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  1. Weyog watched on as Artemis punched his way into the manor, and expected an immediate surge of hostility. He was again put off of his expectations to find that the area inside the compound had experienced similar damages to the rest of the village. It must have been some sort of vaguely possible coincidence that the walls of the compound were undamaged, but things on both sides of them were burned. Upon entering the manor itself, he began wondering just where the man who spoke could be hiding, and more importantly why he would bother when there was clearly nothing left for them in or around the village. It seemed they could easily stop here and simply report that there was nothing to deliver the supplies to. And while that would leave the perpetrators at large, it would hardly be their job to care unless someone was alive to pay for Konoki's services. Nonetheless, he wouldn't give up on the mission unless Artemis did, and that didn't seem likely. Creeping slowly and quietly through the area, Weyog scouts the various doors, looking through any cracks if possible and keeping an eye out for traps or tripwires. He was firmly under the impression that he would see the tenants before they saw him, or at least get a better idea of what lay on the other side of a few doors. Of course, if they were all airtight, he could report that to Artemis too. Slow and cautious was the order of the day.
  2. Weyog stops moving entirely at the moment of the voice ringing throughout the dilapidated village. while it was obvious that the destruction of the front gate was not secretive or quiet, the speech seemed to indicate that not only were they expected, but that more than one was noticed. He couldn't help but notice that they had been welcomed in plural, and likely in a wicked sort of sarcasm, as few people calmly invite those who blast their way into places with explosives. At the sounds of some vicious beast or something and screams of agony, Weyog gets a vague sense of hope. An organization with its own symbol would be unlikely to feed its own members to a beast, so some of the villagers might have been kidnapped alive, even if only to serve as food. The genin holds his position only for a moment longer before continuing his approach to the compound, which, much to his further chagrin, had its walls lit aflame. Given the ferocity with which they were burning, he figured that either they had some sort of protection against it, or it was a desperation tactic. Lighting your own fortress on fire usually doesn't go very well. Regardless, this would conveniently prevent The Komodo from climbing the walls again. Almost like they knew he did it the first time. He does notice however, in a sort of mixed blessing, that the walls being aflame prevented them from having any sentries stationed upon it. Despite getting a feeling in his stomach that carrying on such a mission with only a couple of shinobi would be a horrible idea, he quietly rallies up with Saizetsu at the front gate. They were surely expected to go here, since it was pretty much the only place to go. He stands a few yards to the side against the wall, so that if and when the gate was opened he could not yet be seen.
  3. Weyog mentally confirms what he sees as he peeks over the outer wall. The caravan's purpose was almost certainly compromised by the destruction here. The only intact building looked fortified, and it was likely the home of the perpetrators of the attacks, rather than some group of well-to-do survivors. Had it not been for the blood-written symbols upon the sign and gate, he might have expected volcanic activity to be the cause of the devastation. Before he could continue contemplating on cause and effect, he hears the roaring. It was not likely a human sound, but he'd wait before jumping to conclusions on this one. He begins to return to the caravan to inform Fenrir and Kahl of the futility of a trade effort with scorched earth, however Artemis' speed had beaten him to it and he simply sees a nod in his direction. He nods back to confirm and jumps back onto the wall. Climbing the wall as rapidly as he can without making noise, he slips up the exterior, and then back down inside. Taking care not to step on any apparent sinkholes or crevasses, he quietly works his way toward the compound, sticking to the shadows of ruined buildings wherever possible. It was likely at his rate of travel that Artemis would reach it first, but he wanted to remain unseen until intervention was required. As far as he was concerned, this was still a reconnaissance mission. He keeps his ears and eyes alert for any survivors as he makes his way in.
  4. Weyog was mildly surprised by the speed with which Artemis had leapt in front of him and met his stare with a bit of apprehension. But when his gaze flicked over toward the side of the gate, he understood that the time for decisive action had come and he simply didn't want to speak so that they might maintain the element of surprise. He takes his place at the other side of the gate, expecting Artemis to signal him further or open it. His expectations were proven incorrect as an explosive tag is applied to the gate. Noting to himself that this was not at all stealthy, he concludes that his partner must have been drawing attention on purpose. Someone that moved that quickly surely couldn't be so inexperienced as to blow his cover unintentionally. Taking advantage of the attention that would surely be drawn to the shattered gate, he circles around the wall quietly. After moving a fair distance around the wall, he checks once again that his tekagi shuko are firmly equipped before latching them into the wall and scaling his way upward. Once at the top, he peeks over to try and get a view of the interior. He would decide his further actions depending on whether or not he could climb back down the other side without being seen.
