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  1. This would be a lot more impressive if the economy were more balanced, our inflation rates weren't so high, and we had a global marketplace for items rather than direct village markets. TL;DR Game economy doesn't even matter
  2. I don't know how i feel about this, there are already too many rowdy children on my lawn... Add Arphee to that list, i cant read or count so i need somone to keep track of how many people i stake my stick angrily at.
  3. God forbid the battle log system provided pertinent information by default rather than hiding it behind two separate drop downs and a gaudy UI. But thats a seperate topic. The issue isnt "you can read X used Y Jutsu and use something else" players shouldn't be forced to hold jutsu or counter-play or hold jutsu in this fashion, its drastically limits what rotations are available in an already VERY limited V rank economy, if someone absorbs X rank you have very limited options, non fed players havce 8 slots total meaning at most you have 4 jutsu jutsu of your primary and sub, if not less depending on whether your bloodline jutu is any decent now and if you have a forbidden thats high enough level to not be a net loss. Long and short of it if someone debuffs my speed and i go into a special i am taking a loss on my damage output, i can make the informed choice that X buffs going into it + tags may be worth the decreased damage despite speed buff, i cannot do this if 100% of that damage will be mitigated, and there are no other jutsu that have the same level of penalty for a "mis play" or "sub optimal" rotation. I know your not stupid Nep, so i'm not going to break down the math like your a child, but the current state of things locks people into specific rotations, i'm sure you already are well aware of this so i don't understand the snark, lack of any critical thought, or commentary of any value outside of a single quip implying laziness. I know your better than that Nep. PS: On behalf of all players who cant read such as myself an Slayze i find your post to be derogatory and grossly offensive, you should probably be banned, and imprisoned like mark meechan,
  4. Suggestion Outline: Change DoT jutsu tags to have a base damage + Delay 1 duration 2 residual effect What would change: DoT jutsu would deal base damage like any other jutsu and have a residual effect, maintaining current values. Looking at dev this will only be an issue for Fire users going forward, but is still an issue all the same, i shouldnt be able to fully mitigate an entire round of damage of a fire user just because i used clear the same time as a DoT (Though it does look like a bit more base could be shaved off of fire as well) How it would change: An effect would be added delay 1 duration 2 for damage on the residual jutsu. Jutsu power would be adjusted to reflect the current tag, and residual tags will be adjusted for new lower base (Unless your able to have a base power jutsu that deals a % As an example: Velocity Force currently has a base of 330 + 22 * 200 = 4730 which then goes .925, .5, .5, (EG 4375.25, 2365, 2365) This base power would be adjusted to 4375.25, Or as close, since growth will be adjusted, and i don't know how you feel about long integers, for example 330 is 6.979674% of VF's total power in the grand scene of things, it may be easier (not better, but) to just adjust bas to make scaling easier given the situational nature of the damage output anyway Eg 375.25 + 20*lvl Residual tags would be set to 2365, 2365 basically .54% residual (Or about above applies here as well) How it benefits us: Improves stability, balance, and fairness of fights. Why it matters: No damaging jutsu should have a counter that produces 0 damage total the round it is used. Using a DOT clear and DOT on the same round, battles are a zero-sum game, every other jutsu type in game has a base damage value, and effects that can be counter-played to mitigate effects, having a system that allows a net loss for base power is extremely broken (Especially considering baseline is what should be being used to determine jutsu balance Problems/concerns involved (if applicable): Game play wise, none, this outcome of DOT Clear vs DOT jutsu will remove subsequent effects of residual and deal base damage the same as every other jutsu in game. On the back-end however it will require somone to make a decision on HOW these new values are determined, assuming there was some form of uniform implementation used to create the current values (and my god do i hope there was) a conversion formula will need to be made, to generate new values Anything else relevant to your specific suggestion (if applicable): It looks like things are going in sort of the right way on Dev in regards to how DoTs are handled, even if some other stuff is wonky and questionable at best, but that's not specifically what this is about, so ill leave it for another time.
  5. Arphee

    Game reset

    You know, i could actually imagine converting something like TNR to a weird steam game, could provide much more anti-cheat measures and provide a more uniform experience to players to disable the kinds of filthy tricks folk like me use like lightweight browsers, disabling excess scrips, modifying hosts files, saving local content, blocking display elements ETC to get an (almost unfair) edge on normal players, who would never take the time to do that kind of autism. Couldn't be done with the current code in play, and would require a lot of resources to implement PBBGs especially like TNR would be a hard medium to translate but it can certainly be done, would work for a potentially new development like the tales of aincrad before it went full defunct, least i think it is. Saru youve been a pretty reliable fan of TNR now, play at a very high level and seem to enjoy aspects of the game, what would you say are TNR's strong suits? Does the flavor of the game matter to you as much as the system structure? EG Muh Ninja's and naruto-like lore, or would you be okay with any flavor so long as its comparable and balanced? For instance with about a year of development time 4 devry university students and about 10K i could probably make a TNR-like game based off another franchise like My Hero Academia from the ground up, but the question is would people /want/ to play it, what actually draws people to TNR, and more importantly what keeps them hooked, for a lot of folk the simple answer is nostalgia, but C3 also saw a lot of new players that never came from past cores...those people, who took the game seriously barring nostalgia, are the important data points to learn how to refine and retain a user-base for this niche.
  6. Arphee

