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  1. Ardaal

    C3 Jutsu Thread

    Read what the manual says about this. http://www.theninja-forum.com/content.php?144-a-ranks (first spoiler)
  2. Done. But some things to note... Desert Art: Entombment is supposed to have Dust as element, not Wind, being EE's BL jutsu. So check that back and if it's really wind for you, report as bug~ Also, just to be sure, I assume your specialization is nin? The last effect of that jutsu depends on specialization~
  3. Greetings. See ya in the battlefield
  4. Ardaal

    Manual Update

    The same logic is applicable for all of these to an extent. Basically, we don't use admin-knowledge to update anything that can be found out by users until users make them public, to be on the safe side. Of course we update anything like basic information or explanations etc. But being humans, we might forget to add some needed info sometimes, that's what the manual feedback thread is for. Long story short, if you think anything should be updated, just post there~ Also, what exactly in War page needs to be updated? Anything new and being tested by Terr right now? I'd wait till Terr's done with that then; but I remember updating the page some weeks back.
  5. Ardaal

    Manual Update

    BL Jutsu and jutsu generals? I think you are missing the policy of not spoon-feeding info. Things like those were always found out by users and submitted by them. Officials don't step in those things, things that can be tested and figured out by users. As you said, knowledge is power. Some want to keep the power private to themselves; and when someone else makes the knowledge public, we update it into the manual. (yes, some -were- annoyed when Kimi and I made a thread compilation of all jutsu generals in core 2) While you can debate/argue on the policy itself, this might not be the suitable place/suggestion for it.
  6. Ardaal

    Manual Update

    Just so we are on the same page, you are aware of how it works currently, right? http://www.theninja-forum.com/showthread.php?65836-C3-Manual-Feedback-Thread Anything posted ^ there is updated pretty fast. (I have it subscribed to my mail pfft) "A mod or admin will take on the role of Gathering new information as mentioned above, Sorting it out and looking for proof of testing." We already update things as we find. So you are suggesting, that we should have someone dedicated only to the job of constantly searching for information to update? "2.you will not have to look in the specific thread (which are way to long by now) and have access to the information almost instantly." Examples of such information? You can already find most information on BL or jutsu (known to public) in the manual anyway o.o' "3.Maybe make a special thread/inbox for new information for the manual." I am not sure what you mean. Details please?~ "We have a manual in TNR that is not updated with new information" Also, it'd be much more useful for everyone if you pointed out which information isn't updated, so it could be actually updated.
  7. Btw, ever considered Avalanche and Chikushou Genkai might be BLs from different sets? It might be that Avalanche has BL boost + regen while CG has BL jutsu + regen, I am not that sure though. Sorry, I forgot to say how exactly to test. I'll just quote myself. So yea, you need to show the residual your Senbon Strike dealt in 1 turn as well the damage that caused the residual. No need to be wary of its level as I said level doesn't effect its residual. And your lv.6 clone damage also means you have no nin boost. Edit: And considering the possibilities of 2 different sets, here's what I found from looking at the manual. (these are only assumptions based on not-so-concrete logic though) For the BL Jutsu + regen, possible BLs might be: Chikoshou Genkai - Tai (the BL jutsu and BL name screams tai) Swift Mind - Weap or Nin (judging from the jutsu name: Siphon Wire) Eagle Eye - Weap (there's a tiny chance it's like Hanpatsu R or Kyoubou I) Usotsuku Asobi - Gen (^ same as above) So there's a low chance Monolith is in this set. For the offense boost + regen, possible BLs might be: Avalanche - Nin Chinmoku Shikyaku? - Nothing is known about it, but judging from name... sounds Weapon'ish Steel Mind - Again, nothing is known, but judging from name, might be genjutsu due to the mind thing, but steel might direct to weap too (unlikely). Also, if I remember right, Steel Mind was gen in core 2. Monolith - your own BL. If it's in this set, the only (assumed) remaining offense is Tai. Also, let's see what Monolith means, "a large single upright block of stone, especially one shaped into or serving as a pillar or monument." Reminds me of a warrior standing firm not moved/swayed by anything. So, my personal advice: Tai. Anyway, you should check out weapon passive for just-in-case.
  8. Check out if you have any bloodline offense boost? As a genin, you can test for ninjutsu damage boost (with Clone Technique) and weapon jutsu damage boost (with Senbon Strike). Also, note what kinds of things the other +5 regen non-elemental D-ranks have. (if there's already such a D-rank with taijutsu, Monolith probably doesn't have taijutsu and so on)
  9. In the upcoming Occupation update, Medics will be buffed a bit too. Nothing over the top, but decent enough to make sure it doesn't fall back behind other occupations.
  10. Ardaal

    C3 Jutsu Thread

    Let me show you something. A normal elemental jutsu with 120% BL boost = 1.1 baseline. A special non-elemental jutsu 110% BL boost = 1.2 x 1.1 / 1.2 = 1.1 baseline.
  11. Probably because, this way, people will be forced to raid a little each and every day, something a PVP exp buff doesn't offer. (just my guess) And yea, it should be applicable only for PVP.
  12. Basically it's not perfect. Tbh, more should be attempted on it, but I don't want to risk the current balance with a quick attempt. And since our to-do list is already full anyway (gradually being implemented), we really should take the time with it~
  13. This is what you are missing. In a rank, there is only 1 special lightning jutsu. In a standard 10 rounds jutsu, you can use it only twice for full 1.2 baseline. If weakness is 1.08x, that's like 1.3 base for 2 turns. But, for the rest 8 turns, you have to use 1.1 base normal jutsu. With weakness, that's ~1.19 BUT, a YN user can also use 2 1.2 base special jutsu from 2 elements. They also have a BL jutsu to use. Also special non-elemental jutsu. And this is why the problem is minor. Also, don't forget weakness boost increases damage only, not effect~
  14. That's the thing. Staggered doesn't. Just because you have 1 element that can deal super-effective damage doesn't mean you can win against 3 elements SE on you. You are forgetting jutsu baseline. (yes, I do remember cooldown)
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