  5. Weyog kicks a pebble every now and again as he trudges on until he reaches the juncture and hears of the attacked village and the symbol. Observing it as Artemis scrapes a bit off with his gauntlet, Weyog thinks about the shape of the symbol. While he could not immediately recognize it as the symbol of any organization or group that he was aware of, the warning was obvious. He wished that the previously attacked village had been mentioned earlier. Not that it would have changed their specific course of action. There weren't any better paths to the destination that he was aware of, so avoiding it would do no good. Almost at their destination without incident, he increases his wariness. If those responsible for the arson and murders was marking their territory, they were about to walk right into the hostiles. There was no better time to be cautious. He checks the firmness of his tekagi shuko. Chances were good that before this mission was over, he'd be striking and clawing at people with them. He wasn't sure how that made him feel, given that this was his first mission where someone was likely to be killed. Having taken the role of a ninja, it wasn't like he didn't expect it.
  6. Weyog nodded to Artemis. He might have been a little iffy on being told what to do in a different situation, but Artemis certainly seemed like he knew what he was doing. Without saying another word, Weyog takes a place near the front of the 'caravan', if it could so be called. He keeps his eyes on a swivel, looking all over to the front and flanks of the pathway. Mid-afternoon wasn't too far away, and he was well rested. While he certainly had no direct hope that trouble would strike, he would prefer that trouble did before bad weather could. The Komodo processes the information he recieved quietly. He understood most of the man's intel, but his common was still a bit iffy. He gathered that they were in contact with the village before, but not recently. Killings and arson were reported in that time as well. It sounded much like the work of bandits, skilled enough to get rid of witnesses and evidence, but not smart enough to forge responses to replace those they removed. Jumping to conclusions was dangerous of course, so for the time being the weather and the topography were of far greater importance. So far so good.
  7. Weyog raised an eyebrow at the extreme volume of the man's speech from within the walls. While he couldn't see him yet, he got the acute sense that this mission was going to be as annoying as it was difficult. To make matters worse, the wind coming in from the north didn't seem particularly warm, and the cool weather made him feel a little more sluggish. A glance at the sky in the direction from which the wind originated made it appear as though inclement weather was on its way. He sighed a little, irked that the caravan couldn't have picked a day with a clearer sun to make its dangerous voyage. He was a little bolstered when Artemis took an apparently firm stance against yelling. If anything good was to come of this, it could be found in a good partner for the mission. Maybe he'd learn a thing or two after all. When Artemis introduces him, he smiles at the rotund ringleader, making sure to flash his fangs quite overtly.He then pushed himself free of the wall and approached the caravan. Speaking in the clearest common he could muster, but still suffering a thick Konoi accent and a lisp, he says ''We will make sssure bad guysss don't break your ssssstuff. Can you tell ussss more about when bad guysss broke other guysss' ssssstuff?'' Rudimentary common was better than no common, he supposed. Weyog holds his cloak to himself, obscuring his shiny bodysuit from view for the time being. The cloak would be instrumental to his comfort if it rained.
  8. Weyog approaches the gate, roughly five minutes before the appointed time of departure. It was good to be early, he reasoned, but he still didn't want to end up bored and waiting for things to happen. Noting the napping figure of Artemis, he clears his throat overtly, to rouse him should he have otherwise slept through the deadline. He didn't think that would really be an issue, since the man seemed competent enough. The Komodo was still looking forward to seeing him in action, and maybe impressing him a little with his own actions. He checks the position of the sun, using it as a fairly accurate measure of time. He scoffed a little inwardly at the caravaneer's lack of promptness. Of course, no issues were ever reported regarding exiting the village. Weyog Smunsou leans against the outer wall of the city near the gate to wait the last several minutes until the caravan should be passing through.
