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  1. Athos

    Pricing discussion

    In Shine people started selling leather for 10k a piece so I stopped leveling my profession (90 weaponsmith)... I guess I'll just wait for more leather to be available so that I can resume.
  2. What happened was that the C mission I did was erased when I leveled up to chuunin 6 lol, I did another one and it completed. I am now able to do them regularly, I think! I'll let you know if anything else happens but I don't think it will.
  3. I'm able to take the water quest (killing the blackwaters) but I'm unable to complete it even after the 10th+ black water... the other one, path of whatever (earth quest) is listed as failed still
  4. How about this; Click Me I did the one time thing (Steel Turtle - water) and then the repeatable quest is the one from Earth Affinity.
  5. Athos

    ninja farmer

    You can check how many points you need for the next popularity at; http://www.theninja-rpg.com/?id=70&act=ninjaFarmer You can find it on "Earn Popularity" page. Also the time between sending the points and getting them is pretty short, at least for me it doesn't go over a couple seconds. Hope this helps!
  6. I think we are all having the same issue... a bit of problem because this makes us weapon users sitting ducks until they fix it.
  7. Oh I need to try this out, thanks you for the info!
  8. I have a separate question; My app is working fine, it saves the progress and all. What troubles me is that once I send points to TNR it doesn't make sense. I sent 3mil points and got 2 pop points... then I sent 7mil points and got 1 pop point... then I sent 14mil points and got nothing. At last sent 3mil again and nothing! Any kind of input on how this is supposed to work would be great!
  9. Athos


    Earth being weak to wind due to erosion? Lol
  10. Athos

    C3 Jutsu Thread

    I can't agree more. Well let us continue and see how it goes @XRCreator; I belive your win % is directly related to your high experience and eagerness to raid, not something to do with weapon offense itself.
  11. Athos

    C3 Jutsu Thread

    This is what I don't get; The cost of the weapons I use = the ryo I would spend to level up a jutsu on training What if I don't want to level up the jutsu with ryo and just tag it to have something to use while I get to a higher rank? I still need to spend the money on weapons to use it... I don't know if I'm making my point. With weapons you are forced to level up your jutsu with ryo (train or use)... with other offenses you don't. This is killing me. If you don't loose durability when using jutsu on AI, well that is a really good first step to help us weapon users... How to balance it with the training costs and such is up to you guys...
  12. Athos

    C3 Jutsu Thread

    Yeah they do, I don't think I need to report anything, it's supposed to be this way...
  13. Athos

    C3 Jutsu Thread

    I don't know, I don't want to jump to conclusions until I further play but being Frostblade Executioner makes me use Polearm on EVERY jutsu... except the whip thing one. It drains my ryo. On another note; Crafted weapons are not supposed to get destroyed once they hit 0?
  14. Athos

    C3 Jutsu Thread

    I have to agree with Tifa, 50 durability of item shop polearms (not 25) is nothing when pvp battles are 10 rounds +. This means even if I manage to win 4 fights in a row I still get to buy another polearm to continue... But then I might loose, so add to my hospital bill another polearm! This also means you can't use your jutsu on AI or anything else other than pvp or you end up poor... It has been answered that later on we will get crafted weapons with more durability that we can repair super cheap... Well, being a weaponsmith I noticed two things; Repair kits need materials to be crafted and when crafted weapon hit 0 durability they dissapear... making me need to craft another one because chances are I will break them, it's not like I can choose which weapon to use in the midst of battle to prevent them from breaking... so no matter what I need mats to keep a stash of weapons... I don't know if materials will be more accesible later on, but so far they aren't. And if repair kits follow the same concept as of now I will need the same material that the weapon is used to craft the kit (meaning high level mat). In exchange for this headache we get lowered costs when leveling jutsus with ryo? WHAT? What if I'm not going to level my jutsus with ryo until I get to the rank that I'm gonna stay (SJ), I get no benefits at all during C and J stages... I hate to cry about stuff and thats why I didn't join the forums until much later after I started playing because most people (all people) are only crying "nerf them and buff me stuff" but this is really baffling... please enlight me on how this is a fair trade. I'm not talking endgame, I'm talking actual right now game.
  15. I bought a couple students and closed the app it to check and it seems the pps and points are being saved now! It wasn't doing that last night but it seems to be fixed now. This means we should be able to farm ninjas and transfer points now correct?
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