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  1. I'd have loved to attend this but im not sure i'll even be able to post for sometime, also do include me just incase, if i dont rp, pretend i'm there waisted xD the link is in my sigggy =]
  2. now theres a WEEHEEE i'd do for!!! haha does that mean that i'll not have to train my pet inorder to rank her up either? P.s. could you link me up to the link for it if its not a trouble for you? EDIT:oh never mind me, i got the link to it =]
  3. of course i will, are ya crazy or what? and with all the new updates who'd want to leave?.. lol i will be semi-active or just eavesdropping for about a month from now on. after this week, i am having some kinna camp, "teenstreet" if you wanna know. and i'll be gone for about 20-25 days to places for a tour. i will however maybe come online for short amount of time on-tour. I will then start my new genin life after i return. and i am stating this as if anyone would care enough to know this.. xD but see when i see ya again =]
  4. yup yup! i can now focus on actually creating a char i had on my mind now! so yay... a excellent job by the staff people! =] p.s training's removed? o.o
  5. um hum good thing i waited until the new patch before i ranked up, i think thinks are gonna get more exciting. I personally abso-frikking-lutely love the sechi lore part! it just sounds so.... lore! like yea!
  6. Guntlet

    Tales of Seichi

    wow, i'd love for my char to be there too, he's probably the skinniest food manic carefree dude the princess will ever meet with. with the little fox too hehe. but i think she will meet him very late during her trip maybe after couple of vol later like way later? =] EDIt: the profile's here for felix and here for Eia =]
  7. OOC:: NOOOOOOooooooooo! i was about to open the briefcase after the situation was normal Dx ..... why'd you run away with all the chocolate we've almost died for?! IC:Felix would cover up his wound on his neck and back up from Gabby and turn only to find her knocked down on the ground and some kind of puppets grabbing the culprits. Eia would growl and run to Felix's arms and lick him all over his face and that was when he heard the magic words."Pass."The overwhelming joy and the thrill of passing a mission for the first time would make him forget the wound on his neck and wonder off on his on. He would wonder on his own thoughts for sometime and come to senses only to find their sensei carry the blind kid. For crying out loud, it looked no where normal and to ride off in a fiery horse made things much more weird. It reminded him of some fairy tale where prince would come to save the princess and they would go live in the castle happily ever-after, only difference, it was a girl doing all the work. But anyway he would let the thought go for this time as he HAD seen some very weird things after coming to the academy. "So... you guys want to eat or something?"This would bring a wide smile on Felix's face. He would nod with a enthusiastic face and answer,"I would love to do that, just message me like literally when ever you wanna get together and do some more of the missions, training and stuffs. And oh yes, i never got to see what was in the briefcase. what do you think there was?" Felix would think of all the possibilities for whatever there could be maybe chocolates? Anywho it was now time to hit the showers. Felix would think of a new day, it was now about time he ranked up to genin. He would think of all the stuff that could happen, new challenges and much more missions. A smirk would be seen on Felix's face if anyone care to notice. He would then again wonder off in to thoughts before Eia, angrily would knowingly push Felix on his wound on his neck. This would make Felix remember the wound and that would bring the pain back. "ouch! comeon! i had forgotten about it and now you've reminded me of the pain too" he would say taking the ointment and using some on his wound. And they would wonder off after Akagi too. EXIT
  8. well yes, i dont think i know you but take care anyway. and hope to see ya soon again maybe =] EDIT: and GOSH! its not even been 2 weeks since you joined 0.0 why you no stay?
  9. mehehe looks like a fat dude slightly tilted to the left xD thanks =]
  10. Ofcourse the idea of substituting himself with a piece of rock was ridiculous and it would not work. "okay, things are stirring up a bit, should i head butt her on her face and escape? or should i wait? nea waiting is no fun. I should escape, that happens and we win." Felix thought to himself. It was clear to him that this deal was to go nowhere and it would only lead to blood in the end. If he escaped however, the things could have changed, the tables could have turned again. Felix would formulate a plan to escape while all the chit-chat would going on. He basically planed to headbutt Gabby's face (with the back of his head) as hard as he could. This could have worked as Gabby was right behind Felix with her knife on Felix's throat. A instant surprising headbutt could have made her visions shake, her nose bleed maybe, or she could even fall to the ground. "And I will kill YOUR friend. Try to stop our escape and HE dies. Kill my friend and he dies. If I cut his artery, can you save him in thirty seconds? Isn't that funny how that works? We both don't want to loose a teammate he........." And BAM!! Felix would headbutt Gabby as frigging hard as he could. Gabby would have been speaking and she would have nowhere expected the headbutt. Felix would escape Gabby had the trick worked. "Ouch, that hurt!" Massaging the back of his head, Felix would stay cautious not to get caught again. Felix didn't want things to go this way, at most hitting a girl when she was speaking, but the things needed to change if they were to go home safe.
