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    So for those who don't know the tavy is pretty much rarely used or plain dead. So I've come up with a nice little thing that could be fun which is introducing titles/cosmetics in the tavy. An example would be someone always talking in all caps would get a title called "loud mouth". Another could be someone always answering a persons questions for a new player and they would get a title called "Seichis Helper". This could be a nice way to spice up the tavy so drop your comments cough positive comments only and tell me what you think
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    Suggestion Outline Changes to syndicate as a whole. What would change : Syndicate How it would change : The creation of gangs with x amount of users being allowed. Removal of stats affecting robbing in any way. The ability to scout further in syndicate territory. Rob/mercenary bonuses based on how well a gang is doing throughout say a week or month etc. The ability to repair ones weapons or even create outlaw items that solely increase chances of rob or scout or maybe even special outlaw only armor. Allowing a person to take out their items from storage without being on a village or needing a village at all. How it benefits us : Would allow players to enjoy syndicate better in general. Why it matters : Syndicate in it's current state is a complete mess and needs love. Problems/Concerns : People joining syndicate immediately just to receive these benefits. Anything else relevant to your specific suggestion: None
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    We have this idea of awarding people badge's, depending on the number of total posts they make on tavern. A thousand, 2k, 5k, etc. We're not entirely sure if it's feasible since it would need a counter for that somewhere and it may be too much info, idk. But yeah, the game's activity is directly tied to tavern activity, I'd say. Do you guys have suggestions to actually improve the tavern's system? The ping thing might be a good idea. What else could be done to make it more attractive and easy to use? Global tavern just might be a thing to save us all D: Despite having been furiously bashed in the past.
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    Not my fault that you have a great charismatic and uplifting personality.
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    TNr moments eh? I'd probably say the day kal got phaze to start that samui war and bailed right before it along with the ol classic pana "no. Thread closed" even today that crap is still funny especially when the person typed up so many good points and or a long asf post actually expecting it to be read or considered. Another moment would be this screenshot I saw of authiel saying something along "im your parent" type comment to nellis by pms and mans responded with something like "I'm a grown man" lol.
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    Back in our days, hardcore players would set up alarms in their phones every 3 hours to do surgery, day and night, even interrupting their rl sleep. And clan race to the top was serious stuff. Was hard back then. I miss some old peeps, like sageninja619, keyla(ofc), kuroshigure, mikaela, 35746 ... Others are still around like koro, aiyume, alba, izame, kiira... And awesome new ones like Reizen, Khione, Phyre, Liko, Aelin, Blonk () .... And I'm sorry If I can't name you all but that's just prove of how great the social is in this game.
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    I agree with aelin, if a global tavern was a thing i would still like to have my village tavy so we can talk about our konoki secret recipes. I also agree about the emojis and the ping/notification. Maybe also: -Thumbs up/down for posts - Custom emojis x village, to upgrade by the kage in exchange of vf. Up to 5? and only published after moderation review. - Kawaii icons to display beside your name, maybe your fav badge when implemented? - audio notifications?
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    That’s awesome! Thanks for letting me know! If I can do anything to help, I’d be happy to!
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    Dear players, As of the moment, TNR is unreachable due to an error which we are trying to figure it out, so please bare with us. I have also noticed a few questions about it that are repetitively being posted in the bug section. Please note there is a specific guidelines thread you should first read and a bug form you should fill out when reporting. Furthermore, if you see someone has already reported an issue, please don't post the same thing. Questions such as "Is tnr still down?" is not suited for the bug reports section, so I kindly would refer you to Questions and Comments, with the same reminder that if someone has already asked, to not make another thread about it. For further information, please look out for the TNR discord server, along with the official Facebook page for The Ninja-RPG. Thank you for your understanding and patience. Sincerely, The Ninja-RPG Public Relations Team
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    You are free to join our Dev Discord Server just click here. The purpose of the server is to keep track of bugs and Issues. There, you can also find some TNR game information and also a list of village discord servers made by players. Hope it helps! And welcome back.
