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  1. I think i'm gonna rework it, can someone delete or move it to a scrapyard?
  2. If i did that, i would need sealing to be rank b?
  3. Hmmmm but could i put two abilities on it that say would be considered C rank, and make it use a B slot?
  4. So if i had poisons and used the jutsus that make like mists of it and stuff, am i going to need to fin a way to not be affected by the mist? or am i good? And thanks for clearing up Kai.
  5. Could it simply grow instead of be sealed? I want to use it for jutsu that need me to make contact with things through my hand, be able to do so through the sword instead, so like water prison, and chakra absorption to name a few off the bat.
  6. Name: Arashibara Class: Personal Rank: B Size: 2 Inches long while sealed, when unsealed the sword measures 110 cm in total, with a 90 cm blade. Weight: Negligible while sealed, 2.5 lbs when unsealed. Appearance: Arashibara is a small earring in its regular state, silver in colour, and besides looking valuable not much else to it. However once unsealed, the earring will grow in size to that of a small great sword. Specialties: - Changes form when unsealed, from a small cross shaped earring to a thin great sword, sealing and unsealing the weapon costs a C rank of chakra. - Arashibara counts as a method of contact for justsu. Slot Cost: C? Owner: Izo Kaneki
  8. Inventory - Earring - Rings - Senbon (30) - Impact-Explosive Senbon (30) -Reinforced Leather Gloves - - - - -
  9. Thanks Damn there's a lot of jutsu slots on a character now took me forever to finish it haha
  10. Ninja Info Card Personal Name: Izo Kaneki Alias: The Demon Eyed Shinobi, The Storm Bringer. Age: 28 Gender: Male Height: 6'2" - 188 cm Weight: 160 lbs - 72 Kg Element: Raiton, Fuuton, Suiton, Sunaton. Language: Common, Rikuhuu, Sati, Hyougaan, Bird. Appearance: Izo is a tall, slender young man. Handsome on the worst of days, and a true heart throb on the best of them. He has wavy black hair, and his eyes are an odd red colour, some think its because he is possessed by demons, but that would be incorrect it is more of a random mutation than anything. He has a single ear ring, that seems to hold great sentimental value, as well as perhaps being worth more than a few Ryo. He wears a nice black suit underneath his jounin vest if he decides to even wear the thing. He will wear a mix of black and white trousers, depending on what he's up to, no use wearing white if it's simply going to get dirty the instant he steps out of the village. He has a number of rings on his fingers, nothing remarkable about them, but again worth quite a bit of Ryo, things to attract attention, nothing special about them. His more casual wear is an assortment of, robes, dress shirts and trousers, never one to wear shorts or a t-shirt. He has a pair of reinforced leather gloves in black, void of any village symbol, as well as dark leather boots. An extremely well kept secret is the fact that Izo has a tail. He was born with it, and through fear that the tail in conjunction with his red eyes, might lead people's minds into some pretty odd conclusions about his actual origins, his parents decided to keep it a secret. Teaching Izo how to hide is, and he does so almost instinctively now, keeping it underneath his clothes. Should he ever need it, many of his clothes have been tailored in such a way that he can get his tail out extremely quickly, but the number of times he has had to use it can be counted on a single hand. Social Class: Shinobi Rank: Jounin Village: Yugegakure Clan: Organization: Statistics Level: 15 [0/100] Ninjutsu D C B A Genjutsu D Taijutsu D Seals D C Strength D Speed D C B A S Intelligence D C B A Endurance D C Stamina D C B A D Rank Missions: 15 C Rank Missions: 10 B Rank Missions: 5 A Rank Missions: 2 S Rank Missions: 0 D Rank Crimes: 0 C Rank Crimes: 0 B Rank Crimes: 0 A Rank Crimes: 0 S Rank Crimes: 0 History Background: Izo was found by a wealthy family who couldn't have children of their own in the capital of the water country, they don't know where he came from and thus the origins of where he was born were fabricated. He knows he was found by his parents, but they loved him as one of their own, and he appreciates everything they have done for him, being as good a son to them as he possibly can. He showed early