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  1. Anytime Genin you say? Let me get you a sensei. Feel free to PM me in game if you need any guidance. Student System The user Roninichi has been added as your student Return
  2. I will ask an admin to check onto your account. ---- Edit: Admin reviewed your account, and it seems to be solved now. You have to make sure you are in your village tile to turn in your quests. Same for errands, bank, item shop... which are under the village menu. I hope it works smooth for you now, here we are if you have any doubt or question.
  3. I'm guessing this is preventing you from rank up, isn't it? I'm not sure why the turn in button disappeared but I'll manually close it for you so you can move forward. Let me know if its fixed now.
  4. Can you please post a screenshot of your questjournal?
  5. I agree with aelin, if a global tavern was a thing i would still like to have my village tavy so we can talk about our konoki secret recipes. I also agree about the emojis and the ping/notification. Maybe also: -Thumbs up/down for posts - Custom emojis x village, to upgrade by the kage in exchange of vf. Up to 5? and only published after moderation review. - Kawaii icons to display beside your name, maybe your fav badge when implemented? - audio notifications?
  6. Also one of the things it would help tavy so much is if it had notifications and mentions. Sometimes is not that we don't want to talk in tavy, but we go there and type, wait for an answer, go do another thing and we forget, maybe that one person we wanted to talk with replied, but it pass unnoticed until we remember to check tavy again. If I had a notification when someone mention me in tavern, would surely drag me back into the tavern, and make conversations more fluid. I'm not sure how hard is to implement something like that tho, TNR system is a bit of a puzzle.
  7. No problem, also I was trying to reply to your post on bugs, about the server. The site is currently experiencing some unexpected downtime. Unfortunately, we do not have an ETA on when things will be brought back up. Koala (the coder) has been notified, and we are looking into the issue. Fingers crossed that our fearless bear can bring things back swiftly! We apologize for the inconvenience. On the meantime Alba organized a meme contest with rep prizes. The contest is taking place in our Dev Discord Server, take a look, it will be fun.
  8. You are free to join our Dev Discord Server just click here. The purpose of the server is to keep track of bugs and Issues. There, you can also find some TNR game information and also a list of village discord servers made by players. Hope it helps! And welcome back.
  9. I want to bring back an old suggestion I made for core 2.5. I think at this point of the game this could be valid and interesting again. I link the original post here.
  10. I agree with Aelin, we can´t defeat discord, but there is sure something we can do to make the situation better. Before discord there was skype, msn, chatzy and private forums, still tavy was alive. Was. Now is a sad place, and it's such a pity, whenever a new player joins and ask for advice or seeks conversation in tavy, the picture he/she finds is terrible. This increases (a lot) the chances of new people quitting. Of course Im not saying people only quit because tavy is dead, but i think we all agree social activity plays an important role to engage people to stay. And we all would love to have more players, wouldn´t we? I think anything that encourages people to keep interacting in tavern will be good, and not only would make our social experience better, but will also help the game in other ways.
  11. I see the potential in this. Good suggestion Zim.
  12. Back in our days, hardcore players would set up alarms in their phones every 3 hours to do surgery, day and night, even interrupting their rl sleep. And clan race to the top was serious stuff. Was hard back then. I miss some old peeps, like sageninja619, keyla(ofc), kuroshigure, mikaela, 35746 ... Others are still around like koro, aiyume, alba, izame, kiira... And awesome new ones like Reizen, Khione, Phyre, Liko, Aelin, Blonk () .... And I'm sorry If I can't name you all but that's just prove of how great the social is in this game.
  13. Use guidelines if you expect to get an answer.
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