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    Shine Sandworm Editor-in-Chief: Teni Writer: Rakusai Rakusai's Corner Sound check! Sound check! mic check! mic check! I'd probably write a rap song or a diss track, but I dont think my older would oblige. LOL So how are you guys? Its been awhile since we got into the forums (wow! it works! its aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalive!!!). Its my first time in many months (or was it years?) since I logged in the game. The notification for the C3 Anniversary Event seems has gone ballistic, but it still something. Hey! Who's still in here on August 2019? DAILY REPORT (see attached. image) That's all folks! Till next time! shortest news ever. ¤ Shine's resolve is absolute ¤ Rise up, Praise the Sun!
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    So this kinda like facebook now.
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