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    I think non fed people need more jutsu spots for fighting certain users/Bloodines/elements. Or have 2 sets of jutsus and you can pick at round 1 that you wanna use.(more sets for fed) I have Frostblade. If i fight vap i need water jutsus so i have to untag some wind jutsus to have a more water based rotation. but if i fight SH/Hell spawn so i have to change back to wind focus. Idk who i will run into while raiding or defending. (kaito idea)
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    Hey guys, forum is up again (for now)! Social thread at the time was one of the most active threads on here (besides bug reports). Unfortunately, due to issues, we had to bury this place for a while, but I'm pretty glad the OG forum is back as the temporary one is hella ugly (sorry Koala). Anyway, let's get to the point. It's been some time since we've had our community gather here to joke/vent/troll (I don't encourage the troll part). Most of you are older while some have found an elixir for eternal youth and all that. But after all, we've all had our share of social interractions here and in game. In a desperate attempt to make you guys talk here and in game (tavern), I'd like you to scratch them pretty brains of yours and think of something on TNR that made you chuckle, laugh, even rage? I don't recommend rage. Remember TNR news? I sure do. I loved writing those weird things happening in the village I'd be based in. Loved asking forcing others to keep their own village paper updated as well. Needless to say we do have TNR News Legends such as teni, Arphee and Rakusai (MarkedOne, you were hilarious.). For our Konoki based players, did you know there used to be a player who'd post actual stories upon request in the tavern? It was a pretty unique feature to the village. So which one was your favourite thread, favourite snipe, favourite war win (or loss) or just a moment that you were impressed by? We've also had our share of TNR memes, so there's that. To the older players, now's your time to shine with the "Back in our days..." piece of gem, so get cracking.
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    Back when war is still a thing, I think the village I helped out the most was Shine. I don't remember much, but I think I was angry at Konoki for something and that is why I went to Shine before that war started between the two villages. I was a little shet back then, but I still am. I still could be after changing my status to semi-retirement. Thanks a lot, Aelin.
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    I don't think taverns will ever become alive again. Discord is just way more convinient to use and the two biggest reasons for that are the following: - You can use it at any time regardless of your village, current position or activity in-game. - The compressed format of channels allow a Discord server to work both as a convinient communication hub and a manual. But I also see a real problem with the suggestion, namely automation. You can't automate something like "Seichis Helper" as it entirely relies on user feedback. Someone asks a question in the tavy and someone else answers, how that will be registered? Unless someone with authority is always around to remember the helpful players and manually give them the title, this system won't work. On the other hand anything that could be automated would most likely result in spam as the completionists would want to get the title as soon as possible. Then proceed to ignore the tavern as before.
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    69 parts is a good number, I approve. Come back and drag old solarians back too? Please? Yeah? Good.
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    I would say the idea is a great suggestion. Adding this will encourage new players to come out more as most of them are just shy. This nudges them into the tavern or make contact with their fellow villagers with the hopes of making a potential ally or friend.
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    Red is reserved for Admins though, so exactly this is not possible to happen. Also layouts are customizable (colour wise) - just if you didn't know. I'm impressed, Zim. And this impression is thankfully overulling the disappointment that your name is The Invader. Also please don't spam in caps, it's actually considered spam/anti-social behaviour, don't do it for the vine, erm, title.
