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  1. Soundless Sound and Soul Shackles aren't in the manual. This information is needed so newbies don't think that there aren't any genin genjutsu. Also its needed to know what generals to train. Thanks xD
  2. Haru was surprised when he heard the other girl speak. He quickly realized who she was, and groaned. That tell tale, god awful, despicable mess that was her hair told him all he needed to know. Rin. He didn't know why she wanted to spar with him, after all they had already been in one via a class they had entered earlier, though admittedly it wasn't against each other. He wondered whether or not if he won, could determine if he could fix her hair to at least a normal unattractive look, instead of the ugly bird nest that sat upon her brow. "Well..." he began to slowly, "Maybe we could-" With that he threw a kunai he had attached a paper bomb behind his back towards her. He had always believed that surprise was the greatest ally of a shinobi. And today of all days? He wasn't worried about hurting a classmate. Especially not this classmate.
  3. Haru was taking all of his rising anger and frustration on a training dummy. His fists were flying as were various kunai and weapons, beside him were the remains of the five dummies that had not survived their previous encounters with him. But the real question was, why was Haru angry? Haru had left his previous class unsure of his mental sanity and quickly found himself in an office of a shinobi psychologist. After hearing of his many exploits and recent mourning of his bunshin, she quickly sent him packing with a note that read, "deemed a mentally insane." Of course Haru would not settle for this and continued to travel all over Sato searching for more psychologists, all deeming him to be in an unhealthy mental state. The last psychologist tried to get him to vent his feelings through a duck and he believed that in fact, the mental patient there was the other man who apparently was trying to "cure" him. He had quickly grabbed the mans throat and thrust him against the wall, ignoring the frightened quacks in the background. The man had enough strength to say one word throw the neck choke. Crazy. It was the wrong word. The next thing the man knew he was being thrown out a window with Haru desperately proclaiming his sanity in a horrified acclamation, "Crazy? How dare you!" After being institutionalized for a few hours over the incident before he was let out on bail, he found himself taking out his anger in a healthy fashion. Of course the training dummies didn't find it that way. Though they did take comfort that his anger wasn't for them as his mutterings clearly showed. "Stupid ugly people... Mentally unfit my right... Clearly I'm... Stunningly beautiful..." Clearly Haru was not insane, this was a ploy, a ploy for what however, he did not know.
  4. Its not just you, everyone gets picked on when putting in their profiles. You should see how much I had to do to get mine approved Another nit pick, but it would be nice if you spaced out all of your paragraphs from one another, makes it easier to read.
  5. For your languages they should be like this, Sati (Fluent), Common (Sati accent). That way we know exactly how they sound ^.^
  6. ^Love that song. Though I do regret showing it to my mom as she blasted it as we were parked by a busy playground... We got some strange looks. Remedy - Little Boots
  7. I really like this idea. I was thinking about becoming an outlaw for fun but then I researched and looked at all the downsides and kind of gave up on the idea If things became more balanced I'd be way more willing to give it a go. right now though I just don't see the point as I'll be extremely weak compared to everyone else.
  8. Haru quickly realized that somehow the strangest class he had ever been in within his entire life was now over. He quickly got up and trotted quickly away from the site, happy to be free. If I had spent any longer there I might have died, he thought seriously, But now it's time to get my mental health check out, as it seems something has rendered me insane. He quickly used a bunshin no jutsu as he fled his unusual classmates and teacher, and then banished it just as swiftly. He felt a small twinge in his heart, and that twinge, told him everything he needed to know. I'm crazy. [Exit]
  9. Could you separate your appearance into at least a second paragraph? A nit pick, but it makes it easier to read ^.^
  10. [OOC: Sorry, I was just waiting for Kimimi] Haru was busy pretending that he had done nothing wrong, and that in fact moments earlier he had not been mourning his clone. He tried everything from staring politely at his sensei, pretending to listen, to smiling at random students when they caught each others eye. What Haru didn't realize was that this was probably the worst way to pretend that things were "normal." Haru was in fact, acting very much not like himself. This new easy going persona he was reflecting was really quite obvious, but he continued to display it, sure that he was doing an excellent job of acting like he normally was. Anybody that knew him well, or to be honest, even slightly, would be wondering why the hell he wasn't scowling at something or other, causing some sort of disruption, or even insulting a random bystander. Yes, Haru hadn't realized it yet, but he was a jerk, and this made him, for the moment, a very bad actor.
  11. Haru finished his signing just in time to see his clone poof into nothingness. A curse sprang easily to his mind but he suppressed the urge to voice it aloud, No! How did they find out already? "The hell are you doing? The class is over there." That was when he saw his attacker, not his instructor, but the know-it-all, Taemin. His hand tightened into a fist in anger, it seemed this kid would always stop him, he should have just let the kid get hit by that fireball, maybe he wouldn't bug him so much if he had. He attempted to look Taemin in the eye, his cue, and suffused his look with chakra, using the technique Chiru, "You just had to get in the way, didn't you?" he said, his voice cold and devoid of emotion, just like the shill of fear he tried to send into the opposing boy. Not waiting to see the reaction his technique or words had on the boy he turned and returned to his place in class, where his clone had vanished just moments earlier. He sat down and patted the ground beside him in an almost sad fashion, I'm sorry, bunshin, it seems your sacrifice was for nothing. Once he realized what he was doing he brought his hand back up from the ground and whipped his head around, hoping nobody had noticed his strange grieving of a vanquished clone. What is wrong with me? Developing a sentimental attachment to a clone? They're tools, nothing less. He deduced he was going to get his mental health checked out after this class, obviously the amount of boredom he was subjected to had frazzled his mind.
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