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  1. Rourke Saito

    Core 3 Q&A

    I'm not sure if this topic has been covered yet but will there be the same number of villages? I feel that since there aren't as many active players we should lessen the number of villages to suit that number evenly.
  2. I like this suggestion. But you need to put it in proper suggestion format. To be honest this would be a great addition to it but then non fed users would whine about it being unfair.
  3. Yes exactly like that But I'm not sure if anyone other than Terr can update them
  4. Suggestion: Change/update the game's screenshots at the main menu of the site Specifics: Change them because it is a false representation of the game as it is today. It may even confuse new players who look at them and want to start an account. Screenshot Specifics: 1st screenshot: Terr's stats are unrealistic and quite ridiculous 2nd screenshot: The map is quite outdated 3rd screenshot: I think some of the jutsus have been renamed or even eliminated (not as important though) 4th screenshot: 4th screenshot shows under items and weapons shows "scooby snacks" lol Priority: Medium I think it is important to update this soon because new players maybe confused. However, it isn't the end of the world if they are not changed.
  5. Its not quite here yet but I just want to say thanks for hearing me out. I remember months ago when I started the thread for it i didn't think it would happen. My suggestion was considered and then made a reality thanks to the TNR staff. So everyone out there that whines and complains about their suggestions not being considered just relax and be patient. Thanks again to the TNR staff and I think this app with help the game reach new heights.
  6. I dont really think there should be another world but i do like the idea of giving the map a new look or adding another new village but not like Horizon
  7. Bloodline: Infernal Judgment Chuunin Jutsu: First Oath The user opens an old and tenebrous book. The user then recites a passage. The opponent is suddenly frozen yet they feel as if they were engulfed in very intense flames. Jounin Jutsu: Abomination The user opens an old and tenebrous book. The user then recites two passages. The world flips upside down and the opponent is instantly trapped inside intensely hot, dark flames. In an split second the flames disappears and a mirror appears before the opponent. The opponent gazes into the mirror in horror and begins inflicting damage on his/herself. SJ Jutsu: Dark Cleansing The user opens an old and tenebrous book. The user then recites the final passage. The opponent takes a step foward and the ground collapses before him. Falling infintely in the depths of a black fiery abyss. The opponent begins to feel weightless and as if all the chakra was leaving his/her body to feed the vicious fire. The flames soon become unbearable and the chakra is drained from the opponents body into the book. The opponent is cleansed and submits to the powerful genjutsu. (I know i cant post jutsu effects but for this I would maybe add a %health leech) Note: Reciting from the book causes the opponent to believe these things are happening hence it is not a weapon rather it is genjutsu. And since clans in the anime have "bloodlines" it would only make sense that they would have special clan items like this book.
  8. Aren't the tiers that were added only chuunin level jutsu though?
  9. Before the update my BL: Raikou Sensu only had a jounin and chuunin jutsu Now with the update it has a SJ jutsu: Thunder Release: Raikou - SJ (Raikou Sensu) I cant test it myself because im capping jounin Do you think its worth going to SJ just for this jutsu? Idk if its even that powerful. However, RS's jounin jutsu white willow is just as powerful as BS.
  10. A jutsu thread v4 may be necessary And did some C rank bl's get their names changed?
  11. Drawing more people to TNR should be the goal of its owner You have some good points and this thread probably will get closed but I don't think its against the guidelines? feel free to correct me.
  12. Can someone make me a non-fed animated or non animated avy. I want it to say "Rourke" and then maybe "Raikou Sensu" under it. Here are some renders, although feel free to use your own http://www.renders-graphiques.fr/image/upload/normal/Grimmjow_Espada__hollow_bleach.png http://i725.photobucket.com/albums/ww253/vampire_girl_579/Renders/2432_render_2myxfsm.png
  13. I agree that most chuunin would get one hit even if they did have 100k hp but its not like it hurts the game to give genin anymore hp. It actually benefits it.
  14. If you had to choose would you raise hp received from genin surgeries or the hp cap?
  15. Suggestion: It's simple raise the genin HP cap from 15k to at least 20k-30k. Why? I've noticed so many newcomers nowadays capping genin and even if you do you stop at 15k health will still get you one hit. Why not give genin a little extra incentive or "help" before they cross over to chuunin. Negatives:Well, the Surgeries for Genin are only 30hp so it would be even more time consuming. But if you want to be successful you'd have to put time into it.
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