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  1. I wanna see Luffy and Boa Hancock making out.
  2. Haha!! Thank you for the warm welcome!!! [*UGHH* hey hey let me go it's hard to breathe O.o]
  3. LOL yesterday Guntlet and I we were talking about our class with you Deca! we did really miss you!! Guntlet will be back soon. and yea lol everytime I see an anvil, You come in my head Mr. Anvil man
  4. hello guys!! I'm Pablo I missed TNF. I'm back
  5. errrr kittens huh wow xD LMAO anyways welcome back again!!
  6. Banned cuz u don't even know what u do in ur free time!! O.o weird
  7. "*Gasp* Where am I? " Suddenly a trembling voice broke the silence inside the room. With his eyes wide open, Pablo examined the surrounding. It appeared no one's presence inside that quiet room besides him. The only thing he could hear was the continuous sound made by the table clock on his right side. Finding himself laying down on a hospital's bed, Pablo tried to think back what brought him here. He slowly got up and laid back on the wall and tried to recall everything. "Who would have thought attending a class would end up on a hospital's bed." A light smile appeared on Pablo's face after realizing how he got there. " Hah! I was stupid. But at least I'm relieved that everything went fine. I hope that woman would find some truth in my words." Thinking about his class, Pablo took a deep breath and looked outside the window. It seemed like the morning dawn just broke. He could feel the freshness in the air. He didn't want waste his time laying down on a bed. He wanted to go out somewhere to chill on this fine morning. Pablo gently raised from the bed and walked near to the cupboard at the end corner of the room. He took off his patient's cloth and changed back to his tuxedo which was inside the cupboard. It was a bit dirty, but he was happy to be on his own cloth. With a satisfied looks on his face he kept his both hands inside his pant's pockets and smiled looking at his own reflection on the window's glass. Now he was ready to leave that place. "I hope shine is doing fine with Felix..." Pablo thought and walked out from the door humming. [Exit]
  8. banned cuz your Anvil says "No more" xD
  9. Banned cuz he acts like uncle not mother duhh!!
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