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    I like this suggestion by Zim... Tavy needs a bit more love for better activity... Also, It would be nice if tavern name colour for gold/silver fed users could be changed a bit because right now it is a pain to look at
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    I remember back in the day where I was forced "asked" by the lovely Aelin to write articles for the Konoki paper thing. She would always double-check and my stuff and then throw it into my face and say not good enough as if she was like Jonah Jameson. (She didn't really say it wasn't good enough. It was good enough. Lolz)
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    Back in our days Terr used to change my username to baby bear and change the color of the letters to mess with shinies. Terr also did the same thing to me with his Beach rpg project but there he changed my username to baby bitch. Those were the days hahaha
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    Oh wow, queue the suprised pikachu memes, the PR team is looking for a new addition! Lag is gone, server migration is complete and a bunch of updates are being worked on, which means that I have decided our team will get busy this year. Most of you know who I am and who teni is, but for those wo don't - we are the old Advertisement team now turned to Public Relations team of TNR. In reality, we do everything that requires communications and all kinds of them HR/CS action. A high chance is if you have been in contact with TNR on facebook, it was most probably one of us two that have tried to help with an issue that you may have been experiencing. What we are looking for is someone who can be professional and has no issue with communications and has bright ideas about the future of our favourite game. Creativeness and persistence is key. To briefly recap, your duties upon getting hired include: Discord communication, In game campaigns, Advertisement planning and also translating information from staff to player language. Bear in mind, mostly we work for free, with the use of mostly is just me being nice. However, I do love this team and we try to make it a safe space for creative people to get together and start spilling out ideas, and can guarantee the importance of a good relationship between all staff teams - something that has improved as a whole since recently. Ability to talk to the playerbase is top priority, however as we should be the face of TNR communications. Enough about our team now, let's hear about you. The Ninja RPG Public Relations application form Username (main): Alternative account(s) name: Time Zone/Country of Residence: Do you have experience with the following social media? (Please delete the ones that don't apply) Facebook Instagram Twitter Tumblr Reddit Other (please specify): In a few words, please tell us why you would like to be a part of the Public Relations team: Do you have any skills/experience that would benefit you for this position? (ie. Drawing, design, writing etc.): In 1-5 paragraphs please write a sample blog post about something interesting from TNR (e.g raiding, tavern, an update you found interesting. Pretend you're posting it on a social media site, have fun with it! Village newspapers are a great source for inspiration, if you are struggling): Please don't comment below with your application. PM Aelin in Forum with your filled form and don't hesitate to add more that you may think is relevant, we don't bite. If you are paranoid something may get screwed up, you can find me on discord at Aelin#7835 or in game at Aelin to let me know you have applied and on which forum you have pmed me your application. If you have messaged me on old forum, make sure to have a copy of your application so that you don't get any nasty surprises if site crashes again in future. We consult with Admins on staff choice, however final decision is mainly based on Aelin and teni's judgement. Any application posted on discord will be ignored as this is not the official TNR platform. DEADLINE: 23/12/2019 For records purposes, we have posted the application here as well.* Thank you for your application!
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    The Shroud Saint News By: UchihaZaki In this week's news, an overwhelming flock of Genin and newly ranked Chunnin have taken over the local tavern. They seem to behave .. well .. for the time being. Will they be consumed by the darkness and turned into trolls or simply stay "innocent" ... Only time will tell. In other news, people continue to leech, the king of them all, UchihaDeity, the King of the Leechers, leads this crusade. The Suikage spoke earlier today and this was what he had to say: "It is our duty, fellow citizens, to get a few PvP experience if you are capable and strong enough to kill a few players. Anything above 0 pvp exp (1+), will help lower our Avg Pvp exp, thus making everyone in the village get higher % PvP regeneration." RiverSong / Kinbarii recently joined Shroud. Shortly after joining, she married Azryel, the Angel of Derp. A Lower Outlaw called Enju is lurking around Shroud. Usually at the location 2.11. Beware of this culprit, who claims to be a "squirrel". As always, remember to deposit your ryo and prevent these filthy pagans from getting our hard-earned ryo. Advertisement section If you're looking for materials, weapons, armour or food, we have a few members of our community that might be able to help you. Shikaya, the Master Miner, can provide your ore and bar needs. Yanchayori, the Village Drunk, can provide you with foolproof hookup advice. 99.99% guaranteed getting slapped in the face. Highly recommended, Senpai, the Harbalist Gatherer for your medicinal needs. Kappjo, the guy that smokes Senpai's medicinal herbs and sells "ordinary" brownies. Calculus2, the Butt Toucher, can get local citizens out of the grumpy old fat guy's hospital. UchihaZaki, the Awesome Armour Craftsman, sells "unused" con... cubines. Fallensaint, the Wandering Weaponsmith, can provide you with armour studs, weapons and other goodies. Azryel, the Vilalge Derp, brother of the Village Drunk, sells deep gossip. Avatar makers: Sai. That's it for now. Tune in for more Shroud news in the future!
