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  1. I once played this game a long time ago, then i stopped when i got busy. Now here i am once again. Hope that each of you say hello and that we can have a fun time together.
  2. choaswolfe

    Login Loop

    It seems that as i tried to login today, my password was not working so i tried to reset my password. What happens is that i try to reset my password and it does the Anti-bot confirmation then goes to the new terms page that i have to accept. upon accepting it does the anti-bot thing again and then sends me back to the password reset page and then repeats. At this point in time it seems that i can not login for some odd reason and i would like help with this.
  3. Taijutsu B-Rank Bloodline Gensutsu B-Rank Bloodline
  4. i see your point but there are what 2 summoning jutsu at most that i know of and 1 is a commander jutsu. and healing jutsus are not so many wither. my whole concern is the fact that the makers and staff of this game have not removed some of the nin or added more jutsu to ther offenses. as mary said about teh gen users and stuff. gunzlinger does have a good point and if they didnt have much creative ideas back then it was okay but now they have players and stuff to take suggestions from to gain more ideas if they can
  5. i have been wondering this for a while but why does ninjutsu have almost more jutsu than tai, gen and weapon combined? its as if you guys of the staff are trying to make people choose ninjutsu. i dont mind the fact that nin has more than the rest but to see that it out numbers the other but such a degree makes it seem unfair to those that have use the other offenses.
  6. choaswolfe

    Clan Vault

    I like this idea quite a bit the only this that while it will make the clans more interactive i believe there might be a problem with storage space for the 'vaualt' and the 'clan shop'. While that is the only issue i can see as of right now. i think that this is a great idea
  7. ya i just disapper into the void and train my jutsu to max there before going back to my village or raiding. I do like the i dea that i made but i doubt they will use but i thought i might as well make the suggestion.
  8. Suggestion Outline: The ablity to train a jutsu in the My jutsu tab when awake. Learning a jutsu would still have to be learned through the train area. Changes: there would be a link next to forget jutsu called train jutsu which will trin the justsu if you are awake, and have the ryo needed. befit: it could cut down on complaints, allow for faster jutsu training. why it matters: it dosen't really, i fugred it would help all the players out and for the new players to have a little bit of a better chance to survive. Problems/concern: May take up a lot of space and cause sever stress, spamable and may be unbalanced to the current game.
  9. choaswolfe

    Jutsu Thread v.2

    i personally like most of jutsu updates that the balencing tem have done. although in time i hope that new jutsu get added to tai, gen and weapon because there are not many to choose from like ninjutsu
  10. they are as balanced as i could make them although i still neew one more physical weakness i just couldnt think of one
  11. ya i know about the fuuma shurikan abd i didnt notice the 30 shurikan i though i out 20 alright fixed the fuuma shurikan and the number of regular shurikan fixed fighting style i hate leving things blank so the fighting style and type are both bugging me big time >> anything else?
  12. ill try my best.....might have to make the whole overall as a spoiler
  13. ok i updated it with everything you told me ^_^ anything else
  14. i thought AS were only aloud a maxiumum of 8 secondary weapons the jutsus ill add in a bit later but i know what they are just gotta go find them again and thanks for the help ivory
  15. Name: Wolfe, Tristen Age: 16 Gender: Male Height: 6'1" Weight: 155LBS Appearance: Eyes:white(almost blind) hair:blonde(long down to his chin covering his left eye) Shirt: black Pants: dark blue shoes: gray/black he is lean with lots of muscle and little to no fat. his hair covers a scar that runs from just above his eyebrow to the middle of his cheekon his left side. Level/Rank: academy student Village: Konoki Clan: (apllied to kimera) Language: common, konoi{dark green} (has a konoi accent when speaking in anything other than konoi) Main/Favored Weapon: Training Dual Blades (1ft long blunt blades each) Side Arms: Kunai x10, shurikan x20, fuuma shurikan x3, nekode x2 Element: Wind Fighting Type: Fighting Style: Physical Strengths: - excellent strength - above avarage accuracy - great hearing - great smell Physical Weaknesses: - horriable sight - below avarge speed - horriable flexiabligty - absoultly horriable vunerabiligty to fire Mental Strengths: - good little to no fear of wind - great intellegent - good genjutsu are less effective for sight - can communicate with most native animals around konoki Mental Weaknesses: - phobia of fire (bad) - horriable attention span - bad at talking with people - genjutsu more effective for hearing and smell Jutsu: - Tsuuga [Piercing Fang] -Fuuton: Kaze no Purusu Kougeki [Wind Release: Wind Pulse Attack] Henge no Jutsu} Bunshin no Jutsu}all are know by all RPC put them here at the suggestion of Ivory Deluge (thx) Kawarimi no Jutsu} Background: Born in konoki, he wanted to become a ninja froma young age as he watched the shinobi rush from task to task. he trained his body and mind hard for years in the depths of konoki's forest. through his time there he gained the abligty to talk and understand most of the beast around konoki and in its forests. but because of the darkness in the forest he lost most of his eyesight. Tristen lost track of his time in the forsets of konoki and joined the Academy a little later than most. while in the forest he found that he was partculaily good at taijutsu and wind type ninjutsu although was not very good at most genjutsu, most of the type he would hit himself with any genjutsu he tried to learn. he found that he loved the company of animals and the forest more than ofther humans. although he still wanted to help them so he join the shinobi academy Sample Post: Tristen sat at the entrance ceremony for the academy. He was older than most of the new students but that did not bother him. He was bothered by the fact that there were so many people around him. The many different smells and unfamilar face made him uneasy. "Attention, All of you who have join us in the Shinobi Academy, be prepared for you will train hard here and become great shinobi one day." With those words spoken by one of the ninja standing infront they began to call out names. The names were eached called out and one of the young stundents walked up to the teachers and were given a paper. Tristen assumed that the paper help their class information. "Wolfe, Tristen." With his name spoken he stood up from the back of the students. he stood above them all with his tall figure. Tristen quietly took his paper and entered the academy. The halls were close together and forced people to interact. Tristen tried to make his way to his classroom without talking to any of the other students.
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