signs of being gifted in shinobi arts, and was promptly given private tuition in multiple secret arts, before being sent to TSU. He graduated quickly, though he wasn't perfect, struggling in taijutsu and relying almost whole heartedly on his ninjutsu abilities, and immense speed. His ninja career has gone without a hitch so far, most notedly he managed to clean most of the coasts around the water country of pirates, something that he believes was his simple duty. Others would disagree, saying that a wealthy, talented, young ninja should not troll the oceans and ports looking for pirates of his own accord is not something he has to do, but still they are grateful he does. He was never approached about joining the villages Anbu, but would firmly turn down any offers of such, simply not wanting to hide his identity. If he found himself doing things he wouldn't want others to find out about he would be ashamed for his family and his own reputation. Known as a kind man by the people of his village and country, and a brutal warrior by his enemies, it is no wonder his enemies have taken to calling him 'The Demon Eyed Shinobi', while people of the many villages he has helped while clearing out the pirates call him 'The Storm Bringer', for the mixture of elemental techniques that often resemble a storm as he fights. Previous RPC Profile: http://www.theninja-forum.com/index.php?/topic/31909-jounin-ryuuko-inazumasato/?hl=%2Binazuma+%2Bryuuko
  11. It says Kai is a basic ability, as it should be. The genjutsu system also states that you can only remove genjutsu equal to the level of your genjutsu stat, so what is the point on making Kai C rank? Is it supposed to be like that, or is it just something that got through the rework? Also thanks for the answers guys. Edit: How does poison resistance work? Like are you vulnerable to your own poisons? Or is it a case by case basis depending on the poison?
  12. Bunshin Tai no Bakuhatsu [Exploding Clone Body] Rank: A Requirements: Any solid Clone Technique Description: A technique that imbues a created clone with suicidal like ambitions. After application, the ninja can manually cause the clone to remotely detonate and explode in combat or the clone can explode upon impact, creating a moderately sized explosion. This explosion may be elemental if applicable (Elemental Clones), but by default is an explosion of pure concussive force. Chakra Shikai [Chakra Field of Vision] Rank: A Requirements: None. Description: A jutsu used to send out a single wave of chakra that allows the user to know the location of any object that the chakra strikes. This wave is sent out in all directions and has a range of 'Very Long'. Hiroku Fukyuu Hiru [Wide Spread Leech] Rank: A Requirements: None. Description: Plainly put, the user spreads an immense amount of chakra to all directions causing plant life to shrivel and die, water to start polluting and for the local animal life within the area to be driven away. This jutsu has a range of 'Very Long' Sekkyokushou no Jutsu [Decomposition Technique] Rank: A Requirements: None. Description: After performing some handseals, the user touches an object which then decomposes until nothing exists. This is only able to be used on dead people or inanimate objects. This technique however can destroy objects as large as a house. Chakra consumption for this jutsu is according to the size of the decomposed target, with the destruction of say a door requiring a C rank and an S rank for the size of a house. Soukei Itami no Jutsu [Total Chakra Pain Technique] Rank: A Requirements: Must know Painful Chakra Incapacitation Technique [Chakrahaji Itami no Jutsu] Description: A more advanced form of the pain-causing technique. It creates a large mesh net of chakra at least ten yards wide to capture or come into contact with any victims. Upon contact they will feel incredible agony shooting throughout their entire body. Expert Chakra Collection Technique Rank: A Requirements: At least A Rank Intelligence, Chakra Collection Description: After performing handseals, the user is able to absorb the chakra energy of the opponent into themselves so long as they make contact with them. This technique can be used for both offensive and defensive purposes, however the transfer rate of energy is moderate with a rate of two tenths of the targets chakra pool per post of solid contact.
