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  1. 5/, 4.5 points for the text
  2. Geass

    jaden sig

    nevermind, too lazy to find the render myself >_>
  3. epicpwned, just optimize it and then save it as a .gif, that'll probably work
  4. Image dimensions 111 x 150 pixels Note: The maximum size of your custom image is 150 by 150 pixels weird, i can't add it. Dunno why :|
  5. Tried to add it to my own avatar to test it out, it doesn't fall under forum avatar size limit. >_> Dunnohow you added it.
  6. epicfacepalm If he rendered it and saved it with enabled alpha selection which looks like he did, it doesn't show any type of bg. When you open it in a new window, the default bg color is white = it looks like the bg is white? Unless you already tried to upload it to TNR
  7. Damn son, did you render that yourself? That's some good rendering
  8. Geass

    Latest Sig

    Made one per request about an hour ago Iffy on the left side
  9. Eh, nothing to do with skill to collab, it's always interesting to see how the art works out in the final. Do you use photoshop or gimp? If you use gimp I can you an .xcf lol, and it's fun to see other artist's techniques
  10. Geass

    jaden sig

    Find me a render or HQ stock and i'll try and work on it
  11. Geass

    jaden sig

    IMO, animations should stick to avatars only, signatures shouldn't need animations. But that's just IMO. :B
  12. Cinema 4D? I heard you can use Apophysis, not 100% though. I know for a fact ti's for fractals
  13. Geass

    Geass's Tag Wall

    @That wasn't very much C&C: Get Chouji, and we can have a competition. I'm usually open to C&C, but I won't be compared to something less than shit. =) @Yuki: Yep on smudging, I'm starting from scratch. No more jitter tool, that's for me when I was lazy. And I tried to do the 2/3rds rule on most of my sigs, but some of them are stocks so. D=
  14. I smell the word collab. Post your .xcf/.psd
  15. Epic mindset! But if you think you're right, don't doubtt. Because after thinking about what you posted and the image, I think you're absolutely right in only coloring the board. :3 Don't know what else to say. xD
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