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  1. Sisi_Chan

    Stat Thread

    your discussions should be in the jutsu thread ..just saying o_o
  2. i play TNR not TNF D: but would be awesome to have his drawing be nindo'ed o3o
  3. v_v i dont have much detail..but would be awesome for a drawing.. but here Name: Sisi 5'9" Tall Not skinny not fat..average Asian Light Brown skin Wears Jeans, Knee below Boots,Sleeveless Red Shirt, Pony tailed hair D: thats all..xD told yah not much info
  4. http://www.theninja-rpg.com/forums/showthread.php?38337-Read-First-Moved-Suggestions-Stuff-In-Planning its already there Mirror Arena Idy Edit: Stealing this post to say I am closing!~
  5. uhmm..its a waste of time to code...and like i said use reps and buy temp. regen to make training faster..and make yourself uber instead of paying reps to control someone else account. " Also if the person owning the account comes back he gets his acc back and you get a refund." refund? so whats the purpose of paying and using his account if you get a refund..its like making account sharing legal.. and also..this will not make TNr active..it will destroy it more..
  6. completely unbalance and useless o.o and it wont make TNR active Buy yourself reps and make yourself uber..instead of paying reps to control someone uber
  7. Sisi_Chan

    New Village

    It was called Horizon..and it doesnt exist anymore..xD lol
  8. Uhmm.. this is core 2.5 o.o accept whats new and quit whining about the past core being better o.o im not from core 1 but i know some other people talking how cool it was but its the past..accept and move on..if you cant..quit..^^
  9. Suggestion: Custom Jutsu / Bloodlines. reason: Unbalanced, content related, waste of server space. This has been rejected..you should read before suggesting o.o http://www.theninja-rpg.com/forums/showthread.php?17053-READ-BEFORE-YOU-POST!!!-Rejected-Suggestions
  10. TM should also make/reupload the Generals Calculator D: would be awesome and alot of help
  11. Its all about timing..and Internet Speed is a huge factor also
  12. or maybe a Inbox Storage system...? its like a notepad but its in TNR...you can click a message that you want to store for a while and delete in someday. It will be seperated from the unimportant messages...so the important messages are organized in one section
  13. The inbox has a create new message,clear entire inbox,reply,and delete message options.. I was just wanna suggest instead of deleting a message one by one or clearing it all, why not create a Tick box per message ( well similar to yahoo email inbox) you can tick the message you wanted to delete and just with one click all unwanted message will be gone and the important one remains...without wasting alot of time.. P.S. I tried multiple clicking the delete message ( for example you scroll click the message so the delete message opens in another tab and you do it to all the messages you wanted to delete so alot of tabs will open in the browser) but what happens is it also deletes some message you didnt want to delete..
  14. Sisi_Chan

    Naruto 599

    sorry identity revealed
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