  13. Hiru Bansho: Boka no Jutsu [Leech All Creation: Attack Prevention Technique] Rank: B Requirements: Object of at least similar size and mass of the user. Description: This jutsu allows the user to phase into an object or even the ground and travel through it. Submering into and traveling inside the object is akin to a walking pace and the user cannot attack without at least partially removing themselves beforehand. While submerged in an object, the user cannot use their normal senses. Meaning, so long as their eyes are inside the object they cannot see and so long as their ears are inside the object they cannot hear, ect. Since the user doesn't have their normal senses, it is suggested that those without other sensing methods know the general path they want to take, even if they have to partially unmerge every once in a while to take a look around. While fully submerged inside the object, the user will not be able to be tracked or located using the normal senses. If the object they are traveling through sustains damage, they user will be forcibly ejected while taking on damage equal to the force used. When travling through larger objects such as a large wall or even the ground, the attack will need to be in the immediete area around the users location for them to be effected. Sairuigasu [Tear Gas] Rank: B Requirements: None Description: After a series of handseals, the user emits a gas from his body that quickly spreads away from his body. All who breathe in this gas will feel their skin start to slightly burn, in addition to their eyes burning and watering. Their nose will start running, and their mouth will salivate. All effects of this jutsu are severe, and even after getting out of the cloud, it takes a few minutes for the effects to wear off. Netsushi [Thermal Vision] (Doujutsu) Rank: B Requirements: None. Description: By completing hand seals and focusing chakra to their eyes, the user's sight is changed so that they can see temperatures of objects as colors rather than their normal eyesight. With hot objects producing a red color and cold objects producing a blue color, this is useful when the user is trying to find a hiding opponent or such but also has the downfall of losing depth perception and environmental details. Chakrahaji Itami no Jutsu [Painful Chakra Incapacitation Technique] Rank: B Requirements: None. Description: After performing some handseals, the user extends a thin rope of chakra from either his palm or fingertips and then shoots the line at the target. If it connects, it forms a sturdy tangible bond between the user's hand and whatever it connects with. The user then shoots a short blast of concentrated chakra through the bond making the target feel pain for several long seconds. Chakra Collection Technique Rank: B Requirements: At least B Rank Intelligence Description: After performing handseals, the user is able to absorb the chakra energy of the opponent into themselves so long as they make contact with them. This technique can be used for both offensive and defensive purposes, however the transfer rate of energy is fairly slow with a rate of one tenths of the targets chakra pool per post of solid contact.
  14. Kinobori [Tree Climbing] Rank: C (Basic) Requirements: None. Description: The user concentrates onto the soles of their feet and coats them with a layer of chakra. Once this is done, the user will then be able to walk up any tree like they are walking up a regular foot path. This jutsu can be used of course to walk on any solid surface so long as the surface is able to hold their weight. With practice and skill, a user can use this jutsu on other parts of their body such as their hands, or can use this jutsu to increase their grip on held weaponry. Kinobori cannot be used to adhere oneself to another living object. Anshi [Night Vision] Rank: C Requirements: None. Description: After performing the right hand seals, the user would focus their chakra into their eyes allowing them to see in and through naturally occurring darkness. Shunshin no Jutsu [body Flicker Technique] Rank: C Requirements: None. Description: Through handseals the user will be able to disappear from their previous position in order to reappear elsewhere. The user is not teleporting with this jutsu, but instead traveling very quickly and can be impeded by obsticals that prevent the users movments. This jutsu is made to travel long distances and has a minimum requirment of two miles and knowing exactly where they intend to go. This jutsu cannot be used as a way to start a combat situation or to enter into one. If the user uses this jutsu in order to leave combat, they may only do so when leaving the thread entierly. Suimen Hokou no Gyou [Art of Water Walking] Rank: C (Basic) Requirements: None. Description: The user focuses their chakra to the soles of their feet and step onto a liquid surface. From the surface of the liquid, they would then need to be able to measure the amount of chakra it would take to support their weight along the surface of the water without sinking. Once this is mastered, the user would be able to easily walk on water. This jutsu works by keeping the users footfalls from breaking the waters surface tension. Mizu Osen [Water Pollution] Rank: C Requirements: None. Description: The user goes through a few handseals first and then places their hands on the surface of a water body. Afterward, the water is rendered polluted and unsuitable for drinking through a somewhat long process (At least one post, and even more for large water bodies). Drinking contaminated water will cause the victum to become ill and eventually vomit. The user can also instead choose to contaminate the water with his poison of choice. If the user chooses to do this, this jutsu will use up one dose of the poison used from the users inventory, or several for larger bodies.
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