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  1. thanks kalann..i was just fallowing Manual my bad
  2. nated

    Bloodline Thread

    wow SY is stripped i did not seen this thread just fallowed manual ..it must be updated
  3. I dont know why people complain or think SY is OP All A rank BL 10% off boost - same with us except VT ,Lycan and SY all other BL have off + deff boost + tons of jutsu all we got is just 20% elemental boost - main thing is it wont stack with offense boost + we have no chance against SW + tai users.. + ED is random elemental jutsu if we get ice element all build up is wasted against LOTBB same goes to against other BL too..for me VT is still on equal with SY as they have automatic fire absorption and nice BL jutsu ,,. Only SY nin users are strong ,,only BL which need some power is lycan but there regen is gud enough to cover it.
  4. @Zeno u dont get it yeah ryo is there but its just got stored in rich people's bank which are only 1% of game what should other 99% people doo ,,and i already explained and what should new players doo i think u dont know problems of higher rank u must be jounins or lower rank if thats u better wont interfere with SJ updates bcs every SJ and commanders know how much it costs to Surgery and hospital ,,,
  5. @Zeno my point is why soo high price for just normal jutsu ??? r u dumb think u train one new jutsu spending 20mil for that as u said doing small crimes in both main and alt ..finally u find its damage is really bad then ?? i just forgot i wasted my time and ryo on that stupid jutsu ???
  6. obviously saso think a new players started playing TNR (which already dieing ) i wonder where will he brings this 20-30mil ryo to train just 1-2 jutsu + he need to manage his surgery +hospital + Other stuff too
  7. @ Zeno ohh thats great u r soo blind not viewing it other way ...with one alt a person even with all small crimes and all can barely make 1mil - which = surgery cost and hospital soo that means we got to wait for another 1-2 months to train a normal jutsu to lvl 100 which are worthless .....eventually this makes people to do more ryo framing and more alts ....
  8. no one cares about how jutsu cost is sooo high
  9. that would be ridiculous restricting user
  10. something is wrong why it didn't hit the third AI this was during S Rank Mission -- jutsu name Manikin Madness?? doen't AOE means hits all target right
  11. u cant expect much from normal jutsu we still got special jutsu to come
  12. Manikin Madness - thats puppet jutsu its old name is Flash strike it was not bad jutsu for AOE only new armor boost is bit of joy
  13. hello sir please can u donate some ryo bcs training a normal jutsu from lvl 1-5 cost 1mil soo if we want to train it to lvl 100 we need 20mil ??? (*me poor in math) if we want to test all 3 jutsu we must spend 50mil+ or soo even in the end we get to chose only 1 justu ???? i am correct :confused: price is soo high please lower it or donate some ryo SY is always underrated BL we cant be any offense ..u cant win a fight with just one jutsu ,,beside people think ED is OP its not as it adds BL effect u cant able to use any non elemental justu thought the battle ..and u cant even spam it either as its damage get reduced ... Magnetic Acceleration is useless as 99% of weapon jutsu depends on speed and comparing MB self speed debuff to its damage its just useless ....its residal and all bla bla is just pathetic ,,i cant believe its even Special jounin forbidden . in a spoiler we got promised of a flee prevention on Venined Edge - but in reality no jutsu like that other than this i liked the update soo many jutsu to train its fun and we can now have tons of combo only drawback is most effects are just last one round soo a bit hard to make a combo ..but i liked this Update just reduce jutsu cost
  14. nated

    Hospital Time

    the problem is make DC rob chance to null if it being used as villager its retard for a ninja being in a village to rob other ninja it wont happens i wont mind if an outlaw uses DC and robs ....it has no meaning DC having rob chance problem solved for most part its fine 15min ...if u know game u wont get to hospital for 15min think u have gud friend and he his a medic u dont need to carry ryo if u think there is no medic around just carry 25% more ryo than u r hospital bill .
  15. nated

    Hiding Bloodlines ~

    Yup its fun and of course eventually u might know who has which one unless they re roll but nice to fight not knowing what BL opponent have just like in Naruto
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