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  1. Are you traveling alot when you are on the mobile data? if so you might change ip adresses wich will log you out. since your session ID will not match.
  2. Tried it with the newest IE on my alt... seem so te be working fine. Traveling works and training works.
  3. I can move around and combat freely now. moved around the whole map without getting logged out. had a pvp battle without standing still. Looking good.
  4. New news, since i havent seen it before
  5. No this also happens in chrome aswell.. If you travel more then 1 square away from your village you wil get that error msg and you are logged out.
  6. This happens when you try and get info from the database.. my logouttimer is: Automatic Logout: 2 hours, 1 minutes, 15 seconds It should be 2 hours at maximum so i dont think the check that it does with the timers is working correctly. (since you are working on the battle timers bug)
  7. This is prob happening when Terr is fixing things. wich he is prob doing right now.
  8. This is a timer bug that prob has something to do with the battle timer bug.
  9. resolve

    [Low] Rumors bug

    And if you travel into charted area again?
  10. If you want to unsubscribe anyway, you can do that in your paypall. Click on the details of the transaction for fed and cancel the subsciption.
  11. Check the spoilers The x.20 and 25.x are on the map as visual (not uncharted) but it still says. Your Location: 21.20 - Sunrise Canyon (Shine) DANGER! Lots of enemies in this area! Thus those cords are being handled as uncharted area's
  12. This has something to do with the servers being out of sync.. just like the battle bug. Kyo do you have a username since i had this happening to me aswell and it might be the same person (bug abusing)
  13. resolve

    Slow travel

    Then it might have something to do with your mobile data speed. I tested this with: HTC mobile devices with that browser (android) Samsung s3, s4 (android) And iPhone 5 (iOS) Both on mobile data and wifi. I cannot recreate this.
  14. This thread is not for discussing a pvp count reset. We are reporting bugs here. So please stay. On topic here. Create a net thread if you think this is necessary. Thank you
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