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    Emails are still NOT being sent from the main site, although the forum issue was resolved. If you want to recover an old passoword or make a new in-game account: -if you're trying to make an in-game account or recover your password- 01. If you already have an account and is currently trying to make an alt, just send me the details through your main, in-game. OR 02. If you do not have an in-game account (or a forum account); please send me a support ticket, stating your username and email attached to the account in need of validating. If you're trying to recover a password, besides the username you'll have to provide me proof of ownership, such as a paypal receipt etc. This is unfortunately dragging itself longer than expected, as we need Terriator to solve this. Please bear with us.
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    I’ve been wanting to write this post for a long time, and now it is finally time. What I want to write about is TNR, how it came to be, and what it means to me. Heads up, this is going to be sentimental and quite possibly long, so bear with me.. or simply ignore it. I know that a few of you go all the way back, which I find truly amazing, so you may know the whole story already. But I bet that parts of this history may even be unknown to you, and that you will enjoy the read .. Everything started when I stumbled upon this amazing generic RPG script for a forum system. Out of the box, this plugin allowed users of the forum to battle each other, get items, form teams and all that stuff. Immediately, since I’d been watching a lot of Naruto, I wanted to convert it to a Naruto game. Only problem was, I could not for the life of me understand even the simplest codes of this script. All I knew was HTML, which does not get you very far. I recall using hours just to change the images of the buttons. However, with a lot of perseverance and free time during a summer vacation, I managed to convert much of the script to be Naruto-themed, and it worked out great. In-game money was earned by posting on the forum, and soon a small community had been established. And a darned awesome community at that, with drama, trolling, and all other good things, which was amazing to me. I spent countless hours in that shout box To make this a bit more visual, you can check out how the site looked back then here: http://web.archive.org/web/20040831010621/http://www.ippon.hostcubix.com/narutoforum/cr_portal.php As so many others here, I really do like the Naruto world, and I really wanted that forum to grow to hundred of thousands of users. Despite all efforts, that didn’t seem to be possible though, not without having any coding skills at least. I went through a lot of ideas. I found one of the posts I wrote back then to be quite amusing: Hahaha ^_^ we passed around a lot of ideas like that, and we had many people try to help with the different ideas. My idea of the game was always that it should be a community-driven game, where everyone could contribute in some way or another. Anyone who wanted to help were welcome, that was the idea. My coding skill at this point in time was still limited to what few things I could pick up at that age from just trying to modify pre-written code. After several unsuccessful attempts at having other people work as “coders” on the forum, I decided to pick up a PHP book. And about 2-3 hours after having picked up that book, I decided not only to quit reading because it was so boring, I also decided to scrap the forum and make a stand-alone PHP-game from scratch.. and that right away! This was the start of core 1. Thinking back, I should probably have read a bit more (a lot) in that book. Most remarkably, I recall spending hours trying to figure out why it gave me an error message when I created a string starting with “ and ending with ‘ somewhere in the middle of the code. That was the level I was at when I started coding Core 1. Come late 2005, “TheNinja-RPG” was born. I didn’t want the game to be a fan-game. I love the Naruto manga, and have been following it since forever, but I always wanted this game to be its “own”. Whether or not that has been successful is debatable, but I certainly think we’ve made an effort. A few anecdotes in this regard: The “The” in front of Ninja-RPG was a last-minute decision because my mom was yelling at me that we had to get out the door or I would be late for karate practice. Around this point, I recall speaking with the people at www.naruto-arena.com about creating a game together with them. They liked the fact that I had the www.naruto-game.com domain. This never panned out though, mainly because I was by no means as experienced as them, and also I didn’t really “feel” it with being that close to the Naruto franchise, or merging into their community. Cool people though. Anyways, early release, this is what the game looked like (shoutout to my cousin for making that first layout): http://web.archive.org/web/20051022001051/http://www.theninja-rpg.com/ The site was actually up on that domain not much more than a week after I started coding. I had no patience and wanted everyone on the old community to see what was going on. Of course, it took much longer than a week to actually finish the game. I was learning while doing the coding - which some say is a good way to do it, but for me, I reckon I’m actually much better at reading and understanding first, and then implementing. Nothing was closed. Rather, right off the bat, the alpha was open for anyone in the community who