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  1. I'm finally moved into my new place \o/ Almost done assembling furniture, then I can unpack my six whole boxes of crap, lol.
  2. Bloody thing didn't notify me there were PM's, and I've been busy with all sorts of stuff D: (mostly housing related) To answer your question, yes, there do seem to be issues with e-mails, since apparently it refuses to tell me I have PM's ~_~ The mail tester also says it can't send any e-mails, but doesn't seem to be telling me why *digs in the logs*
  3. An even larger avatar? I already find these ones to be atrociously large, lol @_@
  4. You do realize you're responding to a three year old thread? Like I stated previously there IS a way, sure. But with such great control comes great responsibility, one that I wasn't comfortable giving users. And right now the RP is defunct, so the entire thing becomes a moot point. If Pana or the other powers that be think it's a good idea to enable it, I'm sure it'll get done. Can you stop necroposting now? Thanks.
  5. The search is a bit hidden in IPB :/ not sure why. I put the answer in your other thread though. I'm a bit surprised soft-deleted things got migrated o_o all's well that ends well I guess.
  6. http://www.theninja-forum.com/index.php?app=core&module=search&search_in=forums Then set the author and set the sorting by date ASC to see the oldest first?
  7. Yeah, I've been lurking :[ and busy in other places.
  8. I know right? D: a couple days ago I had to SWIM to work with that bloody 90%+ humidity. Thankfully I can park myself next to the A/C during the weekend.
  9. Ohai o-o/") Yeah, I am. I'm kind of fused to the floor here.
  10. I used to be able to, but for some reason the FTP credentials I have keep expiring after a while, and since I so rarely have a need to actually USE them... it takes me months to find out that they've somehow expired. There's also the fact that IPB switched to a new major release version :/ which I think we were eligible for, but would mean a rather massive migration. Not sure what is wise in this particular case. The forum ended up in a bit of invalid memory in between some people trying to revive it, changing the software, and me kind of going 'meh' in a depression that lasted a good 6-7 months. (If not for Lexi I'd still be in that state, to be honest) There MIGHT be a bugfix release for the current version, installing that would be the first thing to try. I'm guessing the dingbats are using some form of exploit to circumven the captcha.
  11. The entire board probably needs another update, to be fair.
  12. If they're getting past the base IPB anti-spam thing (if that's even still active), AND making it past the captcha on the registration page :/ then I doubt there's still a way to. Hermit Ninja Code Monkey Wizard might still happen, I give it a 20% probability.I would very much prefer the alternative though.
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