    Game reset

    TL;DR A "Core 4" would literally kill the game and its fan base in its current state, furthermore resources to make enough changes (I refuse to say the word improvement given track record) to justify such release, are nowhere near available. If you do want to see improvement, or make changes to the way things are, always keep the current systems and resources in mind, and don't hold your breath because well... Look at the last one who did.
  7. Username: Arphee (Everyone) Location: Combat (Cfh specifucally) Priority: Medium (High really) Bug's Effects: Its come to my attention during my breif absence people have found yet another game breaking bug during CFH, healing debuff isn't being applied at all or properly allowing people to severly cheese CFH combat scenerios via healing items after having already called for help. Got a DKO instead of a win documenting this, so thanks for that too. Gonna go back to not playing again now, cant play for litirally 10 minutes without running into the kind of Error that i dont like. How the bug happened/how to reproduce: Use any healing item or jutsu during combat after having called for help Pudding, Proof in the, relevant portion in spoilers
  8. Arphee

    Wanted: New Missions

  9. Arphee


    Pana is never wrong, like when he said he changed max call from 2 to 1.5 but actually meant 1.8, you just misunderstood what 1.8 meant to pana, when pana said that stuns are fine he meant pana stuns not tnr stuns, because tnr stuns are currently in effect, but he meant the future upcoming panastuns, which are clone of seal effect- For clarification tho 1= Altered variation fo a seal, disabling user Offense/elemental attack bonuses to their next attack EG gaurenteed 20% or so damage drop. 2= Jutsu disabled, able to use FIST/CHACRA(kek) attack, CFH, healing items, or weapons during the turn, i would assume weapons would be equivelent in damage to baseline for jutsu minus effect tags so as to make sure stuns are never and unconditional win condition as they are now 3= Unavailable to players, functions exactly as in game at present Least thats my interpretation of things.
  10. Theyre supposed to be 2000 and 1000 mind you im the one who made the adjustements to the manual and my tools myself after originally discovering the glitch, which, at the time i didnt document, and which, i decided to make sure i documented this time around knowing the occasion was coming up.
  11. Username: Arphee / Any User Location: Jutsu Priority: Low Bug's Effects: Jutsu are not leveling up when the intended amount of XP/level is gained. How the bug happened/how to reproduce:| Video shows it all.
  12. Username: Arphee (Hyuu also seems to be having a similar issue) Location: D rank missions broken. Priority: Medium Bug's Effects: Only Black Komodo and Battle Arena missions spawn, and when recieveing black komodo mission occasionally doesnt spawn black komodo encounter, in addition, all other D rank missiosn refuse to spawn even after 24 mission attempts over the course of this last week. How the bug happened/how to reproduce: Happens at random to my account, black komodo is supposedto be a 100% insta spawn on recieving the mission, hyuu has only been able to recieve komodo and battle arena missions as well, but as far as i know he hasnt had the komodo not spawn, would be nice to have mission encounter rate / variation fixed back to the way they were.
  13. If there's a partipation award for 30+ kills doesnt that mean people should probably qualify for the award before pinning a medal on them? In any case, this is probably more like what things should be in terms of who did what where and got the whats. Bless Zie's heart, if only he were here running this, prize pots would be 150M and gud raiding would be rewarded T_____T hed have been perfect to run this...
  14. I mean, since it happens inconsistantly with certain people depending on how long they have to enter or how close it was to the end of the round and people having to rush to submit instead of exploiting it. ON A SIDE NOTE Despite pana not disclosing the actual CFH formula, people have reverse engineered it and I should have working CFH calcs up and running soon. 1.8 BB, 1.8 is the magic number, not 1.5, so that should probably be adjusted too- because, you know, contrary to popular belief 1.5 is not 1.8 So if 1.5 is the intended value, CFH is even more broken than i originally thought, and the recent tweak didnt go as intended... Also just going to leave this here and walk away, you know, helping to make TNR a better place and all, could help things a bit in regards to some of the calculation and rounding errors involved in CFH, since the current formula is baaaaad. RSF = Team SF / Enemy Team SF = UT SF / ET SF Max call = ((ET SF * X) - UT SF) * RSF Max call = ((ET SF * X) - UT SF) * (UT SF / ET SF) = (X - (UT SF / ET SF)) * UT SF Max Call = (X - RSF) * UT SF Balls in your court o - o
  15. Username: Arphee / Any user Location: Combat Priority: HIGH Bug's Effects: CFH Rsf being miscalculated depending on order of submitted actions, as you can see SF is calculation properly the first tiem as evident in teh different SF's depending on jutsu used against me and damage taken in the screenshots, but then break, dependant on order of action submission of the CFH'd parties Video proof Screen Example 1 Screen Example 2 How the bug happened/how to reproduce: Cant CFH and have no acess to dev server to test, i would assume its caused by holding your action until after your CFH partner has submitted their action, all i know is its severely broken. Ive been against the idea from the start but cfh may need to be disabled, this, combined with the CFH pvp bug, and the CFH DKO bug that prevents people from getting losses, and its massive wide spread abuse by everyone is making things get out of hand, its like the snowman all over again, except worse because your feeding kills to two party, feeding jutsu xp to both parties, and people arent even getting losses for it. Would be nice if things could be looked at or adressed ASAP given the severity of the issues, and circumstances surrounding them with the current ongoing contest.
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