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  1. Enzeru

    End of Naruto

    Just watch they will fuse and become one person.
  2. Enzeru

    End of Naruto

    It's been confirmed that the manga will be ending next month. What are everyone's thoughts on it?
  3. Enzeru

    Naruto 690

    thanks for the spoiler before I could even click the link >.>
  4. Microsoft took Bob's cat away from my grocery hut.
  5. Enzeru

    Naruto 689

    My bet is they are going to end it at chapter 700.
  6. Doubtful we will see if this is true for awhile. 50 required respect is needed to unlock village jutsu.
  7. Enzeru

    Silver Fed Color

    Just wanting to get an idea where everyone is at with regards to the Silver Colored fed. I personally think the color is bad, it hurts my eyes to look at. Vote and let me know what you think.
  8. Enzeru

    Core 3 Q&A

    So when my account transferred they just randomly put me in a clan, or was it preset or something?
  9. Core 3 beta is done, you can't log into it. The official launch of the game will be sometime tomorrow.
  10. I'm going to have to request someone else do it, I'm in the middle of traveling for a new job and won't be able to be on long enough to test it till after beta ends.
  11. when i had it to me, i also was using the summoning jutsu.
  12. Username: Enzeru Location: ?id=42 Priority: Medium Bug's Effects: This pops up when i use my final move in a pvp battle: I refresh the page and I'm out of battle and unable to see the pvp awards. How the bug happened/how to reproduce: Be in a pvp battle and use a battle winning move.
  13. I did, i used the ninja chicken summon both times.
  14. Username: Enzeru Location: End of combat results page, didn't get the exact id. Priority: low Bug's Effects: Says I killed 2 members of an opposing village when i only killed one. Had it happen twice. How the bug happened/how to reproduce: Be at war with another village and kill someone of the opposing village.
  15. Enzeru

    Core 3 Q&A

    I know that, but I've given up on the whole thing. I won't be a weapon user on release unless my bloodline requires it.
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