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  2. I kind of expanded the time line a bit yea lol, I the description up in feb and didn't check out the stuff. But by up and coming, I meant that with it's past leaders the clan hasn't been as powerful and still feeling the pains of Grandi's crimes but under the newest leadership they are starting to come out and gain respect from the villagers and shinobi. Skills =/= Respect
  3. Name: The Zargeki Wolf Pact Jutsu Slots: 1 A-rank, 1 S-Rank Village Origin: Hyougagakure Creature Description: Natural Traits: Special Effects: Summoning Ritual: User goes through a series of handseals, then immediately sticks his nails into his leg, all five nails must have blood on them. They must then put their nails into the ground, and turn their hand in a circular motion, creating a circle on the ground. After this the user must also take his sword and stab the ground within the circle. Summons: History: Pact Training Time: Name: Give a name for your Summoning Pact Jutsu Slots: Note up to how many slots the pact may take up Note: A summoning pact will only consume A-rank slots Village Origin: Where did the pact originate Creature Description: Give a description of the “species†or “type†that the summons belong to, as well as a name for the “species†or “typeâ€Â. This can be a fictional or real species, though it needs to be reasonable. For example “summons that fly†is too broad a description by far. Natural Traits: Any special traits or strengths that the creatures may have as a result of their species or type. Abilities like flight go in here. Also, some natural traits may not be universal, as in some birds won't be able to fly. Be reasonable with what you put here. There is a limit to how many things will be allowed, and anything that would normally take a jutsu slot, will take a jutsu slot. Special Effects: *THIS IS OPTIONAL* List any special effects that happen during the summoning. Summoning Ritual: *THIS IS OPTIONAL* Describe the summoning process. The standard summoning process is to do hand seals, draw blood, and place blood on a solid surface. If that is your summoning process, omit this section. Hand Seals: Describe what your summons do in place of hand seals. Creatures that have the capability to do hand seals, can simply do hand seals.. Summons: List the names and ranks of your summons by sets. Each set should be within its own spoiler tag. Each set may contain either 1 or multiple summons. If it contains one summon, the summon may be of any rank, and have jutsu and weapons. If the set contains multiple summons, all summons must be B-rank or lower, have no jutsu, no non-natural weapons, and up to 6 may be contained per pact. Also, fill out one of the following template for each individual different summon, sorted by sets. Spoiler! History: When was the contract first made? How? What happened to the scroll between time of summon forming and your RPC learning it? Please makes this interesting. Pact Training Time: The number of days of training it takes to master the pact. Each individual summon can be trained only after this training is completed. Minimum 5 days.
  4. Mahri looked at Isamu while he stood, and looked as if he was gathering thoughts or attempting to remember something. He mentioned jutsu training, perhaps he had to focus to do the jutsus? Mahri had remembered his jutsu training at home, they weren't his thing but he was able to get it somewhat. Mahri heard him say it was a very rare occasion so maybe it was some type of special jutsu! Mahri took a step forward in anticipation. "I've heard of jutsus, and jutsu training, but I've never done or seen anything powerful!" He then realized it'd probably be best to be quiet and let Isamu focus on the jutsu at hand. He said it's not one by the books, maybe it's something he learned from some kind of kage! He was finally looking more like an academy student while standing there excited waiting for the surprises, if there's one thing to get him worked up, it's that!
  5. Sorry about the font, it just looks cute lol if anybody would like me to change it just ask! Thank you for the 1/2 stamp and the compliment
  6. Mahri listens as Isamu speaks about other clans and how some have the same traits. Suddenly an aura that felt evil had came over him, he suddenly looked up and focused on Isamu. Fangs began to grow from his mouth, as well as a change in eye color. Mahri couldn't help but to feel a sense of fear and helplessness. Although he stood his ground, it was more that the fear was paralyzing. Once he explained where he has such abilities and revealed his tattoo, the feel started to go away and Mahri took a few steps back to resume training, deciding to not dwell on the feeling he just had. "Well, other people may have similar traits, but to me, my family possess the best of them! The only times I care of peoples traits would either be to make friends, or enemies." After realization of the fact that Asamu's last name isn't Zhou, he became curious to how he had gained the abilities. He stopped hitting the dummy and looked at the shinobi with a puzzled look. "Excuse me, do you mind if I ask how you came by those abilities... and that tattoo? What does it stand for? As a kid he always has loads of questions, but he tries to hold back due to respect and the fact that he knows that it may annoy some people.
  7. Zargeki Family I wouldn't mind, I can't tell if we'd be enemies or allies, we both have a love for wolves, but our villages fought in a war. The clan hasn't been accepted yet but yea, lol if you'd like we can have relations.
  8. Edited, thanks I just thought that when a player who chose Wood as a main element would have to pick Water and Ground when they are allowed more elements.
  9. Mahri's eyes open wide as he realized he forgot to give his name, and the man had noticed that. The man introduced himself after laughing a bit at the fact that Mahri forgot. He bowed and apologized in again, embarrassment. "Ahh, sorry sorry Mr.Takeshi!" Mahri stood straight and sheathed his bokken on his back. He took a few steps closer towards Isamu, and his pet Egen. He wanted to take a step towards facing his fear, literally. "I'm Mahri Zargeki, of the Zargeki clan in Hyouga!" His nails protruded two-three inches, naturally as they we're before but he stuck his hand in front of his face in a motion to show it off. He wanted to show off the fact that he was a member of the royal family so he also took off his shirt to show the tattoo on his back of two wolves, circling around a sword. The symbol that identifies royal family. Of course, not everyone would know this, especially if they're not from Hyouga themselves.
