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    Stat Thread

    I quit the game/forum for quite a while due to rl, but recently I found some time and decided to play a little again. I know c3 is in the works, but I'd like to play a bit with my old accounts, the only problem is I found my old password but I don't remember what I was doing… Health: 17773.20 / 17773.20 Chakra: 15005.85 / 15005.85 Stamina: 12043.65 / 12043.65 Genjutsu strength: 19832.3 Taijutsu defense: 13987.9 Ninjutsu defense: 501.1 Genjutsu defense: 506.8 Weapon defense: 9527.0 Strength: 168.4 Intelligence: 313.8 Speed: 284.8 Willpower: 313.8 Soundless Sound 47 Distortion Flame 20 Phantom Remorse 1 Black Forest 69 Cosmic Rhapsody 35 Demon Eye Stance 9 Freezing Chill 57 Focus 9 I have ranked up all the way to jounin (perhaps a little to early, idk) but I am unsure of what I was doing or what to do at this point… I believe my plan was to rank hold at jounin.
  2. Alright, now the target can just slash his own end of the seal... So it is 2 D ranks for placement, 1 C rank for activation, only self-inflicted injuries transfer pain, and either seal can be undone by slashing over it. How is that?
  3. Hmm.... I really wanted to make combat seals. The reason for this is there is a branch of my clan which theoretically specializes in fuuinjutsu, so I think this would be a good addition to the clan jutsu... I do see how similar this is to genjutsu, but if possible I'd prefer to have it as a fuuinjutsu. As for the rank, the problem is I currently cannot create a B rank jutsu, only C rank and lower, so if this went any higher I would not be able to get it through. This means I have to tone it down until it is C rank worthy. What I thought would bring it down by a lot, as Yuki also mentioned, is the fact that it only transfers pain from injuries, and those injuries have to be self-inflicted. But clearly it doesn't seem to cut it down to C rank. If I made it easier to remove the seal, gave it a post duration and/or made it so that the affected target feels less pain than the user, would this be able to be considered a C rank? Currently I am not sure of how much and what I have to tone down for it to be considered one, so I would really appreciate any help.
  4. Although that is normally implied due to the fact that seals are basically extra jutsu that do not take slot once placed (I am assuming). I think most seals are more of a supportive kind. I was thinking on having combat seals, so that a fuuijutsu spec could also fight by using his seals. This is almost like a genjutsu, except you have to place a seal and you actually have to cause injuries on yourself... Does that still apply? I think this might become underpowered if it became a D rank, unless the draw backs/costs were reduced... I don't find that stabbing your own arm/leg to make the target feel the same pain would be that strong. After all, you are also feeling the pain, not to mention you'll actually suffer from bleeding. That's just my two cents though. I am of course biased since this is a jutsu for my own clan... What could I do to it then? Any input?
  5. What I thought would make it C rank is that the target won't feel all the pain that you feel, but rather only the pain you induce yourself to feel. This means that if the target cuts you, he won't feel anything. He will only feel pain if you cut yourself... I was actually thinking on having the seal be drawn or stamped, meaning you would have to approach and draw the circles with a brush, for example. The draw in parts would mean you could draw one circle and then draw the outer/inner circle afterwards. I assume it could ask for handseals and be placed on touch instead... I am adding a way to remove the seal and make it ask for handseals before the placement. Ps: I am not using my usual keyboard, so there might be more mistypes than usual...
  6. Added info about the placement, activation, and duration. As for the location, it may be anywhere in the body, as long as the ink was somehow printed onto the skin (through clothes, etc). There is no cost to place the seal, only to activate it. Same goes for handseals. No limit of people, as long as the user can place the seal on each of the targets. Seal lasts until one of the two ends of the seal loses consciousness or the thread ends. I think that's it. If there is anything else, or anything unclear, please let me know. Thanks for the comment =D
  7. Woops, forgot about that... I have no preferences, it could be anywhere... Kisen is in Sato atm, but he could travel somewhere else.
  8. Name: "Where did I leave that sample?" Rank: C Details: Everyone in this world has needs. Some have simpler needs, others have slightly more complex ones. Someone, more specifically a young boy, is in need of blood from a wide variety of people. When a need like this arises the medical institutions of Seichi are the only guaranteed source. With that in mind the target became the storage of a specific medical institution, where the blood samples from local patients would most likely be stored. Reaching that storage and getting a hand on some of those samples would cover one's unique needs. Objectives: -Find a way to access medical storage. -Steal patients' blood samples. -Avoid being discovered/leaving evidence/witnesses. (Optional) NPCs: -Up to NPCer. -I assume some doctors, patients, and perhaps guards. # of RPC's Participating: 1. Ne'Kisen
  9. Bump for different jutsu @Edit Ps: Can't change the darn title of the thread -.- Should I create a new thread or is this fine?
  10. Kisen would halt his run a second before stepping into the pit. Before he could think of something to do Amelia had already taken action. Dragged across the temporary bridge to safety by the young girl who he had a slap trade with. Now everyone was safe, and a second later Amelia would be announcing her exit, "Sorry, bodyguards are for fighting other people, what you guys need is a trap expert." she said. Kisen had to agree, that was not something he felt fit for, certainly not the best candidate for this type of mission. But all that maters is that he had come out alive and with a new friend. He would accept the ride Amelia had offered, but soon after would part ways and follow his own road. [~Exit]
  11. So I rp my character finding out a bout the items ability and then apply for it again? I just want to know so that I can fill up my last C rank slot =x
  12. Alright, simple and quick question. I already had an item, namely Marrow, on my character's profile. I then revamped it to add a special ability. Do I have to app for the item again as if I was acquiring it for the first time?
  13. Eh... I've never used gimp, but it should work about the same way. I can't tell you where to find the necessary tools, but I'll explain how the animation works... Animated files are saved in .gif. Basically they are composed by frames, exactly like a movie. Each frame is a different movement from the image (avy in this case). The more frames you have the smoother and longer movements you can create, but the heavier the image will become. I hope that will help you somehow... Now you just need to find where to manage/create frames on gimp so that you can make your own .gif moving avy... Good luck =D
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