  9. The Komodo perceives that as a fairly disappointing answer. He didn't even know Artemis' rank yet. And just as fast as they had met, Artemis had vanished in a flash. Everything was happening at such a fast pace for how sluggish he felt. Shrugging to nobody in particular, he stretches out. At least he had a meeting location for starting the mission. Previously, he wasn't even sure how to start. He flips the tekagi shuko on his right hand so the hook are on the palm side again and checks for a firm hold before carefully climbing back out of the tree. As he strolls in the direction of the gate, he mentally steels himself for a difficult bit of work. -exit-
  10. More reliable intelligence about a task would have been nice, but as long as providing what he already helped could assist in planning a course of action, he was glad to provide it. He responds somewhat at length, as he cannot think of a good way to flippantly summarize everything. He talks a little slowly, feeling sluggish in the shade. ''I am fairly ssstrong and fairly fassst, I ssspecialize in taijutsu, and I have a venomousss bite. It'sss not deadly on itsss own, but if I bite someone, they are disssadvantaged. On the negetive ssside, I am a fairly fresh genin. I do not have a sssensssei, ssso I make little progresss learning. Jussst training alone.'' Brutal honesty appears to be a forte of the Komodo's. Before any response could come however, he reciprocates the question. ''What are your capabilitiess? Not that I really need to know if you'd be the one coming up with our planss, but I'm a bit curioussss. Maybe I'll have ussseful input.''
  11. Weyog raises an eyebrow. It seemed awfully coincidental that they both had a vested interest in the same mission. Not necessarily indicative of something planned, but still quite a coincidence. It made him wonder how many others may be privy to the mission. Perhaps the mission request is posted somewhere. The question was valid. Especially if they would be cooperating on the mission itself. He answered "No, I did not read it myssself. I have heard a good bit by lissstening to others. I gather that messsagess meant for the area in question either never arrive, or never return anything that we would know they arrived. A caravan needss an essscort. That'sss where we come in. I asssume that in addition to the essscort, we need to figure out why they went dark."
  12. The Komodo needed a moment to arrange his words before speaking, somewhat awed at the apparent power of the gauntlets. He had not witnessed such free-flowing raiton before, and it was quite impressive indeed. He half wished he had something equally impressive to display, but he'd have to remain passive for now. Until he knew what Artemis could do, he certainly didn't want to get into any sort of contest with him. He picks up the pace of his speech to avoid lingering too long on words his lisp would make difficult. Also, he had quite a mouthful to say. ''I sssee. I wass a little tired, and thisss ssseemed like a good location to ressst. Almossst perfect, in fact. I have been hearing about difficulty along a supply route and I mean to help, but that meanss I will be doing lesss training ssso I can be ready for anything that happenss.''
  13. Weyog certainly could not have expected to meet people this way. And he expects never to have it occur again, for safety reasons. But at least this time, it seemed fortuitous. Artemis was willing to be friends based on sheer happenstance, and it was not something worth second-guessing. Without hesitation, he replies "Friends it is then." Noting the well known gesture for a handshake, he extends his hand. Seeing as Artemis left his gauntlet on, he likewise leaves his tekagi shuko equipped. He does however unfasten a strap and flip the hooked side to the back of his hand, to avoid a painfully loud scraping. His grip is firm, but not overly strong. He hastily adds the statement "You can call me by my nickname, Komodo, if you like. It helpssss with my lisssp to use lesss Sss's, when I can."
  14. Weyog stifles the appearance of being startled as best he can, face to face with the man he had seen on the bench, who was now standing sideways on the tree trunk. The reptilian color of his eyes might make their wideness seem less due to fear and give the impression of keenness. Or at least he hoped so. He jumped a little at the tree being struck, but otherwise remained flatly inexpressive until it was his turn to speak. He certainly had a good bit to answer. He does take a moment to formulate his response. as he thinks demonstrating his point would make it stronger. His common carries a thick Konoi accent, not at all helped by his lisp. "I can talk very sssssmall Common. Sssssmall things like direction, namesssss, and how to asssssk what the word for thingsssss are." He switches quite easily to Konoi without missing a beat. "My name is Weyog. Weyog Ssssmunssssou. But what is sssspecial about this sssspot?"
  15. Weyog was alarmed, to say the least. While he was still quite tired, something was going on. First, the sound of wood being smashed. He looks about for the moment before Artemis' words hit his ears. ''Who threw a bandaid on my face?'' Weyog thought for a moment on what had been said. Being a little rusty with the common language, he gathered the basic meaning. Who...threw..bandaid. The words caused a bit of subconscious dread, if for no other reason than his previously relaxed state. The immediate and instinctual response was that his hand slapped the pocket on his cloak. Feeling around in it revealed that he was one short. Mildly disappointed, he decides to speak up. If they smashed a bench on the ground, and then spoke from in the tree, it wouldn't do to be on their bad side, whoever they were. The man was fast, strong, and judging by the transition, quiet. He inwardly hopes they speak Konoi, and says: "I didn't throw it. It fell out of my pocket. Ssssssorry."
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