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  1. (sorry, don't have much time today but dont want to keep you guys waiting. might expand on this in a day or so, but the core is here) "What kind of produce did you bring? My clan bought the finest selection of flowers! It's been pretty hard repopulating the world with some of the breeds that should have gone extinct during the calamity." Hana's ears perked up from her dormant state as the boy explained his presence in the village, she thought it strange that Tei was taking such an interest in his business but it wasn't worth calling out, instead she turned her head back to Akagi with expectant eyes, pausing from her food whilst she waited. Noodles dangling from her chopsticks momentarily before she placed them back down.
  2. “Top… Se... cret.†It was a swift response to Akagi in a sing-song tone without a moment of hesitation. She made it clear that they wouldn’t get anything more out of her even with the grin that was plastered across the young girls face. Her gaze swung back to Tei as he spoke and she took a moment to think about his offer, her eyes scooting off to the side away from Akagi as she considered it and returning back to her new found shinobi friend as she nodded in agreement. “If you are heading towards the mansion, it would be a shame not to go together.†Ramen arrived at the table for Tei and Hana together and she looked around to check that Akagi had got his before mimicking Tei in his gestures, making sure that her hands were clasping in the same way as his as she bowed a few moments later. There was no reason to copy him, she wasn’t even sure why she did but that was how it went down. “Ohh…That was quick. Itadakimasu!†Hana inhaled deeply as the aroma washed over her senses, filling her with a sense of inner peace as she could finally relax after the uncomfortable journey. She reached out and placed her hands around the bowl, basking in the heat that coursed through her pale skin, instinctively closing her eyes as she enjoyed the sensation. And then once she had returned to reality, she began to consume the meal, slowly. Letting the tastes and textures of her meal be absorbed to it’s fullest, watching the two boys continue conversing quietly. For all the worry that Tei had, Hana was completely at ease in her current situation. She continued to eat and relax without a care in the world.
  3. Pretty much. If its your shit,its your call lol
  4. Hana was taken aback by Akagi’s response to her rhetorical question, jolting up slightly as the boy behind her spoke. Quickly she turned her own head to put a face to the unknown voice, raising her pale hand up to her face and swiftly brushing her fringe away from her eyes. Her steely coloured orbs would meet with Akagi’s gaze but her expression soured for the briefest of moments once she realised that she could not make out his eyes beyond the goggles. However her smile quickly returned as her sing-song voice answered his question. “Oh, No. Sorry. It was just a rhetorical question. Although if you know the answer, it might come in handy. You don’t look like you are from around here though.†At this point Tei had taken a seat next to her without her noticing and when he joined the conversation with an answer to her question, she nodded understandingly and grinned, she wasn’t used to being such a center of attention. Hana rubbed her hands up and down her arms once again but wasn’t feeling any particular coldness anymore, staring away into the fire as she enjoyed the warmth trickling over her skin. She could taste the fire from here, a smokey flavour that she didn’t particularly like and one she would wash down with some water from her bottle. The unexpectedly cold snapped her back to reality instantly as Tei was getting back from his order. “And I’m Misutsu, Hana! Please forgive my rudeness, I’m not used to this place yet.†She introduced herself directly after Tei just as enthusiastically as the older boy and gave Akagi opportunity to pitch in if he desired before turning her head back to Tei to answer his follow-up question. “I’m afraid that I’m here for a top secret meeting with the Kage. If I told you any more than that, I would have to have the ANBU kill you.†She laughed at her ‘If I told you, I would have to kill you’ joke like a little child, watching both Tei and Akagi’s expressions like a hawk whilst she did so. Her voice was mostly serious in tone, or as serious as a joking girl could be, and she wasn’t sure what to think of either of these two male shinobi yet.
  5. Who has time for anime when handegg has returned!
  6. (I figure waiting 4 days for Shy was enough so I’m just going to jump in. Trying not to jump too far ahead of him but no harm in continuing one round if need be.) Skipping up to the ramen stand, she quickly hopped up onto a stool and took a moment to look around for Tei. The boy had been slow to react it seemed and had not kept up with her increased pace and she merely shook her head in disappointment at her new found friend. In the brief moment of hesitation, the other shinobi managed to take his seat and order before her, a sigh slipping from her lips as she realised this. “Tonkotsu Ramen please! I’m starving!†Her nostrils flared as glorious smells wafted up her nose, her mouth instantly watering as she watched the cooks in action. The increased warmth of the ramen place caused her muscles to relax and swiftly she swung Tei’s cloak out from around her and folded it up on her lap, beckoning with one hand for Tei to join her. “Is it always this cold in the village? Or can I expect worse to come?†Whilst she waited for the Frosty ninja to rejoin her, Hana let her gaze wander across the others who were waiting upon their good, her steely orbs lingering on each person for a few moments before moving on to the next, slowly assessing the situation around her. If any met the young child’s gaze, they would be met with a gentle smile and wave.
  7. Your reputation precedes you. edit: womp womp
  8. Welcome back James. Its only the other day I mentioned you (it was your bday), its like you were summoned. And I think the majority of us have agreed that attempting to bring old RPCs into the new system is a nightmare that leaves them gimped in comparison before. Even with 15 levels, I can't bring Demi up to expectations. Finding info on the great upheaval is surprisingly difficult. Someone like Aka might be able to help with retrieving information that is relevant.
  9. Hana slowed down momentarily as she sensed Tei’s fumbling behind her before continuing on at a young girl’s dragging pace, not particularly speedy by any means but still a fairly fast walk. She thought nothing of his ‘looking like an idiot’, it was only surprise and in turn, she was surprised by his inquiries into her homeland, to which she craned her neck to look back over at him with a thoughtful expression. “Nagare was ruined during the catastrophe, that’s correct. My father used to serve as an emissary to Hyouga and Rikuhi at points during his life. Apparently I was born in the Frost Country though, so I guess that’s why I’m here. I’ve got to meet with the Kage, or something.†The little girl sighed at the thought of having to go meet her half-sister and scrunched up her face slightly before returning back to her smiling face for her friend. Still moving forward, she turned her gaze back to the streets around her and spotted a familiar symbol above her eyeline. “Look, Ramen! I found it!†She pointed excitedly at the sign, bobbling slightly up and down on the spot in her happiness, before letting go of Tei’s hand and burst off into a swift skipping motion towards their destination. Weaving between people, she would no doubt pass by the out of place shinobi from the sun country but would pay no heed to him, her focus solely and obsessively on the food she was heading for.
  10. That sounds like someone who I brainwashed a long time ago.
  11. Its totally working fine. Now you belong to the elites too!
  12. I almost miss my name in red. Almost. But I miss my name in green the most xD Gotta get to writing some RP now that Shyshy has replied.
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