  10. Just pointing out that the moon is sealing the 10 tails, or something like that... probably why the moon is even involved.
  11. OOC: Thank you for the permission . Eventually I'll conform it into my own style as well lol. IC: Mahri stood strong as the tiger began to eat a rabbit that it had held in it's mouth. The animal and man had seemed to almost have a conversation, from this point on Mahri knew that this guy was no genin, to him he seemed to be a jounin, like his father. The man suddenly let a little chuckle out as he waved for Mahri to go closer and to even pet the tiger, claiming it's his companion. "You'll have to forgive me, I can't pet that beast, such things frighten me." Mahri let show a small smile of embarrassment as he slowly walks back towards the training dummy to resume his practices. He noticed that calling the tiger a beast may come off as rude so he stopped and looked at the man while placing his hand behind his head. "Beast as in a beautiful animal, I mean, I don't want you to think I meant any disrespect!" He heard the tigers name, Egen,and somewhat faced his fear in order to show some respect to the mans offer. He waved from where the training dummy was towards the tiger. "Hi there Egen... Hey just wondering, what is your name sir?" Being curious young boy he wants to know everyone, especially such a powerful ninja who for some reason introduced his companion before himself.
  12. OOC: I'm gonna be stealing your IC style now I like it lol, as in the way you construct the RPs. You'll see lol IC: Mahri found himself still looking at the man that had seemed to be showing some good skills. When the man explained the form of his jutsu Mahri only nodded while remembering his father's and most of the clan's abilities of Wood ninjutsu. "I see this must be a different form of ninjutsu then..." All of a sudden a giant pillar rose from behind Mahri and he couldn't do anything but stand still while it rose. His eyes grew wide with a sense of fear as a blade flew towards his face. In an immediate reaction he tried to block with his bokken but just as it reached his face, it took a curve and hit the pillar. A sigh of relief escaped his breath as his eyes returned to normal. Mahri noticed the blade retracting slowly back towards the man's sleeve. He wanted to throw one of his kunai's in the chain to jam it to the ground but he doubted he had enough skill yet to risk engaging in a fight. "The gap may be huge but it will be made up quickly, I guarantee you that!" Mahri went back to his training as hard as he could. Swinging his bokken, kicking with his legs, and punching with his fist. all while still maintaining a semi-constant look towards the man, as if he was possessed. "Your technique is similar to my families, but rather than rock, it's wood." He smirked hoping the man would realize that one day soon Mahri will be able to basically mimic his technique, and then some! Again, another surprise as a huge white tiger appeared by the man's side. He jumped back twice with his bokken ready in a fighting stance. Truly he was ready to run, huge animals scare him half to death, but he can't show too much fear in this situation. "If this is his pet, there's no way he is a genin, if he's even a chunin he must be lucky to get a pet of that size!"
  13. Mahri was still training when he noticed a lighting bolt hit the ground right next to him. In a quick reaction he swung his bokken in the air and jumped back in fear and surprise. "What was that..." Mahri let out a loud sigh of relief as he realized he was safe. As he looked up from where the the lighting bolt hit to ground, he noticed an older shinobi standing saying Such a nice scene which made Mahri think he must have no fears. As the shinobi greeted himself Mahri couldn't help but marvel at the man before him, he appeared to be a man of great importance and rank in the community and just made Mahri want to train harder and one day become a great ninja like him. He smiled brightly and said "Hi there". Almost immediately he went and tried to train while maintaining a conversation but for some reason he found himself under a random sensation to look back at the shinobi. Mahri couldn't help but to stare. Of course this went against his nature so he found himself in confusion but felt as if under a spell. When the man ask Mahri to continue training, he did so, but he changed his position to where he could train as well as focus on the man. He noticed the ninja walk away and character a chair out of thin air which amazed Mahri. He decided to speak up with a shy voice, "Uhmm excuse me sir... but how did you do that?" with an admiring tone.
  14. Clan Name: Zargeki Clan Village: Hyouga Main Element: Wood Head Leader: Sumy Zargeki(NPC) Type: TaiJutsu Symbol: Two wolves , circling around a sword. Style: Swordsman, much rather use a katana than bare fist. Social Standing: Semi-Elite Guards, participates in war. # of RPC Members Allowed: Open with approval. Description: Zargeki is a small clan, that has just recently begin to blosm into a strong, shinobi training clan. They have a love for wolves, idolized as the quick killers of the forest, this is not to mislead you to think that every member of the clan owns a wolf or a dog. Their focuses in training are speed and agility since they naturally have better lower bodies, and weakend upper bodies. These people are just now considered a part in the Hyougaan military, due their endless efforts and vigorous training. Of course, not all members of the clan are meant for war which is why they have a separate division called the "Sentinels". Only those who are capable of passing the test may be part of this. While having it's civilians, patrons, and Sentinel, they have a royal family. The royal family at this point in time consist of Sumy Zargeki(NPC), Mara Zargeki(NPC), Mahri Zargeki, and Dayton Zargeki(NPC). More to be explained in the background. Background: The story of Grandi Zargeki The story of Sumy Zargeki The Ambush Stopped Short Special Attributes: Born with somewhat natural sword skill. Long, sharp nails, two-three inches. Strengths: Weapon Usage Good Speed Good Lower Body Strength Shortcomings: Low Endurance Lowered upper body strength. Typically weak Genjutsu defense, as well as attack. Notes: Please excuse any typing errors, I wrote majority of this late around three am, as well as writing in notepad and there is no spell check there :X.
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