wanted to join and see what was going on. Somewhere around mid-June 2006 we were in the beta stages. This is how it looked: http://web.archive.org/web/20060613063058/http://theninja-rpg.com/ I don’t think I ever really thanked all the people who helped out back then, so a shoutout to them. So many people contributed with ideas and comments, which was amazing. People were helping out with the manual for the game, they were managing the forum, took on positions as mods and admins in the game and started running events for the users. All you guys are awesome, and TNR is as much your legacy as it is mine. Screenshot time, mid-2007. Still core 1. http://web.archive.org/web/20070822101550/http://theninja-rpg.com/ Due to the way core 1 was made, it was inherently one big hell-hole of imbalanced content and glitched characters. Somewhere around late 2006 core 1 was released in its final version and Aeterno had joined the coding team and helped with fixing bugs in core 1. Moreover, he suggested the implementation of Core 2, a new version of TNR coded from scratch and with more well-planned content. TNR would without a doubt not have been here today if it had not been for Aet. His contribution to this community has been enormous, and my writing skills do not allow me to show my appreciation for this contribution. It took quite a while to finish C2. Just about a year actually. Here is how it looked initially. Again, a huge shoutout to Aet and tdragon86 who really pulled a lot of the weight. And of course Kayume, who have made a lot of the layouts. http://web.archive.org/web/20080112234002/http://www.theninja-rpg.com/ Spotlight back on me, this post is to represent my side of things after all, and not just be a history lesson. Around the start of C2 I had started my studies in Nano Science at the university. Throughout my studies, I have had an innate and unnatural desire to perform beyond perfection in my studies, which did not leave much free-time for TNR. And I think with that we’ve arrived at something I’d like to go a bit deeper into details about - I did warn you that this would be a huge sentimental rant, didn’t I? It has brought me much joy to work with TNR over the years. It’s been amazing to see so many people cooperate and share my dream. It is something I would not want to be without. But it has not been a dance on roses where everything succeeded smoothly from one step to the next. There have been obstacles. A whole fucking lot of obstacles. So many obstacles, that I do not even know where to begin, and they have cost me countless of sleepless nights of work, despair and anger. I have had to take substantial loans to finance certain periods of the game, there have had numerous hacking attempts that have partly or fully taken down the game or deleted huge amounts of data, not to speak about the constant social engineering attempts which can be even more stressful when you do not know what you’re dealing with. For a very long time we had to deal with incompetent server cluster management (oh, how I do not miss the lag) and server outtakes, general accounting issues, several lawsuits, blackmail and the list goes on. Oh, and I think that everyone who have ever been an admin or mod on a game would sign that dealing with users in general can be a pain in the ass. This is not to complain, since there is really nothing to complain about, this is how the world works. It’s the name of the game. Still, at that age and at that point in my life, with studies taking up all my time, it got to me. It really got to me, and I have had long ass periods of inactivity due to it. I have abhorred everything about TNR during many of these periods, right until something would draw me back in. That being simply enough time having passed by, or one of the admins giving me a kick in the ass to be productive (especially thanks to Kanu for doing this often ), or in some cases something going horribly wrong like a hacker attack or server outtake. Something would always bring me back. A very ambivalent love-hate relationship developed between me and TNR those years from 2007-2012 when I was studying. Some say those kinds of relationships are the best though, right? So Core 2 was released early 2008. 1 week into 2008 to be exact. What happened then? Aeterno retired at some point. As I recall it was because he had had enough of all the stupidity, but that may just be my memory. I had my periods of inactivity and activity as always. At certain times more activity such as for instance when the multi-battle system was created. I’m still quite proud of that actually, this was the point were I finally started upping my game when it comes to PHP. Not much, but slightly. There is not much more to say on the development part in Core 2 at this point, bugs were fixed, a few new systems were added or removed once in a while. So instead I’ll talk a bit more about the state of the community at this point. And you are all free to correct me here, because I may be mis-remembering .. Up until 2010 the users Aoshi, and especially HellsAngel were the effective admins of TNR, and they did a hell of a good job. Being an admin, or head moderator or even moderator, means taking -a lot- of shit from the users. And making a lot of difficult decisions. Honestly, I wouldn’t consider myself fit for a position like that - I’m darned good when it comes to getting things done and putting in a lot of work to solve specific problems. Dealing with other users, not so much. After HellsAngel’s resignation, Ameise and Kanu took over, and since then especially Kanu