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  1. KingsAce

    Combat System

    nope still happening got 1 shot and couldn't attack back
  2. KingsAce

    Combat System

    i was able to beat the mercenary ai just now so it might be fixed i'll do some more small crimes to see if i can run into him some more
  3. KingsAce

    Combat System

    yes its on the first round so it shouldn't be a disable effect like a stun, and i just can't use any weapons or jutsu and then it just says i died and i'm stuck in hosp for 5 mins "due to loyalty bonuses its a short timer" Only happened so far with the Mercenary AI from small crimes
  4. KingsAce

    Combat System

    ok just happened to me again, and i can't really use a screenshot for it since there isn't anything to screenshot, the normal combat page looks well...normal, but when i click attack on either jutsu or weapon nothing happens, and after a few attempts to try to attack the ai nothing happens and then it says i died, don't know if this is because its the "Mercenary" ai from doing small crimes and its immune or something but i'm really confused, never had this problem before
  5. KingsAce

    Combat System

    the weird thing to me is that i died to a random ai on the map, thats 625k ryo if i where to pay to get out of hosp or just wait it out, due to a regular ai, thats confusing. can anyone explain to me this new combat system and how it works, because the old one was just simple click your jutsu you want to use and make sure your target and click attack and thats it. is it not as simple now?
  6. KingsAce

    Combat System

    nope never thought about that, guess i'll go rethink my life
  7. KingsAce

    Combat System

    can anybody tell me how this new combat system works? I have the required weapon for my jutsu's equipped but when i enter a battle with random ai on the map i click jutsu, hit the jutsu i want, and click fight and nothing happens, and i do this several times and then i just end up dieing to a random ai. I'm at end game level so how can a random ai even do that?
  8. Username: Kings Location: TNR Priority: High Bug Effect http://i1238.photobucket.com/albums/ff500/ShadowAce00/Tnr%20bugs/Untitled_zpsap36tvxi.png Reproduce: just be on tnr and it pops up, makes it so i can't train or do errands and litterally takes me from other pages back to tnr because of the pop
  9. I had no A rank Crimes done before i got that logbook, then when i did unlock that logbook it said to get 16 A rank missions done, so i then got 16 A rank Crimes finished and in the History for missions done, that should have completed that logbook, am i wrong in that assumption? and if i am what am i doing wrong so i can fix it.
  10. i'm not sure, all i know is that the logbook won't complete even though i have more than 16 A rank Crimes completed
  11. no i checked that i had 18 of them finished
  12. Username: Kings Location: logbook priority: medium Bug Effect: this logbooks states do 16 a rank missions to be able to level up, i have 16 a rank crimes done and it still won't complete, not sure if it just doesn't register the crimes equal missions Reproduce: be in syndicate and do 16 a rank crimes and it won't register the logbook is completed
  13. So just checking but Syndicate can challenge for any territory it doesn't have to be adjacent correct?
  14. KingsAce

    Exorcism D-rank

    its pretty much the same as the black rats :/
  15. it just seems that they haven't been updated to compensate the higher amount of hunters and their exp to get leather cheaper and faster
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