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  1. I'm usually with Real Madrid when it comes to the La Liga (because Christiano Ronaldo: Man U, R. Mad.). Messi seriously creeps me tf out.
  2. wakizashi

    Premier League.

    Anyone follow the English Premier League around here or any other football/soccer league? I'm a Manchester United fan (Go Red Devils!) but I doubt they have any chances winning the league this season even with the new manager and the players the team just acquired. So, what club do you support?
  3. You will have a nice time here or I will stab you for eternity. RP section's Alpha release will be coming very soon so keep your fingers crossed.
  4. *covers self with mud* *rolls around new chatties*
  5. Nothing much. Just doing some work I paid for. Ooh. I hope you find someone that can match his abilities. Would be nice to read such an epic fight though.
  6. Wait. Whydayya wanna kill Zack? T.T Edit: Jinzoooo. :3 *tackles*
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