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  1. Maybe keep the sign-ups opened for a while! I have been busy and not able to make my deck yet!
  2. What a party pooper. And my intentions were not for this to become a "Who owns Mort" thread. >:C
  3. I wanna join. Forum name is Dragon-BDC
  4. Yes! I almost forgot! Mort is my favorite overall! Than sexy piece of hunk! Ohmai!
  5. I wanna know, those of the TNR Community, who your favorite Moderator is. If you wanna post both TNR and TNR mods, then put TNR or TNF besides the name. If you like none of the mods, then say so! My favorites are; Azuraion Wolfpack16 Idylon ♥ As an extra text to your post, you can also say why you like that Mod you mentioned.
  6. Oh, good to know. xD Well I have no more -good- question ideas so I don't know if I'm able to support furthermore!
  7. Option... I bet this will be accepted. And of course! No reply to my question/answer(s) whatsoever! I'm not showing anymore support! >:C
  8. Lmfao, good question. For some reason it should take me 8960 kunais to kill the remaining 160 mercenaries. I think I may have written the wrong equation, but hey, I'm way past my bed time.
  9. Well this is me showing support since I want SD Open Beta ASAP: You're on a mission with your squad. Your squad has a total of 3 shinobi. You're in a situation where one of your squad members is threatened and about to die. You as a ninja know that the mission is always the priority. Your best way to approach this would be by; (keep in mind that by choosing any of this the scenario can change, for example if you choose to complete the mission then your partner is most likely to die, every ninja knows the risks. If you try to save your partner, you might fail the mission and may not even save your squad member, and so on.) a) You follow the ninja code and complete your mission. You can't let a partner die, so you attempt to save your partner. c) Panic, you don't know what to do so you recklessly go after the opponent. ** Both B & A options are correct, since every ninja has it's own ways and decisions to make throughout their ninja path. ----- That long part in between the two parenthesis can be removed if the question is too long. Please do make any changes you may need to do to this so it fits your means. ;D Oh crap! Linder's question involves math!! SHHHHHHHHHHH!FUUUUUUUU!!!
  10. XxDRAGONxX

    Hmmm... ?

    Will that Loyalty thing ever gonna work or get fixed? It's been almost a year after the first 365 days now.
  11. How is this fun if the creator of this isn't even playing it? But now I'm back. Banned because you have been using that avatar for quite a while now. ;P
  12. Banned for posting a subliminal message in that post!
  13. XxDRAGONxX

    Jutsu Thread v.2

    Is the first post with the jutsus updated/edited? Elemental Crush is now Earth Element and not Wind. And add the 1 turn stun effect on that jutsu...
  14. Banned cus I hate school. x.x
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