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  1. ah grunge brushes is what they called huh? ok thanks, guess i'll look for some, i watched a youtube video when somebody made an fiery looking avy using red and yellow with this funny looking brush. i assume it was a grunge then.
  2. not the best work but i did some practice with animation and heres what i produced for 2 friends
  3. hey i recently starting practicing with gimp because i want to become good with avy making. Here are some of the avys i made myself but as u can see all my backgrounds are so plain and boring :frown: can somebody explain here or give me a tutorial, video or something to help me make more interesting backgrounds for avys? like this. i just feel like my avys are too boring, and need some guidance in getting better.
  4. "just throwing it out there"??? dude this is AWESOME!!! i like it alot! the font is rather odd to me but the overall avy itself is cool! thanks Ardaal!!!
  5. Hey would someone feel like making me a fed sized(150x150) avy? I have 2 Madara renders you can choose which one you think you could make look best http://i1044.photobucket.com/albums/b449/daron95/Renders/madara_edo_tensei_render_by_akatsukisasuke1102-d4v32te.png http://i1044.photobucket.com/albums/b449/daron95/Renders/edo_madara_render_by_fireeaglespirit-d4smwgi.png Only text i need on it is the name "Kaname"
  6. Ah ok this background looks nice too ^^ thanks so much!
  7. The size is 100x100 and wow this looks nice! ^^ thank you thank you! i love it, it looks awesome
  8. Hey would someone be as nice as to make me an avy with one of these byakuya renders(whichever one is easeier to use) http://i1044.photobucket.com/albums/b449/daron95/byakuya_render_08.png http://i1044.photobucket.com/albums/b449/daron95/byakuya_render_04.png if someone does make it could they put the name Kaname on there ^_^
  9. hey im willing to pay 1M ryo for a signature banner that i need made. I need it to have 10 cool rich looking characters on there and the words "The Royal Family" somewhere on the banner. If someone can do that for me it would be appreciated and i will pay 1M ryo.
  10. AdalWolf

    Chuunin rank

    or could make a second criteria for attacking, so instead of jounin being able to attack ALL chuunin it could be an exp limit like jounin with x amount of exp or higher can only attack chuunin with x amount of exp or higher.
  11. offer no longer available im quite broke now after being scammed by ShanaBunny =(
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