronger and stronger, so he then relied in hes speed, to run and hide so he ran to a cliff that he knew very well and hide i a cave that you had to pass through a really narrow tunnel to get in to. On the way he used some wires and bells that he put in the roof of the tunnel to hear if he had been followed. "Now I hope that I'm not followed but in case I am followed I played alot here when i was i kid (even tough I still am a kid) i even dug a tunnel so that i can escape but i will stay here for a while" So he then fell asleep waking up on the noise of a bell sound, so then as quick that he could he climbed up the tunnel that he had made in the roof of the small cave, the entrance above him was very hard to find because, he had made the manage to make the exit, under a huge oak in the rot system. When he climbed up he decided to ran back home because it had become night.
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