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  1. I think I remember you. You were active around when I very first started in the RP. Unfortunately, there is naught here but rubble and ruin. The archives of old are a nostalgic reminder of days past, yet hold no future. If you want, I did set up a Discord server that I invite old TNF people to any time I come across one. The link is in the last post in the chats if you want to reconnect with a few of us.
  2. I made a Discord earlier today. It is mostly for Zau's new TNF successor forum, but it's set up so it's not specific to that, and the forum specific stuff can be muted if you don't want to be a part of it. I'm hoping we can get at least a portion of the old TNF crew in here. Maybe I'm trying to recapture the family that was left behind, but maybe I can succeed?
  3. I would like to know where most everyone migrated to. I've found a few on Zau's forum, World of Ninja, but it's not really enough.
  4. I played through for an hour or so that day. The VOD should still be up if you want to take a look at some extended gameplay.
  5. >.> You're an admin. You can see invisible people. Shouldn't you know if he's been online, Alba?
  6. I've no idea if anyone would be interested, but if you are, I will be streaming the new Power Rangers Mega Battle game that came out today. The stream will be at twitch.tv/tensei_dragon at 11:30am CDT (-0500 GMT)
  7. It was foretold long ago that upon the destruction of TNF, only 3 would wander the ruins. Afro, Aet, and myself. It feels like this was almost true.
  8. I am not weird. I am merely the last of the chat thread denizens.
  9. I'm told Android emulation exists for iOS. This may be worth looking into.
  10. I feel like they should be served with fries.
  11. I think Zau's starting up yet another thing. To be honest I'd rather join something already established, though.
  12. Everyone on the top half of this place is so full of salt.
  13. I wonder if RP forums are a dying breed...
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