have put in an incredible amount of work in maintaining the entirety of TNR. Again, words cannot describe my appreciation for the work Kanu has put into the administration of TNR, and I darn hope that you all appreciate her efforts as much as I do Without Kanu, HellsAngel, and all the other staff volunteers, TNR would never have survived. Plenty of times people called us out for not being professional and for being a bunch of volunteering amateurs trying to run a game. However, this way in which TNR is managed and controlled by community members, to me, is amazing. Recently, during the development of Core 3, I have had more and more contact with not only staff members on facebook, but also regular members. I find it absolutely astounding when I see all your profiles, realizing that all of you are real people, having your own lives, struggles and battles, and you still chose to support TNR. It’s easy to fall into a trap of viewing all the users on TNR as digital entities, or bots, so realizing how many real people actually support and play TNR is breathtaking for me. I am truly humbled that all of the TNR staff members would invest their personal time to put in all the work that they do, so that TNR can move forward as a whole. Now back to some development history. Core 2 have been online for a long time. From early-2008 to now mid-2014. September 2013 it was decided to move on from an outdated Core 2 and start development of Core 3. Despite best efforts to have Core 2 be balanced content-wise, it still had its share of issues throughout the years, and the code setup was not particularly convenient in terms of implementing new features / improvements. A team was put together, and we started working. More or less from scratch again - many new systems, improvements, and a more well thought-out content system. And we have worked our asses off creating Core 3. A lot of names deserve mentioning here, as it has truly been a team effort. WolfPack16 joined the team as a coder, and for the first time in TNR history, we have actually had 2 coders (WolfPack16 & me) working effectively on the game at the same time. WolfPack16’s contribution towards Core3 has been amazing and I am immensely thankful for the many discussions we’ve had over the last many months regarding best coding practise, security measures, and optimisation. He’s put in a huge amount of effort and time into core 3 over the last many months, despite all the challenges and obstacles there have been, and he has not even once (at least visually ) become angered when I’ve had coding critique, been extremely preoccupied with TNR despite him maybe not being in the mood for it, or had stupid questions. He is an amazing character, and I hope to hope he will stick around .. It is truly a pleasure to work with you WolfPack16. When it comes to Core 3 development there are many more to thank. Kanu, Panama, Albafica, Cedzen and the entire content team. It has truly been a team effort and I think it’s amazing that we actually made it (well, very soon now). I really look forward to releasing Core 3 and to hearing what you all think of it. As mentioned I’ve had a strong love-hate relationship with TNR. During Core 2, before we started talking about Core 3, you may even say I had given up. My feelings towards TNR right now are the exact opposite of giving up. I am extremely hopeful that Core 3 will be a success, that TNR will be more popular than ever before, and unlike before I have some clear goals in mind for the next few years of TNR. I know there’s been a lot of thanking in this post, but there are a lot of users who are not mentioned here, who have had an equal impact on TNR and without whom we would not be here. I am thankful for all of those people as well though, and I hope you are all doing well.. As meaningless as this post may be to the large majority of you, I think it has been slightly therapeutic for me to finally write it. This is the story about TNR. At least as I remember it. If I mis-remembered, or if you have any funny anecdotes, feel free to comment
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    Suggestion Outline I know there's no plannings of update anything on this core but, its well known that the current online players's average is around 40. Some taverns, like Konoki, are active but others are quite dead. Basically, the objective is to have active taverns, so we can keep interacting with other players while this core still lasts.So why dont unify all taverns in one unique global tavern? Suggestion Specifics What would change: Will encourage players to keep logging in, and to socialize with each other. The closer the better, social features are important for the game experience, this is a multiplayer online game after all. How it would change: The fact of having more people to talk with would change the current chain: "nothing to kill-no one to talk - log off". How it benefits us: Easier for moderators, a single tavern to "control" instead of having all post split in 7 different places. Better game experience for the players who still play and less depressing for the new players (maybe a way to encourage them to play on c3). Why it matters: Because it will help the game while this core is still alive. Problems/concerns involved : None, except that this is an update, and staff is not really up for updating this core. Anything else relevant to your specific suggestion (if applicable): This suggestion is only for this core in order to solve/get better the current situation.
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