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    My real name's Amanda. I'm kinda shy and not very social unless I know the people...
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  1. I felt nostalgic and came back to TNR/TNF
  2. Thank you for your comment on my hat ^_^ I like making hats. That one took me a few hours. It's pretty simple on a Knifty Knitter, but I also knit traditionally.
  3. I'm really excited Maybe now I won't die easily. XD
  4. GracefulSwann


    I saw it too. OMG... I was wondering how long it would take since that white page popped up...with all those hyperlinks...
  5. So, for Christmas I was given a Bamboo tablet from "Santa". I hugged it tightly and set off to my room (after a few days of playing Animal Crossing: Wild World) to play with it. After about 2 weeks, this is what I came up with: They are in order of drawing order. All took about a half an hour - an hour on Photoshop CS2. If anyone would like eyes, I'll draw em~! I also do chibi art...not as good. Btw, I can't draw people. Don't ask me to draw people.
  6. I thought I already tried going through that explanation...x.x;
  7. I may tweak the sample post, but that's 5-min worth of typing o.o; Oh, and I made my avi so it looks like her. I based my RPC off of Rider from Fate Stay Night and myself in real life. Just a lil fun fact.
  8. I'm having writer's block on the sample post...can someone give me a topic?
  9. I feel really bad for snapping now o.o Sorry ^^; I don't know what to make those missing qualities, though.
  10. Someone told me not to fill up my jutsus at the moment... -head/desk- Stupid weaknesses and strengths.... Quick thinker...Don't read too much into it. She thinks quickly. Period. Her body is thin. Big people can squeeze her and hurt her. I used the word nimble before and got questions, so I put it in definition form "quick and light in motion". Seems self-explanatory to me. Does it really matter how my weaknesses affect me, or must I provide lengthy paragraphs about each? Sorry for the snippy attitude. I'm just mad at Verizon and this RPC seems more trouble than she's worth o.o;
  11. True, she is a strategist. Brains over brawn. x3 I may make her fast instead of slow... it sounds better.
  12. Woops, I'm sorry lol I'll message about the app if I have anything to ask lol
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