  11. OOC: lol yus this keeps getting better and better every post xD IC: FOOLED again, Felix would sigh as the things go down the way he didnt want it to go. And just when they were almost done for the day. "and i though we could do this the nice way. you had to go and do that." His habit of trusting complete strangers would someday probably have him killed. He would feel his arm twist and his joints ache. "ouch! be gentle will ya?" Felix would feel force in his joint on his shoulder, but because of how flexible he was with his body, the twisting would not effect him as much it would seem it would. He would still be able to use his fingers or hand in that case. Too bad the girl underestimated Felix too. Felix would stay calm there and would try and reach his instrument HUNG on his back. He could easily reach it and strum it if he wanted in the position he was in. Gabby also seemed to forget the little fox and how handful she could be. Eia at the sudden sign of attack by the girl would counter her on her face. Of could Gabby would not be able to outsmart a more smarter deceiver, who also had an animal instinct with her. Eia would attack the face directly and jump away from her to more safer place, beyond her reach. Just as Eia would jump, Felix would try and strum his so called guitar and activate his musical skills and replace him self with a considerable peace of rock by the wall. If he however succeeded in doing this he would again shoot out green projectiles towards the girl's face, especially targeting the eyes. He would follow up the attack with a kunai attacking her lower body parts (thighs) after his wind bullets. If he would somehow be able to do this all he would not only escape the danger but also disable Gabby. Felix didnt have strength but he had other qualities to successfully execute this all. Eia would run to Felix if Felix would be able to escape the harm. OOC: im not sure if im power playing but sure hope im not. and bout that replacement, the rock is a OK substance to replace with rite? if it is the same size.
  12. Upon seeing a girl come there out of nowhere almost about to cry for her teammates, surrendering to them Felix would walk towards her and pat her on her back and putting his arm around her he would speak as if he knew her for a long time now,"yes! thats the way to go!! and i honestly thought gabby was a guy, like literally a dude! nice meeting ya Gabby, its a good thing we met under better circumstances than your friends there." Felix would laugh hard making a fool out of himself at this point and Eia would bite down on his hair which would be sticking out on all directions. To be honest Felix was quiet surprised to find that this Gabby person was actually a girl. With these the mission seemed to go quiet well. Felix would look around to his mates if they were all good. While others seemed just fine to him, one was not doing good. The blind kid seemed exhausted and looked weak. "ahh he just needs a lot to eat and some rest. i think i should give him my chocolate bar!" Felix would take out a bar of chocolate from his pocket. It had brown wrapper on it and had "SNICKERS" clearly written on it. Where he got that from was all irrelevant, he just got it. "Here you go, eat this up and you'll feel better in no time!" or so is what i would like to think. you look like you're gonna pass out. Felix would wonder to himself. Felix would give it to the blind kid, where he wanted it or not was up to him. If he didn't want it Felix would probably eat it himself. Now that all was over, they got the briefcase, the culprits and with one person hazing out they had nothing to do there in the cave any more. Felix would ask aloud,"now what do we do? go home and take a shower?"
  13. Felix would retract the wired kunai towards him and stay in position to either dodge or to kick back. Upon seeing what their reaction would be he would be ready to act back. He would also keep an eye towards the camp, towards Eia precisely. "One's injured, the other ones freaking out. hum we've got this one covered if i have to say it. we just gotta move faster before the other one comes that is." A smile with a hint easiness would be seen on Felix's face, that is if anyone even care to notice it. "Felix, since your working with Kuro...you'll probably have nothing to do now...Felix, I think you should go check on Eia...........Akagi, another one is coming soon, I can hear their footsteps coming down the tunnel near the tents...I hope I helped, because I don't think I can stay concious much longer..." "Man! we gotta work faster!" Felix would think to himself. Felix would quickly look over towards the camp and run his eyes all across to find Eia and her whereabouts. He would soon find her jumping(not literally) around the sleeping bags. Not that anyone would notice her doing that, she seemed to find something there. Kuro seemed fine himself so Felix would hurry there to see if anything was worth there that was their time around the tunnel. Eia would push against a bulge in one of the bags wanting Felix to check it. Whatcha got there Eia? Felix would insert his arm through an opening on the top and find something hard there. He would pull it out to find a almost "worn-out-old-looking-brown-leather-ed" briefcase. He would hang it on air and say,"Dudes i think i found something here!" out loud for everyone to hear it. No one would be sure what was going on on his head that made him say that out loud, it was probably the excitement. Anywho, Felix would quickly grab Eia and run towards where his sensei was to hand her the briefcase.
  14. OOC: i am sorry for not posting sooner. i was gonna "hand" akagi a flash bomb on friday (lol) but the internet died. and because of the wedding ceremony of my brother, i was so frigging busy the whole weekend. am now getting a space to breathe after all that happened. i apologize again.. IC: Felix wanted to hand Akagi a flash bomb but things seemed to move very fast for Felix and before he knew he heard a fair warning. "Fire in the hole!" Felix would quickly act to it and cup in Eia in his arms as so to cover her whole inside him and he himself would duck behind whatever they were hiding behind and close his eyes for a second or so. Upon opening his eyes he would be able to see others into action already and see Kuro jumping on one of them already. He was not sure what was happening but he would let Eia on the floor and whisper to her quickly. "Go on and see what you can find in their camp there ok? be careful and come back to me with whatever you find there." Felix would sign Eia towards the camp. Whether she would bring back anything was irrelevant. What she could find there was. The briefcase would probably be bigger than Eia but she could come back and "inform" Felix about it and that would have been enough. Felix would throw one kunai towards the guy to the left to pin him down and tie two kunai to his strings and swing them towards the one whom Kuro had attacked. His plan was for kunai to go around the "bad guy" and tie him down with the help of the strings. The strings would probably go around the kid and around him couple of times before being completely bound by the string. This would certainly work if the guy was to dodge an attack from Kuro. Eia on other hand would quietly go down to where the enemy had made their base and raid the camp as quietly as she could. What she would find there would completely depend on what there was on the first place.
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