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  1. I haven't seen Aet in so long O_O This uh... Re calibration has me so confused I dunno what do.
  2. Thank you! Oh free weekend for FFXIV i know what I am doing this weekend heheheh
  3. I almost wanted to ask what google was, but the last time I made that joke it did not go over well q-q I rarely google things though aet..
  4. I wish to know what anime that is.
  5. ... Whales. But then there are planes that can go mach 6 and submarines with nuclear weapons capable of knocking the earth off its axis!
  6. sharks with lazers are good but easily exploded by railguns from our destroyers.
  7. Hard to stop the instinct for survival to turn off though Aet.
  8. The... the grammar it's so terribad my eyes burned and my brain rotted! Q_Q Oh afro is still here and there too!?
  9. Yes society seems hellbent on keeping me a failure without killing me. Society is a very large disfigured monster.
  10. Why would you do that? You should set yourself up for nothing!
  11. Aet do you always have such strange ulterior motives!?
  12. Aet an idiot is better than a person who literally lacks any opinion or self thought and has to be treated with care like that of a new born child. Been best friends for a while but the stress broke him I think. Poor Raiten, he has no thoughts or opinions of his own he just drones on and on.
  13. Oh true true, it would be hard to find you. I really should prod you for contact information, I have a distinct lack of people who know a damn about anything code related. I feel like I'm talking at a brick wall 90% of the time.
  14. But! To many people remember you. There was talk of a reset? Ouch that couldn't have been healthy. I don't know, it seems like a few pillars of the community left, but I suppose each generation has that.
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